Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Daily outfits in Bangkok - June 2012

I just got back from Bangkok, from a (too) short but awesome family trip! One of the highlights of our trip would definitely be getting upgraded to an executive suite in Lebua at State Tower (where Sirocco Sky Bar is). Till now I am still thinking longingly of the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on....

Anyway, just a few snapshots of us each day in the hotel lobby!

Day 2 (we haven't started our lobby-camwhoring tradition on Day 1 yet hehe):

Me wearing sneakers for the first time in a long long time, and Jing in AZORIAS spiked dip hem top and AZORIAS tropical shorts (coming soon).

Night outfit for beer factory! Am crazy over scarf prints, hence the scarf print maxi dress for me, and Jing was wearing pink studded skirt from AZORIAS (coming soon).

Day 3:

I am wearing new CĂ©line sunnies! Jing in a jumpsuit and Teeny sharing my love for scarf prints too!

Day 4-- check-out day! T__T

This picture was taken after my family had to pry me away from my bed wtf. I was in AZORIAS neon yellow peplum top, and Teeny in pastels and Jing in new shirt from Bangkok.

Hopefully this will whet your appetite for the moment while I go work on more blog posts! :P

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Constance Ant said...

love that pink skirt Jing wore! please make it available soooon!

Anonymous said...

Jing is always the classy one

Jing said...

Thank you everyone! <3

Did you mention that i'm always in dark colours because of my pink sweat WTF!

vss3t said...

hi hui wen! can you pls do a post on where to shop in Bangkok? i know many ppl have been posting on them, but they just don't seem to justify my needs and my lust over fashion/shopping like the way you do. please pretty please? p.s, i'll heading there next weekend!!! :D

Anonymous said...

i like your white lace dress in your first picture:) looks really sweet. where did u get it? thanks!

revel in me said...

constance ant: Hehe damn nice right! It is coming up in the next New Collection! :P

anonymous: It depends wtf

jing: If you got pink sweat on my clothes, I will kill you wtf

vss3t: Hmmm.. OK I will try! :D

anonymous: Thanks dear! I got it from Melbourne (Bridge Road, I think) a few years back! :O