Friday, June 29, 2012

Hey Seoul sister.

Haih, I am so behind in all my travel posts I don't even know where to begin. Playing cheat here by posting photos that Jing tagged me on FB (sorry in advance for the shitty quality of some of the pictures)!

Ttak Galbi (spicy chicken).

Famous mandoo (dumplings) in Myeongdong.

Where we discovered a ZARA warehouse-- which btw was a total scam! Everything was supposed to be up to 80% off, but instead barely 20% is slashed off the original prices. -_-

Jing wearing AZORIAS organza tee.

Stairway to my idea of a heaven.


Nothing beats Korea's cafe culture.

Yummy mandoo!

Those eyes.

Always love, pork.

Myeongdong, where I couldn't stop stalking iPhone accessories.

Orange float.


Under the tree.

Seoul sisters.

This would have been much welcomed on a cold winter night.



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Anonymous said...

Hi Wen! Just wanna enquire , how do you go about in Korea even though its unfamiliar? Just wondering cos I might be going there for a month for some work.. How much roughly spent there? Place of stay is provided tho.. wanted to prepare myself before going! Thank you~!! :)

starbuckers said...

Hi,I'd like to ask, which airlines do you fly when you go to Korea? Thank you.

revel in me said...

anonymous: It's best if you can speak a little korean/ or at the minimum, understand a little, 'cause most of them don't speak english! A meal will start from approx. RM15, so you can roughly estimate from there. Transportation is quite cheap there too, and the subway is very efficient. :) Good luck, and have fun! :)

starbuckers: Whichever with promo, haha. I have tried air asia and Cathay Pacific! :)

Pammy said...

Title so clever, hehe!

starbuckers said...

Was the air asia flight to korea bearable? How
many hours is it?