Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spa 101.

There's an ongoing joke in my family.

It was one of those days where my mom was trying to get me to do a house chore, and obviously I came up with a hundred and one excuses to not do it. So my mom started lamenting why am I so lazy when I am born in the year of Ox (according to her, cows are supposedly very hardworking -_-).

Being the smart aleck that I am, I replied her-- "'Cause I am a Kobe cow-- I am meant to be kept in an air-conditioned room and to be massaged and treated with a lot of TLC!"

She had nothing to say to that. :P

Well, jokes aside, my declaration definitely holds true on many levels! If you know me well, you will know I LOVE my massages to death. I need to have at least one every month. In fact, last month, I went for a massage every week because it was my birthday month and I get 50% off every massage. :P

I am very prone to having achy shoulders/neck/ back-- I blame it on SPM wtf. Back then during SPM year, I forced myself to study 10 hours a day. -___- So I guess it started from then as I was always hunched over my books for such long periods of time. Ever since then, I find that my shoulders and neck tend to get tense easily.

And really, there's no bigger relief than having your sore muscles thoroughly massaged. I always feel so much lighter and fresher after a massage! And what I really enjoy most about my massages is that it is two hours of ME time. Just me, myself and I, and the tender strokes of my masseuse; ahh, bliss. My mobile phone is never switched off, but when a massage session is about to start, off it goes! I really appreciate that time alone to myself to collect my thoughts and just... enjoy the moment-- this moment that belongs to myself alone. In fact, my best ideas and plans for AZORIAS were formed during that 2 glorious hours to myself. Maybe I should claim massaging expenses from the company WTF. This is why I make it a must to go for massages at least once a month... It keeps me sane and happy! :D

Last weekend the boyfriend and I checked into Hotel Maya for a staycation. For those of you who are wondering what it is, a 'staycation' basically means a short vacation but around the vicinity that you stay in! I've heard a lot of wonderful things from my ex-colleague in SG (he usually stays in Hotel Maya when he comes down to KL), so naturally it was the first place that popped into my head when we were thinking of where to go.

Since it was supposed to be an unwind-and-relax short break, I checked myself in for a spa treatment! I actually offered to treat the boyfriend to one as well (hotel guests get 30% off)-- and we can do our first ever couple spa session together! But he said no thanks, he thinks massages are painful and a waste of time/money. -_-

I was like that to him:


After I throw him one last look of grievance (please refer to illustration above), I made my way to my happy place.

My happy place! For 2 hours and 30 minutes, at least. :P

The moment I reached the spa, I was greeted by the spa manager. She was sweet enough to go through the spa menu together with me, and in the end she recommended for me to try out their Detoxification Therapy, a 2-hour-30-minutes programme that promises to rejuvenate and detox. I agreed because lately I have been eating a lot of junk and not having enough sleep due to my busy schedule-- I would definitely want to 'cleanse' and 'renew' myself!

I was swiftly ushered into my treatment room, 'Sirih' (the rooms are all aptly named in Malay to reflect the local ingredients used in their spa treatments, such as Pandan, Serai, Badam etc.)...

The room was dimly lit with tiny tealight candles, and immediately upon stepping into the room, I felt the knots in my shoulders ease and relax. What really impressed me was the fact that all the room was fully equipped, it even has a bathtub! This may seem like something very trivial, but I have done my fair share of spa treatments, and a lot of the places have their showers and baths and massage rooms all in different places. I really resent having to go to different rooms for different treatments because 1. you are dressed only in a thin robe, and it is not comfortable to be dripping wet walking around corridors to access different rooms; 2. it's really disruptive to the flow of the programme! It's supposed to be relaxing, but imagine just when you are starting to relax and get into your zone, you are awakened to be brought into another room. -__-

So yes, it's a very big plus point for the room to be so complete! :)

The room was actually much more dim than this, but my masseuse was kind enough to temporarily turn on the lights for me to snap some pictures. :)

I changed into a kimono robe and was then brought into a hot sauna to spend 15 minutes in there before my treatment officially begun. I don't particularly like saunas because I always feel like a steamed pau during the sauna; but at the same time, I really like how I feel like I have sweated out all my impurities after a sauna session! No pain no gain wtf.

After a sweltering 15 minutes, I was led into my little haven again. This time I was seated on a plush massage chair, and served delicious ginger tea while my foot spa was being carried out. The foot spa consists of a refreshing eucalyptus and tea tree oil foot bath, with some rose petals strewn in.

Feeling like a Chinese princess, hehehe.

After that I was led to my massage bed, where I was treated to a full body ginger scrub. The scrub was really 'syok' because it was sort of a scrub and massage/rub combined, so I was slowly getting relaxed while achieving smooth and silky skin! #WIN

Q & A time! I need you girls to enlighten me, what is the etiquette when it comes to scrubbing, um, your lady bits? Is a full-body scrub supposed to include scrubbing of the chest as well?? 'Cause it differs depending on the place that I go to... Some places will ask you whether you are comfortable with it before they proceed, whereas some will straight go for the lady lumps. -__- But don't worry, the Anggun Spa masseuse was very discrete and polite about it!

After my scrub, I was wrapped in a bodywrap with the remnants of the scrub for 10 minutes. By this time, I was feeling relaxed and slightly drowsy, and was perfectly happy to be a human kebab.

Next up was my herbal bath therapy, which I was left in my bathtub for about 20 minutes. Before I was allowed into my little swimming pool wtf, I rinsed off my ginger scrub using the rain shower (also equipped in the room). Rainshowers provide the best bathing experiences yo.

Anyway, years of watching chick flicks have made me yearn for soaking in a bathtub with a glass of wine in my hands, and soft music playing in the background. Guess what, it was every bit as relaxing as it looks and sounds! I am no expert in spices, but I was definitely having the time of my life chilling and pondering over life, absent-mindedly playing with the figs, dried spices and lemon slices submerged in the water. Lesson learnt-- I NEED a bathtub in my future home.

Finally, I was led to my bed once again for the highlight of any spa treatment-- my massage. Before my treatment was even begun, I actually have to fill up a form to indicate my preference for the massage strength, as well as list out my problem areas. I chose moderate-hard pressure, and obviously also listed usual suspect areas-- shoulders, neck and back. My masseuse made sure she paid enough attention to those areas. *heart*


The Detoxification therapy cost RM390 for a 2 hour and 30 minute session (comes with a complimentary steam bath and shower and foot spa-- try to arrive 30minutes before your appointment to enjoy it! :P), but for May-June 2012, you can take advantage of a special promotion of RM273 for each treatment (I am quite keen to try the Relaxation Therapy next, hehehe)!

For reservations, call +603-2333 1390. You can also find more details here and on their Facebook page.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Korea outfit pictures - April 2012.

How time flies! Before I know it, it's time to go to Korea again. O_O

Kind of sad this time that I have to be away, 'cause Jing is actually coming back this Saturday! But we won't get to spend much time together, 'cause soon after she is back I would be leaving for Korea. :'(

But we will be going to Bangkok together! Woohoo! Tokyo felt like ages ago, and I really cannot wait to spend time and be silly with my kooky family, hehe.

I haven't really posted up any outfit pictures from my Korea trip last month, so here are some pictures from Instagram! In fact, they are the first photos I have ever posted in my Instagram account (@revelinme). :P

Day 1 outfit:

Love my snakeprint blazer!

Day 4 outfit:

I must be the most brightly dressed woman in Myeongdong that day. :P

Day 5 (??):

In a leather warehouse-- we are talking about leathers of all kinds of textures (ostrich, patent, croc etc.) and colors. I couldn't help thinking of Teeny the entire time, because her ambition in life is to have a farm of exotic animals so she can use them for leather WTF. (it's a JOKE!!)

Day 6 outfit:

Already blogged about this here.

All the pictures were actually taken on the boyfriend's Samsung Galaxing SII, because at that time I was still using a BB and Blackberry doesn't support Instagram. T___T

How are the pictures? The picture quality is quite commendable right? :D

Then you will be pleased to know that the Samsung SIII is going to be released real soon!
(This message is specially for my boyfriend wtf, what is with men and gadgets!!)

Celcom unleashes the all-new Samsung GALAXY SIII from 31 May onwards! Based on the boyfriend's review, the SII is a great phone, but now the SIII comes with some new exciting features, like the Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich which gives superb power and performance, a 8-megapixel camera, an even more impressive display (something the boyfriend constantly raves about his phone)-- 4.8” HD Super AMOLED display...

Check out Celcom's plan:

The SIII will be launched at South Court Mid Valley Megamall KL (North Court) AEON Station 18 Ipoh (Centre Court) and Sutera Mall Johor Bahru. Also, if you come dressed in blue, you will get to spin the wheel for a chance to grab the Samsung GALAXY S III a crazy low price of RM888 and walk away with other freebies!

You can still pre-register online until 30 May 2012 to be the first to own a Samsung GALAXY S III. Just visit

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Wrist junk.


I've mentioned that I finally got myself a gold watch in Korea recently, so here's a clear picture of the watch! How is it, nice right? :D

If you follow AZORIAS on Instagram (username: @azorias), then you would have probably seen this picture before, hehehe.

By the way, let me do a survey...
Do people still wear watches?

And if so,
Which hand do you wear your watch on?

From what I understand, apparently the norm is to wear the watch on the opposite hand that you write with. I.e. if you are left-handed, wear your watch on the right hand, and vice versa.

I am right-handed, but I have always wore my watch on my right hand! 'Cause when I was young, my twisted logic was that I can see the time very easily when I write. -__- And I used to argue with my grandma when I was a kid 'cause she tried to wrestle with me to put the watch on my left hand WTF.

I haven't worn a watch for years since my Calvin Klein one died (actually it's just out of battery WTF)-- instead I just relied on my mobile phone for the past few years. So I am still getting to used to the idea of wearing a watch nowadays! But currently I am training myself to wear my watch on the left hand (if you observe the photo above, that's my left hand :P), 'cause wearing too much wrist junk on my right hand makes it difficult to write, heh.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Work organizer.

Inside this organizer is some of my most precious (work-related) thoughts.
I have got 3 organizers, haha.

Taken from Instagram (@revelinme).

I wish I have time to blog. :(
But busy is good!
At least that is what I always reassure people when they tell me that they are busy.
Busy is better than being idle.
Though that is what I would like very much now.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Seeing stripes.

One thing I really appreciate about having Instagram (follow me at @revelinme) is that it's now easier to take my daily outfit pictures at work! :)

Outfit from Monday this week-- a day packed with meetings, and with me almost having a nervous breakdown 'cause I was stuck on Federal Highway for 1.5 hours. -__-

I thought I looked like a mime WTF.

I was dressed head-to-toe in AZORIAS, unintentionally! Really like the keyhole back of this striped basic, but I don't have a proper picture of it. Since my model looked so cute in it, she shall be my stand-in wtf:

Close-up of my accessories for the day-- chunky necklaces always make Mondays more bearable.

Striped top with back-bow keyhole: AZORIAS
Pleated overall skirt: AZORIAS (sold out)
Chunky pearl/gold bead layered necklace with velvet bow: Korea
Leopard print jelly flats: Tory Burch

Work has been quite crazy this month... Can you imagine, AZORIAS is going to turn one really soon? :O We may or may not have a couple of things planned out, but one of the things that I am really excited about is that AZORIAS is going to launch its first lookbook-- shot exclusively in Shanghai! :D :D :D

This wouldn't have been possible without the help of some amazing friends. :) Keep yourself posted on the Facebook page and Twitter, and also, we share a lot of sneak peeks and behind the scene pictures on AZORIAS' Instagram account (@azorias)!

Styling of the shoot is done by me, by the way. *nervous, but a good type of nervous* :P

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Batman forever,

A simple tee and jeans combination for work:

Batman tee: Korea
Ripped striped boyfriend jeans: F21
Green dimante choker: Korea
Black cutout pumps: Zara

Follow me on Instagram! @revelinme

Someone in the office saw my tee and asked, "Where is your Avengers' tee?" WTFF

By the way, is it me, or was The Avengers a complete letdown of a movie?

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

I love tablets.

Sponsored post

Sometimes I think to myself, how ironic it is that someone as technology-unsavvy as me has so many 'smart' gadgets.

My Blackberry is usually glued to me.

I love my Samsung tab, and it's like my best friend when I travel alone and eat alone! Somehow having tab with me makes me feel less #foreveralone.

And see if you can spot my new birthday present? Posted this on my Instagram (username: @revelinme).

I really cannot imagine life without these gadgets... What a dull, colorless life it would be! Well, if you are thinking of switching your smartphone, or adding another gadget into your life, I've got good news for you.

The 'I Love Tablet' fair is back again!

Venue: GoMobile2012 @ KL Convention Centre, Hall 1 & 2 (Booth 91)
Date : 11 – 13 May 2012
Time : 11.00am – 9.00pm

Other places
Gurney Plaza, Penang Thu, 17th – Sun, 20th May 12
One Borneo, Kota Kinabalu Fri, 8th – Sun, 10th Jun 12
Spring Mall, Kuching Fri, 22nd – Sun, 24th Jun 12
KSL City Mall, Johor Bahru Fri, 29th Jun – Sun, 1st Jul 12

Celcom always have unbeatable deals and rewards, and when I had a look at its deals for the fair, I nearly had a heart attack wtf. Get Samsung tablets (including my 10.1 inch one) and save aboutRM700-800! Smartphones like the Iphone 4S, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy SII etc. also come with huge savings... INSANE.

Also, if you sign up for Celcom Broadband at the fair, you’ll get:
• Up to RM120 rebate (10 x 12 months) on Celcom Broadband plans.
• FREE volume quota for 6 months

Plus, if you are a fan of Pixie Lott, it will make sense for you drop by at the fair at Celcom's booth! When you download and activate the (free) Musicube App on any Android or iPhone at GoMobile 2012, you have the chance to win a shopping spree of up to RM1,500 and shop along with Pixie Lott at Ted Baker (KL) on 27 May 2012!

Visit for more information.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Open-back trenchcoat.


As a continuation of my saliva-inducing Kimchi fries' post here, I am going to blog about my outfit on that day!

You guys already got a glimpse of my outfit on Instagram (you can find me by @revelinme):

Teeny saw this picture and asked me why was I dressed like winter wtf (it was Spring when I went).

Here is why!

This is the uber cool back of my trench coat! As usual, I love anything with a twist, so besides the very unusual yet rich burgundy color, I couldn't (and wouldn't wtf) resist the open back-cape, and the pleated flowy back behind!

Unfortunately, because of the open-back, it meant that it was practically non-functional as a coat FML. So I layered this wooly shrug/scarf thingy underneath it! You can see more picture of the cardie/shrug here. It's one of my favorite layering pieces when I travel to cold countries. :)

Underneath my burgundy trenchcoat, I had on a fun preppy outfit!

I thought the boyfriend would forced me to change my jeans (being a typical male, he hates anything non-conventional), but surprisingly he liked me in it! ^_^ wtf

I am sometimes weary of crochet lace because it can be too girly for my tastes, but I fell deeply in love with the lace detailing of this shirt, especially the cuffs! It's really really so pretty. :)

I was admiring myself in this picture when I realized that... my eyes are closed in it wtf.
What is this; eyes closed, eyes opened, also no difference. -____________-

Very very windy day!

Outfit details:

Navy polka dot shirt with lace cuffs: AZORIAS
Red skinny jeans: Zara
B/W knit asymmetrical shrug with fringed scarf details: Trip in Zhuhai
Burgundy trench coat with pleated back and open backcape: Korea
Black heeled ankle boots with buckled straps: Korea

Ironically, I am going out for Korean dinner after this. Craving for some hot Kimchi Jigae mmmm!


By the way, in conjunction with Mother's day, there is a really fun contest on AZORIAS right now!

Just tell us in a photo (or two or three wtf) what you share with your mom! It can be as creative as you want it to be, or maybe you want to make it heartwarming so the entire team cries bucketfuls of tears wtf.

This is Teeny's entry:

The last photo is my mom! THEY REALLY LOOK SUPER ALIKE RIGHT! O_O

Faster show us some photos! Contest ends on Mother's day. :)

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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Home sweet home no more.

I am not sure whether you guys have realized it, but my web domain is back to Blogspot. *points upwards*

It was a horrible surprise when I opened my blog a few days ago, and found that my blog (at my own domain: no longer exists, and upon some furious clicking, I realized my domain has expired.

I have been having some trouble with Google to renew my domain because I changed my credit card, and the original billing details with Google were no longer valid. But I thought it was all resolved! I even have an email from Google Wallet to say that the my billing details are settled.

Alas, as Murphy's Law goes, IT DIDN'T. And my domain was gone, just like that. My immediate, and ultimate worry is that all my blog information (i.e. my old blog entries) is gone. That would be akin to someone burning my diaries into ashes! Luckily my web developer reassured me that all my information is hosted on Blogger, and therefore is safe. I quickly reverted my blog back to Blogspot, which is why if you guys have been going into (instead of, you would have access to my blog. The ironic thing is that Google only has customer support for customers on the Business Edition of Google App, and as I am on a Standard edition, I basically had no one to go to. I emailed Godaddy (my domain registrar), and there were some dingdong-ings of emails, but finally yesterday, they came back with the worst news I could possibly hear (with regards to my blog, that is)--my domain is registered by someone else.

That's right, people, if you go to now, you will find some funky Japanese site instead (it appears to be some kind of medical site, based on the few Chinese characters that I recognize). Ugh. Why would they even want a frivalous URL like Revel in Me!!??

Other than the big blow that my blog is basically kicked out of its "home", my hits have also taken a big hit as well (no pun intended). I guess everyone is still heading to My site visits is at an all-time low. In fact, the last time I've seen these numbers were in the first few months of me blogging. T____T

It's quite demotivating, because I've spent the past 6 years or so building a following/ readership, and now it's kind of like back to square one. Sigh. I am trying not to harp on it though, what's done is done, and the only thing I can do now is to work hard and blog hard, and hopefully the numbers will rise again.

And if they don't, it just means I am a lousy blogger wtf.

But in the meantime, I can do with all the help I can get! If you have linked me, please make sure it's linked to k! :) Thank you in advance, and THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for still sticking around. :')

Enough about the depressing stuff, on to some outfit shots!

I've reiterated many times that I'm kinda like a collector of white blouses, so guys, meet my new favorite! The top is so airy and light, and I love the slanted hem; that thing does some amazing things with a light breeze. I've worn it 3 times in a week (including on my birthday), so you can easily tell how much I am in love it with! :P

Going for a very neutral palette.

Very simple accessories as well! Wearing a pony-hair leopard print chainlink bracelet to match the leopard print shorts.

Also, that's my new watch! A birthday present to myself. :D I've been wanting an oversized gold watch for some time already, and decided to take the plunge to get a Michael Kors one (there are a lot of amazing photos of his watches all over Tumblr and blogs). I was planning to get it during my recent trip in Korea because there is duty free, unfortunately, all the designs didn't look good on my. :( The boyfriend persuaded me to give it up and just keep looking, and just when I have given up, I saw THIS watch from DKNY! It was the perfect size (the MK ones mostly looked too big on me), the perfect shade of gold, and I love the mother-of-pearl face. Best part is, it was half the price of what I budgeted for a MK watch! SO HAPPY!

Slanted hem ivory shirt: AZORIAS
Paperbag leopard print shorts: Korea
Gold chain necklace with stones: Korea
Leopard print ponyhair chainlink bracelet: Korea
Rings: Korea
Black cutout pumps: Zara
Block color zipper clutch: Korea

Since I am trying to stay positive, why hello guys, I am Hui Wen, new blogger to the community. Much love!

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