Friday, May 25, 2012

Wrist junk.


I've mentioned that I finally got myself a gold watch in Korea recently, so here's a clear picture of the watch! How is it, nice right? :D

If you follow AZORIAS on Instagram (username: @azorias), then you would have probably seen this picture before, hehehe.

By the way, let me do a survey...
Do people still wear watches?

And if so,
Which hand do you wear your watch on?

From what I understand, apparently the norm is to wear the watch on the opposite hand that you write with. I.e. if you are left-handed, wear your watch on the right hand, and vice versa.

I am right-handed, but I have always wore my watch on my right hand! 'Cause when I was young, my twisted logic was that I can see the time very easily when I write. -__- And I used to argue with my grandma when I was a kid 'cause she tried to wrestle with me to put the watch on my left hand WTF.

I haven't worn a watch for years since my Calvin Klein one died (actually it's just out of battery WTF)-- instead I just relied on my mobile phone for the past few years. So I am still getting to used to the idea of wearing a watch nowadays! But currently I am training myself to wear my watch on the left hand (if you observe the photo above, that's my left hand :P), 'cause wearing too much wrist junk on my right hand makes it difficult to write, heh.

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Lai Yen Yi said...

im right handed and wear my watch on the opposite hand. i always wear watch and don't usually depends on mobile phones. =D wearing on the writing hand really can interrupt our writing. @.@

Anonymous said...

I grow up wearing a watch and to be honest, I can't imagine leaving home without wearing one. If I accidentally forgot to wear mine, I will feel like something is missing. I love watches and I too am quite obsessed with gold watches (wearing one right now too :p). Btw, I am a right handed who wears my watch on my left hand.

Anonymous said...

haha such a random post and question really! anyways, i'm similar to you in the sense i wear my watch on my dominant hand! and people give me glares for that wtf.

i'm a left hander who wears her watch on her left hand 0.o you're not alone wtf. :)

Anonymous said...

Right handed - and i am used to wearing watches but can do without as well.

Joanne said...

I grow up not wearing a watch hahaha! My dad would nag why I do not have the habit to wear a watch but I argue that since I do not have time management issue, I don't see the need to wear a watch :p

But lately I have been wanting to get a watch, have not seen any that's "waving at me and shout take me home" watch.

I'm a left handed and I always wear accessories and watch (if I have one soon) on my left hand. I don't know why I do not like to wear anything on my right hand hahaha!

Yeah it interrupt when I type or write. So I only wear on days when I know I will not be writing or typing LOL!

Amelia said...

I've been wearing watches since I was in primary 5 or 6, so I will feel weird if I happen to forget wearing one. hahaha... I am a right-handed and I wear my watch on my left wrist :D

Constance Ant said...

i depend on my watch a lot especially when im doing lab work. handphone is a little troublesome cos you need to press the home button in order for the screen to lit. so yeah, watch is faster. and i wear it on the left hand! right hander i am. i just don't likey it when im writing and my watch or bangles hit against the table.

Anonymous said...

Im right-handed, and i wear my watch on my left hand.
i only take off my watch when i shower, bath, swim, anything water related.
yes, im wearing it almost 24/7


Kim L said...

I cannot leave my house without my watch. I will feel lost and uneasy somehow. I can use my mobile but it's just not the same!

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t3ngt3ng said...

Can't leave the house without wearing my watch. I am right handed and I am wearing it on my right hand since I first started wearing a watch lol. I didn't know that I'm supposed to wear it on the opposite hand also haha.. Same logic as you, I want to see the time easily when I write especially during exam. And I only wear analog watch. So that I know how much time is left just by looking at the hands moving ^^

xiang yun said...

I've been wearing a watch since I started working because as a journalist, I am always pressing for time. I do check the time on my phone but sometimes I use my phone as a recorder so luckily I wear a watch! :D I wear it on my left hand as I am right handed. My logic? It's so that I don't scratch the strap when I write WTF and that I can write and hold up my left hand at the same time to tell time!

jo ann said...

I realised it's important to wear a watch now's a first impression for the right-handed so i will wear it on the opposite of my hand...nice watch btw