Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to curb your phone addiction.

Remember this photo that I posted here?

We are horribly addicted to our phones, and to be honest, it's detrimental for face-to-face communication because everyone is just tapping away on their phones!

So during a sister outing with Jing and Ting recently, we decided to take matters into our hands...

We stacked our phones in the middle of the table, and the first person who reaches for her phone gets fined RM10 WTF.

I think we lasted for about 15 minutes before we simultaneously agreed that it was a silly game and we greedily reached for our phones.

PS: Guess which phone belonged to who? ;)

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Anonymous said...

(from Top): Teeny's, Jing's & Yours ^____^

Anonymous said...

The ear caps are so pretty! Where did you get them from?

revel in me said...

anonymous: Haha, why you so smart! :P

anonymous: Teeny's one is from Bangkok, Jing's and mine is from Korea! :)

Anonymous said...

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