Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Accessories' (dis)organization.

Someone commented on my blog recently that my accessories' collection would make Rachel Zoe jealous.

Well, I don't know whether Rachel Zoe will be turning ga-ga green eyes onto me anytime soon, but one thing I am definitely sure of is my love for accessories! You know how some women are shoe women, while some are bag women? Well, I am an accessories woman through and through!

Today I thought I'd let you guys have a look at my accessories corner(s)! :D

I bought this necklace hanger sometime ago as a means to organize my necklaces properly, but I'm rapidly running out of space!

This is an accessory drawer that I personalized with my Ikea wardrobes. Here I keep chunkier necklaces as well as other accessories like bangles, earrings, brooches, hair accessories etc.

I also have a ring tree that I didn't take pictures of, as well as bags of accessories next to my bed (bags of accessories which I bring to travel but yet to be unpacked till today wtf; new accessories that I have yet to unpack... etc.), and a few bags of accessories in my wardrobe (these are accessories that I don't wear very often/ contemplating to give away/sell).

I have been dying for a way to organize my accessories properly! Then I recently saw this on Facebook:

I know I said here that I don't want anything for my birthday, but damn I WANT THIS! It will be perfect to store my accessories!

I think two of this would solve my problem wtf.

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JolvLee said...

huh.. i aso want this... where can buy it...?

Anonymous said...

I saw the mirror accessories cabinet on Groupon and was also contemplating whether to get it :)
If you're interested, this is the site :-

jeanchristie said...


revel in me said...

jolie: Refer to the Groupon link below! :)

miss V: Thank you dear! Buy 2 got further discount, hehehe. *schemes*

jeanchristie: Such a wonderful invention, isn't it!

xiang yun said...

Waseh I swear your accessory hanger looks like it's gonna topple over any time! I also want the mirror/cabinet thingy!!!!!! Your accessory collection really geng!

Anonymous said...

actually the cabinet doesnt look like it can hold a lot.

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Haha it's my pride and joy! :P

anonymous: Actually, I saw some detailed shots of the cabinet, it's storage capacity is quite impressive!

mizzvickz said...

so happy that u blogged bout this! purchased one for myself! it's so practical!

Lia said...

Hi mizzvickz,

Did u buy this from Groupon page or the FB page??

Hi Hui Wen,

I went to search for the FB page u meant and i saw this listed there too, do you know how much is this??

I so wanted to get this!! Noticed that the groupon deal is valid only til today, so i'm like panicking over which one to order this from, the FB seller or groupon.. Dunno about the quality as well..

pls pls advicee.... ^^

revel in me said...

mizzvickz: I'm gonna whatsapp you more on this thing! Hehe

lia: If I am not mistaken, it's cheaper on the FB page! I am also curious about the quality, let's wait for mizzvickz to come back with more details, hehehe

mizzvickz said...

actually i haven't received the item yet. apparently u have to like install it yourself! hahahaha

will let u know once i receive it :P

mizzvickz said...

lia : bought it from their fb page. not sure if i should disclose the price here. email me for price?

Anonymous said...

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