Thursday, May 17, 2012

Seeing stripes.

One thing I really appreciate about having Instagram (follow me at @revelinme) is that it's now easier to take my daily outfit pictures at work! :)

Outfit from Monday this week-- a day packed with meetings, and with me almost having a nervous breakdown 'cause I was stuck on Federal Highway for 1.5 hours. -__-

I thought I looked like a mime WTF.

I was dressed head-to-toe in AZORIAS, unintentionally! Really like the keyhole back of this striped basic, but I don't have a proper picture of it. Since my model looked so cute in it, she shall be my stand-in wtf:

Close-up of my accessories for the day-- chunky necklaces always make Mondays more bearable.

Striped top with back-bow keyhole: AZORIAS
Pleated overall skirt: AZORIAS (sold out)
Chunky pearl/gold bead layered necklace with velvet bow: Korea
Leopard print jelly flats: Tory Burch

Work has been quite crazy this month... Can you imagine, AZORIAS is going to turn one really soon? :O We may or may not have a couple of things planned out, but one of the things that I am really excited about is that AZORIAS is going to launch its first lookbook-- shot exclusively in Shanghai! :D :D :D

This wouldn't have been possible without the help of some amazing friends. :) Keep yourself posted on the Facebook page and Twitter, and also, we share a lot of sneak peeks and behind the scene pictures on AZORIAS' Instagram account (@azorias)!

Styling of the shoot is done by me, by the way. *nervous, but a good type of nervous* :P

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xiang yun said...

The top enhances the chest area too hehehe! Super cute outfit, very preppy, I like! Can't wait to see the Shanghai shoot!

revel in me said...

xiang yun: HAHAHA! Is that why the top sold out so quickly on the website WTF. I had a glimpse of the final pictures already, EXCITED MUCH!!