Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chatchuchak, Bangkok.

Since it is a luxurious long weekend ahead, I thought I'd get to do a long post! And what better way to get me into a blogging mood than talking about shopping in Bangkok. :) So here you go, our visit to Chatchuchak market during my Bangkok trip in June!

It was a Sunday (the second day of our trip), and Sundays always mean Chatchuchak market for us.

The day started with waking up to an awesome view of Bangkok city (the room is circular, giving an incredible almost 360 degrees view).

Then we adjourn to the hotel cafe/ restaurant for one of the most spectacular hotel breakfasts I have ever had. Wild honey dripping from a real honeycomb, breads and rolls of all imaginable types, being shoved into a real wood oven after you have make your selections, arrays of colorful juices that sparkle like psychedelic rainbows under the sun (it was near the poolside)...

Look at how full Teeny's mouth is wtf. And I had carrot juice with a dash of fresh milk. It was, undoubtedly, the BEST carrot juice I have ever had. Sigh.

You know how some people are really camera-sensitive? Well, my brother is the opposite. You can shove a camera into his face, and he is still oblivious and choose to give you ugly/ unflattering faces. -__-

My mom tried to get him to pose properly for a picture, but obviously failed FHL.

Had a little porridge with some meat floss. So yummy! And so easy too. Next time I am going to cook a big pot of plain porridge for my children and just let them eat with meat floss. #badmother

Teeny's creepy Nutella grin.

Family potrait-- love it when it is complete. :)

Another one more at the hotel lobby, while waiting for the hotel shuttle to pick us up. Which picture is your favorite? :P

And then we reached Chatchuchak! Which is possibly my favorite place to shop in Bangkok. To be honest, I think you need a full day in Chatchuchak to walk to your heart's content, but for the Hoe family, we always have a deadline of up to 1-2pm 'cause my dad wants to go somewhere far away for lunch. -__- Shops at Chatchuchak open at about 10am, so typically we only have 3 hours at the market-- which means we always need to be incredibly efficient! But by now we are quite familiar with what are the 'good' areas to shop-- usually we just hit Section 3 of the market, and it's enough for us to go bankrupt already WTF.

Gung-ho faces the moment we reached Chatchuchak!
And trust me to pose wrongly and looked like I was going to uppercut my own face FML.

We actually went in a big group-- with my mom's best friend and her family, and her (the best friend) sister and her family. Altogether there was 13 of us! We went everywhere in 3 cabs. :D

Fresh coconuts! You must try the coconut ice cream-- I think there are a couple of stalls which sell them.

Me with my favorite accessory-- Thai milk tea WTF.

There's this particular stall which I love, I *think* it's somewhere in Section 3, but I can't be sure! I know how to get there, but I don't know its exact address, so sorry! :( But I did try to dig out my old posts for pictures of the stall, it's really colorful and pretty, so it's quite recognizable!

Pictures from June 2010, hope they help you to recognize the stall. :/

Teeny's pretty neon lace skirt. So gorgeous I don't even.

Oops accidentally intruded into a puppy's private moment wtf.

Someone call the police! I am wearing, gasp, sneakers.

I bought this dress from Melbourne before I graduated, i.e. sometime in 2007, but I have never worn it before! Somehow I found it a little too girlie for my taste (my style in 2007 is decidedly quite different from my style today), but for this trip, I decided it was apt with sneakers and some spikes on my neck and wrist. :P

Love the wooden decorative pieces/ hanging trees of this shop! So tempted to get a few for my room for my accessories, but they are quite heavy. Also, we are currently contemplating to shift office for AZORIAS-- I so wish I got them for the office! T_T

Shaved ice with coconut milk... Kinda taste like an icy bubur cha cha. LOVE.

Jing's feet.

I have a funny story to share! When Jing was back in KL, she went on a vicious hunt around the city to look for flats for Bangkok. One day, she came home to tell me that she got the perfect flats (pictured above) from Topshop, but actually I have the same pair-- from Topshop too!

Sisters. :P

Taking a time-out by having a quick lunch at one of the stalls. Everything was yummy-- I don't think I have ever tasted bad food in Bangkok. :O

Spied from an overhead bridge. While Bangkok's jams are atrocious, the pretty colors of all the cabs and public transport never fail to make the girl in me to go 'aww'.

Some apothecary-like place that smells all calming and relaxing. WHICH I DON'T APPRECIATE! 'Cause shopping in Chatchuchak is like a race, no time to chill out ok wtf.

Everything on Jing is from AZORIAS.

The night before we left for Bangkok, just like any night before a family trip, we were frantically running around our house, finding clothes, trying on outfits, trying to lend something from someone wtf... Jing wanted to wear this tropical scarf print shorts, but have no top to go with it-- a situation all women can empathize with wtf. She was feeling sensitive of her thighs 'cause she claimed she put on weight, so I immediately thought of this black dip hem top! Black (slimming color wtf) - check, longer hem to cover the butt - check, matches the shorts - check. She was really happy with my choice!

Jing's outfit:
Dip hem top with spiked shoulders: AZORIAS
Tropical scarf print shorts: AZORIAS (ivory)
Beaded sandals: Topshop
Quilted bag: Ralph Lauren

And my outfit!

Wearing my new neon bag from See by Chloe (birthday present!) and some neon spiked bracelets. :)

White floral cutout ruffled sleeve dress: Melbourne
Gold spiked necklaces: Korea
Neon colored spiked bracelets: Korea
White leather sneakers with navy toecaps: Korea
Bag: See by Chloe

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love reading your travel posts always~ and that is like the cutest bag ever

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ms. bulat: Love doing travel posts, but it usually involves a lot of work.. T__T But thank you, and thank you! :D

mustardqueen: Either way you looked like joker la wtf

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Cutest bag ever!! Looks like a tart/puff I can just eat it up wtf

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This is a good hairdryer... BlowDryerHair

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which hotel were u guys staying in Bangkok?