Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wedding weekend.

Slightly late for this, but I am back from Tim and Aud's wedding in Penang over the weekend! I was one of the bridesmaids, and it was really the experience of a lifetime. :')

That being said, it was seriously tiring! I still haven't recovered from my weekend, to be honest. -_- I can't even imagine how Aud feels!

Anyway, just thought I will post up some pictures from the weekend! I forgot to bring my camera to Penang, so all pictures are from my iPhone and Facebook.

Love love love this shot! This was taken during the ROM-- officially man and wife. :)

A proper group shot of all the bridesmaids, there are 8 of us!
L-R: Ringo, Bobo, Jiameei, Wendy, me, Suet, Tze, Angela.

We are dressed in the colors of rainbow (well, kinda, I mean, rainbows should totally have pink as a color wtf), in accordance to the Up theme of Audrey's wedding! We were all assigned a color, and I was originally supposed to be in red. However the tailor didn't have any red fabric, so I got fuchsia instead, which I was secretly happy about. Alas, my dress was too small!! O_O Luckily Ringo's dress (green) was a little too big on her, so we swapped dresses. And that's how come I ended up in a green dress.

Some of the bridesmaids with all of the best men. All very eligible ar.

The ROM was held in Tim's family house yard, which is perched on top of a hill overlooking a magnificent view (seaview yo!). It was quite windy and the balloons kept on hitting us on our faces wtf.

Beautiful Aud in her wedding gown before the groom came to pick up the bride. When she was still looking for her ideal wedding dress, she declared that she wants something like what a princess would wear, and I think her wedding gown totally fits the bill! :')

Another group shot before the groom and the best men arrived.

All of us (the bridesmaids) came from different parts of the world-- KL, Kuala Pilah wtf (Suet is a teacher there), Singapore, Vancouver... But we had this chance to be united under this beautiful occasion and be girlfriends! We didn't know every single one of us prior to the wedding, but after the hen's night and the wedding weekend, we are sending teary goodbye messages to each other wtf.

Taken from Tim's Instagram.
The bridesmaids made an impromptu decision to release the balloons in our hands (each of us had a matching colored balloon) the moment the groom kissed the bride after they were pronounced husband and wife. So happy that someone caught a picture of this!

The back of Audrey's dress. I love how her wedding gown still has an element of 'Audrey' in it, it's totally her!

Ending with one of my favorite bridesmaids + bride shot. :)

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Apple prints.

I've been looking for a chance to bring my new Marni pumps (from Tokyo) out to play!

Scarlet heels that can rival Dorothy's in Wizard of Oz, hehehe.
Click here to read more about the shoes and other shopping hauls.

And what better way to pair this rich suede pumps than with some luscious apple prints?

Perfect match. :)

Simple gold jewelry on the arm.

Wore this to see Smalls and Mey (my ex-housemates for the uninformed)! It's sad to imagine that the Flat Hair Flat is all separated now, with Jac being in Melbourne, Mey in Singapore, Smalls in Sydney, and me in KL. :(

Wearing my recent fave happy print top-- very trendwhore wtf with a peplum hem and a yummy gold exposed zipper at the back!
For some reason, I felt that spikes were appropriate. And they were.

Apple print peplum top with exposed backzipper: AZORIAS
Dark wash denim jeans: Topshop
Gold spiked necklaces: All from Korea
Arm accessories: All from Korea
Gold watch: DKNY
Red bow suede pumps: Marni
Bag (not shown): Black Chanel lambskin classic flap Jumbo

By the way, happy prints make you... happy. Just thought I should let you all know.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012.

So a couple of months back, someone from Nuffnang called me and asked whether I would like to speak at a bloggers' conference-- Nuffnang Blogopolis.

At first, I was like, "Harh, what police ar?" WTF.

Thinking that it will be a gathering of about 50 people, I was like, sure why not! And didn't give much thought to it because July still seemed very far away then.

However, when Nuffnang started promoting the event, and information about Nuffnang Blogopolis was actively circulating on all social media platforms, I got a scare of my life. The event is HUGE, people. We are talking more than a hundred attendees, and an event that will receive a lot of media coverage. I saw the list of speakers, and I gulped. These are heavyweight bloggers, like Xiaxue, Kenny Sia, Beautiful Nara, KY, to name a few, and experts in the industry such as Premesh Chandran (CEO of Malaysiakini) and Chee Wah (editor of Timeout KL). And I will be speaking along them! WHATTTT!!!

It didn't help that Shah, the Talent Executive from Nuffnang called me every few days to ask me whether I am nervous wtf.

Anyway, the event was last weekend! Pictures are a mixture of mine and Nuffnang's.

It was an early morning for me (I woke up at 7-ish am) because my slot was the second slot of the day.

The set-up. This was before the event started.

I was partner-ed with Huai Bin from www.sixthseal.com to speak about opportunities gained via blogging.

Whilst preparing for our session, I was really forced to evaluate the opportunities that have arose for me through blogging. And I felt so so thankful! Because of blogging, I got to gain experiences that would have otherwise been quite out of reach for me....

I was interviewed on air on Red FM and Capital FM in the span of 2 days! :O
Picture taken off Red FM's FB fanpage.

Getting invited to exclusive events.
Read more about Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge here.


Filmed a fashion video with Star Online. Click here to view the video.

LinkGuest-wrote an article for Tongue in Chic. Click here to read the article.

Invited by Dior for a private tête-à-tête. Click here to read more.

These are just a few off the top of my head... And also the support I have gotten from you all for AZORIAS (don't think I don't know, I go through our customer list sometimes! :P)... I have also been asked to do a catwalk for a client (didn't work out in the end as I was out of country on the day of the event), invited to meet Jimmy Choo (didn't work out for the same reason T___T)....

I AM SO LUCKY!! And all because of blogging. :')

All pumped up right before our turn to go onstage.

... and it's our turn! The guy at the corner of the photo is Carlos Nizam, who is also one of the speakers of the day. He is SUCH an amazing photographer! If he can do a photoshoot for AZORIAS, I would probably weep out of joy.

One of the highlights of the event is the live Twitter feed that is shown real-time during the event. Participants can ask questions via Twitter, and we (the speakers) will have to answer the chosen question(s) on the spot!

With fellow speakers Ernest Ng (super talented comic blogger!!), funny man Ken Wooi, and KY (he shared his secret of the best nasi lemak in town, muahaha!).

Face of deep concentration. -_-

With Pinky! With pink hair, haha. Don't know what were we talking about, we seemed so intent. And that's Sue Anna Joe and Maria Elena, who spoke at the event as well! I have met them before at Jezmine's events at Old Blossom Box. :)Link

Us on TV wtf.

By the way, I want to announce here that Huai Bin is such a great co-speaker! :) He told me privately before we went up that he enjoys public speaking, and to be honest, I feel the same. So we just came to an understanding that we will stop referring to our speaker notes, and just relax and HAVE FUN! Onstage, we sort of finished/re-capped each other's opinions, tying off any loose ends... We complement each other well! :D

Random photo because I want to show off my shoes.

It also makes sense to talk about my outfit now:

Floral bias cut racer back dress: Topshop
Faded denim jacket: Topshop
Oversized tribal pendant necklace: F21
Navy gold plated ankle heels: Korea

Clearer picture with Ernest, Ken Wooi and KY.

Yay, speakers get tokens of appreciation!

It was so much fun to speak onstage! Our session was cut short due to technical problems though, we had so much more to share! But it's okay, hopefully we will have a chance next year to do so. :)

Also, my blog was presented as an example of a good blog design during the Blog Design 101 session! WOOT! :D

All in all, it was an awesome experience. Not only the speaking part (which was exhilarating), but also learning from some of the top people in the industry. I was talking to some fellow speakers, and we shared with each other that we were actually already practicing some of the tips given during the sessions, just that we never knew it! So it was a great opportunity to actually compartmentalize some of our prior knowledge (but the funny thing is, we really weren't aware that we knew the stuff), and picked up some new useful tips as well. For example, the optimum font size for a blog, SEO, ways to title your blog entries etc etc. I can't wait to see what next year's Blogopolis has in store!

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Giving Ewok a run for its money.

Let me demonstrate to you just how bimbotic my train of thoughts can be sometimes.

Remember this photo that I posted here about Nuffnang Blogopolis (where I was invited to be a guest speaker)?

Soooo... I was admiring my hair in the guest speaker profile photo (showcased above) WTF and suddenly remembered that I have yet to blog about the outfit I was wearing!

And that is how this blogpost came about.

Sometimes I am so shallow that I want to smack myself. But I tell myself it's endearing. Really.

Anyway, this is not any outfit!
It is an outfit worn in Tokyo. T_T
Jing told me that Air Asia have promo tickets going to Tokyo next year for RM700++, and I am so tempted!

Sensuous outfit pose failed 'cause someone made me laugh midway.

Carrying a pet animal WTF.

My mom was aghast to know that I brought fur coat(s) to Japan. But c'on, rarely do I get to wear my nice jackets and coats in cold countries, so I will not let go of this precious chance to parade them. :P

Love love love my skirt! It looks quite proper from the front, and tada, when you turn around, there's a little surprise waiting for you!

The ruffles make a really cute silhouette from the side too. :D

Striped turtleneck: Korea
Red backruffle skirt: AZORIAS
Ombre faux fur coat: Korea
Black tights: Korea
Mahogany buckled knee boots: Korea
Bag: Miu Miu

The boyfriend claims that I look like an ewok in my fur coat. -___-

I can only tell him that it was really cold, and each of the Hoe family members has their own way to combat the cold.

For instance, this is my dad.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Non-stop weekend.

It has been a crazy crazy weekend!

First it was a radio interview on Red FM, which I mentioned in my last post.

Then on Friday, I was on air with Linora Low on Red FM:

Linora is so unbelievably chirpy and hyper! Puts even me to shame wtf.

I was wearing a cute open-back dress from AZORIAS, which Linora was ooh-ing and aah-ing over:

See? Hehe.

The dress is on sale now, and in super super limited quantities!! Don't say I didn't give you girls a heads-up ar.

Then on (really early) Saturday morning, I was at Nuffnang Blogopolis:

With my fellow speaker, Huai Bin. :)

And on the same night, it was Audrey's hen's night!

Bobo lovingly curling Tze's hair, hehe.

There were 8 of us in a Westin suite, and it's so much fun getting ready with so many girls!

Ringo, Xiaxue and Jiameei. Jiameei was waiting for her turn at the hair curler, haha.

Suet and bride-to-be!

Abrupt end of hen's night pictures. We don't kiss and tell! ;)

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