Saturday, May 05, 2012

Home sweet home no more.

I am not sure whether you guys have realized it, but my web domain is back to Blogspot. *points upwards*

It was a horrible surprise when I opened my blog a few days ago, and found that my blog (at my own domain: no longer exists, and upon some furious clicking, I realized my domain has expired.

I have been having some trouble with Google to renew my domain because I changed my credit card, and the original billing details with Google were no longer valid. But I thought it was all resolved! I even have an email from Google Wallet to say that the my billing details are settled.

Alas, as Murphy's Law goes, IT DIDN'T. And my domain was gone, just like that. My immediate, and ultimate worry is that all my blog information (i.e. my old blog entries) is gone. That would be akin to someone burning my diaries into ashes! Luckily my web developer reassured me that all my information is hosted on Blogger, and therefore is safe. I quickly reverted my blog back to Blogspot, which is why if you guys have been going into (instead of, you would have access to my blog. The ironic thing is that Google only has customer support for customers on the Business Edition of Google App, and as I am on a Standard edition, I basically had no one to go to. I emailed Godaddy (my domain registrar), and there were some dingdong-ings of emails, but finally yesterday, they came back with the worst news I could possibly hear (with regards to my blog, that is)--my domain is registered by someone else.

That's right, people, if you go to now, you will find some funky Japanese site instead (it appears to be some kind of medical site, based on the few Chinese characters that I recognize). Ugh. Why would they even want a frivalous URL like Revel in Me!!??

Other than the big blow that my blog is basically kicked out of its "home", my hits have also taken a big hit as well (no pun intended). I guess everyone is still heading to My site visits is at an all-time low. In fact, the last time I've seen these numbers were in the first few months of me blogging. T____T

It's quite demotivating, because I've spent the past 6 years or so building a following/ readership, and now it's kind of like back to square one. Sigh. I am trying not to harp on it though, what's done is done, and the only thing I can do now is to work hard and blog hard, and hopefully the numbers will rise again.

And if they don't, it just means I am a lousy blogger wtf.

But in the meantime, I can do with all the help I can get! If you have linked me, please make sure it's linked to k! :) Thank you in advance, and THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for still sticking around. :')

Enough about the depressing stuff, on to some outfit shots!

I've reiterated many times that I'm kinda like a collector of white blouses, so guys, meet my new favorite! The top is so airy and light, and I love the slanted hem; that thing does some amazing things with a light breeze. I've worn it 3 times in a week (including on my birthday), so you can easily tell how much I am in love it with! :P

Going for a very neutral palette.

Very simple accessories as well! Wearing a pony-hair leopard print chainlink bracelet to match the leopard print shorts.

Also, that's my new watch! A birthday present to myself. :D I've been wanting an oversized gold watch for some time already, and decided to take the plunge to get a Michael Kors one (there are a lot of amazing photos of his watches all over Tumblr and blogs). I was planning to get it during my recent trip in Korea because there is duty free, unfortunately, all the designs didn't look good on my. :( The boyfriend persuaded me to give it up and just keep looking, and just when I have given up, I saw THIS watch from DKNY! It was the perfect size (the MK ones mostly looked too big on me), the perfect shade of gold, and I love the mother-of-pearl face. Best part is, it was half the price of what I budgeted for a MK watch! SO HAPPY!

Slanted hem ivory shirt: AZORIAS
Paperbag leopard print shorts: Korea
Gold chain necklace with stones: Korea
Leopard print ponyhair chainlink bracelet: Korea
Rings: Korea
Black cutout pumps: Zara
Block color zipper clutch: Korea

Since I am trying to stay positive, why hello guys, I am Hui Wen, new blogger to the community. Much love!

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Anonymous said...

glad that your blog is finally back :) been missing it so MUCH!!! no worries, we'll be following u wherever u r ^^

Anonymous said...

you know, i didn't even realise was down because i always saved your blogspot on my bookmark. never got around to editing the url :p

i am sure your old readers will find their way back again!

silent reader

Anonymous said...

Hello back!

As long as you are well & fit, there is nothing to be depressed off~


Anonymous said...

hello! aww, poor thing but no worries, i'm sure your readers will search hi and low to get back to your blog like how I did!

Love, love your quirkiness and your accessories! (the latter is especially true. wtf)

Pamlati said...

I'm so SORRY! :( we will keep following you! Spread the Blog word!
XOXO -Pamela <3

Michy said...

Hello Wen! :)

I really enjoy looking at your outfit posts with items from Azorias and somehow I feel that they look btr on you as compared to the model heh! Seeing the clothes on you always tempt me to head to the the website and check out the item itself.

However, as a student I find that the prices are a little on the high side even though it's not terribly expensive and prices are comparable to items from Topshop/ Zara... etc. So I was wondering if is it actually possible for you to come up a w lower end range for Azorias? Just to rch out to another market for eg, us poor students who love Azorias?

Thank you! :)

Joanne said...

Hello! *wave*

I'm Joanne, your blog reader :) Be it blogspot or your own domain, will still be here to read!

The geometry of your top and shoe are similar hehehe!

Melissa Lee said...

Don't worry huiwen! I've actually subscribed to your blog on google reader and surprisingly it still updates under the same name regardless of the post coming from your new domain or the blogspot!

You'll always have me as your reader and I'm sure other readers will be coming back once they realised something isn't right! =p

revel in me said...

anonymous: Yay you managed to find me! Thank you so much for your support. T_T

silent reader: Hehe that's a blessing in disguise! Hope that's the case for everyone. :P

helen: True that! Am really try to stay positive! :)

anonymous: Aww that's really sweet of you! Did you visit the japanese site wtf. Thank you SO SO much for sticking by me! :)

pamela: Thank you so so much! :')

michy: That's definitely something to explore! :) But what kind of price range do you think is reasonable? Because if the price is low, there's a trade-off in quality though! :(

joanne: Hehe, of course I remember you! Thank you for your support! And omg, you're so observant, I didn't even notice that about my shoes! :P

melissa: I am definitely crossing my fingers for that! But already I feel so grateful for the support I am getting from you guys! :')

jeanchristie said...

gah, that sucks. I'm sure once people can't access the .com address they will start googling for it or just trying blogspot again.

No fear, your blog is a good read and I'm sure the readers will be back very soon! x

Anonymous said...

I found you from your sister's blog! Thinking of ways to find this blog so I thought why not find you from the links of your sisters' blog and I got here. Keep it up!

Michy said...

Hmmm, maybe somewhere around RM60-70? It's understandable that the quality wouldn't be as good due to the lower pricing. :( But I think if the quality isn't as bad as the kind of pasar malam clothes, most of us wouldn't mind?

Cause I'm sure that there are many people who like me loves Azorias clothes but are deterred by the price. Hopefully it's something you might be able to come up with and I'm sure I'll be one of the first to purchase from the collection. ^^

Michy said...

Hmmm, maybe somewhere around RM60-70? It's understandable that the quality wouldn't be as good due to the lower pricing. :( But I think if the quality isn't as bad as the kind of pasar malam clothes, most of us wouldn't mind?

Cause I'm sure that there are many people who like me loves Azorias clothes but are deterred by the price. Hopefully it's something you might be able to come up with and I'm sure I'll be one of the first to purchase from the collection. ^^

Mei said...

I was seeing the Jap site few minutes ago... Updated your blogspot URL on my site. Keep blogging :)

yy said...

i also ended up on the Japanese site.. but i remembered your old blog address! :)

loving the watch btw, it looks awesome and really classy on you!

Anonymous said...

Agree with Michy!

Anonymous said...

U lost weight


Anonymous said...

U lost weight


xiang yun said...

Alamak, that's why I was quite shocked when I clicked on my bookmarked "" I saw an aunty wearing a floral hat WTF! but I'm sure I'm speaking for others as well when I say that no matter where your blog goes, I'll follow you~~ :D:D Love this outfit to bits too!

kellster said...

Tweet bout your change of blog URL, get some good friends who has some twitter influence, to RT it for you.
Also perhaps you could announce it on your FB as well. Just make use of all your social platforms. Perhaps get Nuffnang to make a quick announcement on FB or Twitter to inform of this change.

revel in me said...

jean: Haha incentive to blog more! :P

anonymous: Yay! Luckily you are resourceful. :P

michy: It will be quite difficult to find anything of a RM60-70 price range from Korea! :(

mei: Thank you darling! You keep blogging too! :D

yy: That site get so much hits from me lor wtf. Thank you, I super love the watch too! ('cause I was a little afraid a gold watch would look gaudy on my frame)

anonymous: I'm not sure it can be done! :/

singyee: Haha, no la, I am just in baggier clothes! :P

xiangyun: HAHAHAHA floral hat wtf. It's taunting me! wtf. Thank you dear for the encouraging words! :*

kellster: Did a couple of those things already! Hopefully in time things will be back to normal. T_T

Wandering nomad from KL said...

Ah hah! Found your site again! I love your daily dress posts! Still a firm supporter of Azorias :-)

Unknown said...

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