Sunday, July 01, 2012


The last 2 weeks of June haven't been great, I have to admit. Jing leaving, then Smalls (my ex-housemate, who left for Sydney for good), certain glitches at work, and tiny misfortunes was happening here and there. It would have been easy to be sucked into all the so-called negativity, but I was determined to keep my spirits up. That being said, I'm quite relieved that July is here.

For instance, just last Friday, we couldn't start our car after leaving work. Turns out that our car battery was dead. WTF right. But in the end, everything worked out fine, because as luck had it, we parked really near a car workshop on that day, and the mechanic changed our car battery easily for us. Teeny was being rather angst-y about the whole incident, but I was trying to think at the bright side of things. For instance, thank god that we were both together when it happened! Imagine if it either of us was alone and stranded, definitely not a good situation to be in considering the recent rise in crime cases! Also, of all days, we parked near a workshop. Our office is in Taipan, and usually it would have been near impossible to get a parking around the shop-lot area, but we managed to on that day. Also, luckily it was quite early when the incident happened (around 5plus pm)! If we left office half an hour later, the workshop would have been closed, and we would be stranded. So yea, I convinced Teeny that everything happened for the best, and on the way home we were howling to songs on the radio.

That is the power of your own thoughts, I guess. In general, I am quite a positive person by nature. I do get agitated very quickly, but I also snap out of it very fast, and is all la-la-la-let's-do-this again. There is a fine line between being optimistic and being a (unrealistic) dreamer though, which I often carefully thread between.

What about you? Are you an optimist or a pessimist? :)


Moving on to some Seoul stories! These photos were all taken in early April.

After spicy chicken lunch in Insa-dong, one of my favorite places to visit in Seoul!

Some kind of snack, which reminds me of... poo.

Spike necklace FTW.

This little girl with her miniature bouquet of flowers melted my heart.

At Ssamziegil (in Insa-dong), which is basically an arts center... I love this place! One of the new features that they have is these screens where you can snap instant photos of yourself and have them emailed to your email account. Neat!

Favorite traveling boots.

A mini art installation in Ssamziegil.

Playing art gallery curator, hehehe.

Went to Garosugil (must-go shopping street!) after that to meet Ally, who happened to be in Seoul at the same time! :O :O :O

Such pretty cherry blossoms. I really feel so blessed that I can witness such beautiful sights! :)

Obviously we have a sweet tooth.

With Ally. It is a really surreal (but definitely super cool) to meet with a friend at a totally different country!

Outfit details:

White shirt: Korea
Metallic jeans: H&M
Snake print blazer with pink cuffs: Korea
Gold spike necklace: Korea
Black ankle boots: Korea
Bag: Miu Miu

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ms.bulat said...

I am a....pessimist, sadly...hahah trying hard but it's not easy to change. fortunately, the bf is an optimist!

I have been to Korea twice but everytime I look at your feels like I have not been to Korea at all!

mustardqueen said...

the snack is some corn chips!!! Apparently if u eat just like 5 small pieces of that and drink a lot of water you get damn full and get thin damn fast wtf

ally said...

garusogil withdrawal symptoms now wtf.

revel in me said...

ms. bulat: Haha that's a good combination what! If both people too optimistic or too pessimistic also no good! Now you both can balance each other out. :P

mustardqueen: I am going to buy a 2 sticks and eat for my entire trip next time wtf

ally: T______T

joy said...

wenn! need your advise! i will be travelling to bangkok for the first time (shy :p) soon. could you please recommend the must eats? :) thanks dear!

nizz said...

Looking at your Seoul pictures made me miss Korea even more.
Stayed in Insadong area for 12 days when I was there,you'll never get bored walking around.
Garosugil,just the whole ambience there...cafes,shops.
Nice to see these familiar sights on your blog

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

pics are stunning.
Follow each other.

revel in me said...

joy: Oh no, are you the person who asked me to blog about shopping in BKK as well? I forgot about it! T__T Ok I will do it! :D

nizz: Aaah! High five 'cause those are my favorite places too! :D

revel in me said...

izhiher: Thank you! <3

nizz said...

Oh yes,Beans Bins Waffles really to die for!!I missed it sooo much!
So hard to find good waffles in SG.
Don't even talk bout the cafe culture,you can practically sit in one in KR all day long & no one will disturb u.
enjoyed & looking forward to your Korea entries..

smalls said...

looking great my love ! :) even more reason for you to come visit. missing u heaps ! xx

tester said...

<3 the environment to bits ^^ the snack looks funny. haha.. and the girl looks really cute.. small bouquet of flower for her.. aww.. and i wonder when i'd get to see real cherry blossoms!~ :(

revel in me said...

nizz: OMG YES BEANS BINS WAFFLES!! So good!! My favorite!! They serve with haagen daaz ice cream. <3 And fruits. <3 AAH BEST!! And haha, looks like you are really a girl after my own heart, 'cause the cafe culture is one of my favorite things about Korea! :)

smalls: Why you didn't see me before you go.. T___T Hehe try to arrange to go during Spring (early April)! :D

jo ann said...

I like the screen thingy to take the pics...hahah...they have it in taipei,

jo ann said...

I like the screen thingy to take the pics...hahah...they have it in taipei,