Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Open-back trenchcoat.


As a continuation of my saliva-inducing Kimchi fries' post here, I am going to blog about my outfit on that day!

You guys already got a glimpse of my outfit on Instagram (you can find me by @revelinme):

Teeny saw this picture and asked me why was I dressed like winter wtf (it was Spring when I went).

Here is why!

This is the uber cool back of my trench coat! As usual, I love anything with a twist, so besides the very unusual yet rich burgundy color, I couldn't (and wouldn't wtf) resist the open back-cape, and the pleated flowy back behind!

Unfortunately, because of the open-back, it meant that it was practically non-functional as a coat FML. So I layered this wooly shrug/scarf thingy underneath it! You can see more picture of the cardie/shrug here. It's one of my favorite layering pieces when I travel to cold countries. :)

Underneath my burgundy trenchcoat, I had on a fun preppy outfit!

I thought the boyfriend would forced me to change my jeans (being a typical male, he hates anything non-conventional), but surprisingly he liked me in it! ^_^ wtf

I am sometimes weary of crochet lace because it can be too girly for my tastes, but I fell deeply in love with the lace detailing of this shirt, especially the cuffs! It's really really so pretty. :)

I was admiring myself in this picture when I realized that... my eyes are closed in it wtf.
What is this; eyes closed, eyes opened, also no difference. -____________-

Very very windy day!

Outfit details:

Navy polka dot shirt with lace cuffs: AZORIAS
Red skinny jeans: Zara
B/W knit asymmetrical shrug with fringed scarf details: Trip in Zhuhai
Burgundy trench coat with pleated back and open backcape: Korea
Black heeled ankle boots with buckled straps: Korea

Ironically, I am going out for Korean dinner after this. Craving for some hot Kimchi Jigae mmmm!


By the way, in conjunction with Mother's day, there is a really fun contest on AZORIAS right now!

Just tell us in a photo (or two or three wtf) what you share with your mom! It can be as creative as you want it to be, or maybe you want to make it heartwarming so the entire team cries bucketfuls of tears wtf.

This is Teeny's entry:

The last photo is my mom! THEY REALLY LOOK SUPER ALIKE RIGHT! O_O

Faster show us some photos! Contest ends on Mother's day. :)

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Lai Yen Yi said...

your boots are gorgeous! I love that!
Haha, your top knot is just so cute. =D

Anonymous said...

Why does your current bf sounds like your ex bf? I wonder if they are the same person :D

revel in me said...

lai yen yi: Hehe thanks! I've been looking for great low-heeled ankle boots for ages-- best for traveling! :D

anonymous: Or maybe I fall for the same type of guys. :P

Julie Ann said...

OMG yay! finally found you. aiya i looked for so long. 3 days to be exact :P.
Sorry didnt make it for tea that day with you girls, but we should catch up sometime soon!