Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fave purchase in Bangkok.

I hope to work on a post on my Bangkok buys soon, aye anyone? :P

In the meantime, here's a picture of my favorite buy!

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I've been lusting after Jeffrey Campbell shoes for a long long long time, especially this pair of Dolce & Gabbana knock-offs:


Fell insanely in love with them after I saw them on Rumi of Fashion Toast:

However, the shoes cost about RM600++ online excluding shipping, which is going to cost a bomb as well. Since JC shoes aren't available in M'sia, and I couldn't justify paying so much for non-designer shoes, I gave up on them and continued to salivate after them from afar...

Well, as luck had it, JC shoes are cheaper in Bangkok! :D :D :D A friend of mine bought the Litas from Nastygal, and it cost her RM900++ inclusive of shipping. :O :O :O However, in Bangkok, Litas probably cost around RM600 (depending on design), and you get tax rebate too!

Enough with the background intro on my purchase, moving on to pictures of my new kicks! :P

Ho hum, looks like simple black pumps from the front right?


Closer look at my shoes. My mom calls them Lady Gaga shoes, haha. And everyone is curious (and amazed) at how I walk in them.

To be honest, they are quite comfortable and stable to walk in! I think Jeffrey Campbell is a master in shoe architecture, because I think walking in these shoes feels the same as walking in any pair of my heels. I do remind myself to be more careful while walking in 'em though! ;)

I was also wearing AZORIAS three way cape shirt. Hate to repeat my words, but.. Mad love!

Basically you can adjust/arrange the cape in different ways to make it look like entirely different tops! It's kind of difficult to demonstrate, so I will let Momoko Ogihara do the job wtf:

She is only showing 2 ways here btw!

In this set of pictures I wore it my favorite way, which is.. the cape way wtf. But actually it was so warm that day that throughout the day I actually draped the cape to the front (like a scarf, as shown in the middle of the picture above) so that the shirt becomes sleeveless! Hehe.

This shirt was sold out really quickly, but luckily there is a simpler (and more affordable version) available here! So versatile I don't even...

Outfit details:

White three-way cape shirt: AZORIAS (get another version here)
Green polka dot skirt: Korea
Gold crystal pendant necklace: Korea
Gold engraved bangle: Holiday in Zhuhai
Black diamante bracelet: Korea
Watch: DKNY
Rings: Assorted
Black pumps: Jeffrey Campbell
Green envelope clutch: Korea

What about you guys? Would you dare to wear shoes like this? :P

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Kim L said...

If someone throws me a pair I would surely wear it!
A friend of mine has the moonwalk as well and she said it's surprisingly comfortable! haha.

Loved how you styled it!

accidental encounters

Anonymous said...

Dear, I think you blog header links it to a dot-com website instead of your blogspot page!

Anonymous said...

i always buy my jeffrey campbells from

free shipping too. so i can never understand why people have to go all the way to wherever to get it.

revel in me said...

kim: Ya I was impressed with how stable they are! Thank you dear! <3

anonymous: Yes I realized it a few days ago too! T_T My web designer is away now, will get her to fix it once she's back.. Thank you for the head's up! <3

anonymous: I scouted solestruck too! But it's 30% more expensive than the prices we saw in Bangkok! ;)

foodie said...

Close up shot of the shirt and necklace is so pretty! Which inspired me to pin a crystal brooch to my gold beaded necklace. Your jewelries are always so one-of-a-kind, love seeing them!

xiang yun said...

Love the way you styled this outfit. There's always an element of surprise to your outfits and in this case, your shoes :D also, you have the 'fashion blogger' pout down to a pat!

Anne H said...

Great photos ! Personally, I'm really impressed! You look amazing!

revel in me said...

sparks in spring: That's a really smart DIY idea! Thank you so much, what to do, jewelry is my weakness! :P

xiang yun: Haha, I wasn't intentionally pouting! It was really hot haha. Thanks dear, I didn't realize it myself, but you're right, I always try to incorporate some sort of humor element into my outfits! :')

anne H: Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Wen! Just wanna enquire, how did you go about in Korea?