Thursday, June 14, 2012


I just came back from Korea! Pretty much knocked out the entire day yesterday 'cause I was that exhausted.

It was quite a dramatic trip for Jing and I this time around:

i) The day arrived, I got struck by immense pain at my lower abdomen. I consulted Jing (my go-to person for my health-related paranoia despite her not being an official doctor wtf) who was coming to Korea a day later than me, and she said there's a possibility I have UTI FML. Anyway she told me to just rest first and hopefully the pain will go away. Well, it didn't. I stayed in bed the entire time just all rolling around in pain, and by the second day, I couldn't even straighten my body. I had to walk hunched over, and god forbade if I sneezed or coughed, 'cause ouch, that hurt real bad. Luckily Jing brought over some antibiotics and they worked pretty well on me, 'cause after my first pill itself, my pain eased. ^_^

ii) Jing lost her mobile phone in a cab. T______________T She had it in her pocket in the cab, and it must have slipped out. She realized it like 5 minutes after the cab left, but by then it was too late. T____T Also, she didn't have roaming on her phone, so I couldn't even call her phone to alert the drive as there was no line. I went to the reception to request for them to inform us should the taxi driver returns the phone to the hotel, and our efforts were futile wtf. After a few minutes of extremely broken English and furious gesturing/ sign language, the receptionist was like "AHA!" and he typed out on his handphone dictionary: "Do you want to call a taxi?" WTFFFF

iii) We we walking after dinner, and suddenly a drunk man called out to us, and when we turned around, he started to lunge for us!! We sprinted, and he ran after us too FOL. Luckily for us we made it into a cafe and we shut the door after us! He looked at us greedily through glass doors for a moment before he finally gave up and walked away. We only left the cafe after we were sure that the coast was clear, and even then, we kept on turning our heads to the back to make sure that he wasn't following us. Scary!

iv) On the day before we left, I received really sad news from home-- my grand-uncle passed away. :( He was hospitalized before I left, suffering a few broken ribs from a fall, but we all thought his condition has stabilized. Unfortunately though his condition deteriorated over the weekend, and he passed away on Sunday night. Whilst I am not extremely close to him, I did have many talks with him over the last year as he was supposed to be my mentor for CPA (though that didn't work out). Also, our families are quite close, and we meet quite often for dinner. I was quite disturbed after hearing the news. It just shocks me to see how fragile our lives can be! It was just a fall...

Life is short. That is why we have to constantly remind ourselves to live it to the fullest, and it is something that I religiously tell myself all the time. Good luck to you and me.

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