Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pajama pants?

After one full-day photoshoot, a stalled car, and an interview (will share more with you guys when the article is out), the weekend could not come any sooner for me!

Yesterday's outfit:

My recent obsession-- printed pants!

This is my ideal lazy Friday outfit-- loose flowy top (so I can eat as much as I want for dinner, hehe) and comfy pants. These ones are actually printed chiffon sweatpants. Brings a whole new meaning to the term 'fancypants' wtf.

Accessories for the night. I was wearing the clear perspex bangle earlier in the day, and halfway during lunch, an auntie came to my table and told me she really likes the bangle and started asking me where I got it from. After like a 5-minute conversation, I realized that she thought it's a CRYSTAL bangle. *bangs head*

Top is from AZORIAS, but you may be wondering why is mine of a different color! I actually much prefer the blush version on the website, but the supplier ran out of that color. T_____T Nonetheless, I still super love this chiffon tank for its sexyback and bow! :D

Contrast back-bow tank: AZORIAS
Printed pants: Korea

Tribal tassel pendant necklace: Korea
Clear perspex bangle: H&M
Gold spiked bracelet: Korea
Blue studded bangle: F21
Gold studded heels: Korea
Bag: Miu Miu

And it's Autumn Festival tomorrow! At the risk of you all thinking of me as an overgrown child, anyone wants to play with lanterns with me? :P

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Live on Bella NTV7.

Ok, this is a little late, but I was on Bella, NTV 7 (Sunday 1.30pm show) yesterday to talk about AZORIAS!! Didn't want to announce here beforehand 'cause I shy. Heh.

With host, beautiful Daphne Iking.

Bella always taped their Sunday shows live, much to my horror and distress. T__T

If the show is pre-recorded, my nerves would have been much calmer, but LIVE? I kept on worrying that I would trip over wires or accidentally curse. On national TV. *shudder*

Posing before going on air. I was wearing a crochet lace dress from AZORIAS, and Manny was wearing this dress and cardie (coming soon).

By the way, did you notice that I have 2 different outfits on before and during the show!!! Wardrobe problem, haih. Shortly before I was due to go on air, they realized that my dress will seemed too short as I would be sitting on a high stool! So we started scrambling around for a back-up outfit. And I literally took the green AZORIAS dress off my colleague's back, HEHEHE. *sheepish*

Anyway, for those of you who caught me on the show, I hope I did ok! We will be posting more photos from the show on AZORIAS Facebook page, so do like the page to see more photos from yesterday k! I will blog more about this once I get my hands on the photos. :)

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Long weekend.

This post serves no purpose but to declare that I had such a happy long weekend!

I missed the last Independence Day long weekend as I was in Korea, but this weekend more than makes up for it! Maybe 'cause it was such a balanced break-- I slept a lot (sleep is really important to me) as I was recovering from a bad flu; I had a lot of yummy food; yet I also worked and ticked a couple of long-outstanding things off my to-do list-- The result is, the time that I was not working, I felt very zen and relaxed ('cause I don't feel guilty for not working -_-|||)! Also, some work-stuff that has been bothering me recently has also sorted itself up, so it's like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.


And oh! I also managed to squeeze in a hair makeover. :P

No pictures for the meantime, but here is a hint:

Ending with an outfit snapshot from my weekend:

Taken from AZORIAS' Instagram. Follow via @azorias.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

One night in paradise.

Really sorry for the lack of blogging in the past week! :O

If you followed me on Twitter or Instagram (@revelinme), you would probably know that I was in Bangkok this week. I was there for 2 days 1 night for a Panasonic event, and I stayed in one of the best hotels in Bangkok-- St. Regis!

I don't know why I have great hotel luck in Bangkok! :') Just 3 months back I stayed at Lebua at State Tower (briefly mentioned here and here), and I have also stayed at Dusit Thani, which is also a very reputable hotel where royalties/ diplomats from other countries used to stay at. Am still on a high from my fantastic stay at St. Regis, so I am going to do a quick room tour for you guys! :P

Centrepiece at the hotel lobby.

When we arrived at the hotel, we were told that our rooms weren't ready yet. Everyone decided to go to town to explore, but as luck has it, I am actually sick this week, so I decided to just rest in the hotel, and requested the hotel staff to give me priority in getting me a room as soon as possible.

When I finally got into my room, I forgot all about my initial wait because this was what greeted me:

Isn't it such a FAB room? It looks even nicer and plusher in real life!

Part of the walkway-- with a dresser/mantelpiece at the entrance, wardrobes, bag compartment, and full length mirrors. This part of the room has a slightly traditional take on the design with the brocade upholstered walls and the gold gilded drawers.

On the far end of the room is a plush sofa with pretty cushions. I am all into mixing of prints (even for interior design, haha), and everything is just done so beautifully!

By the way, on the table is a hamper from Panasonic, which I will share with you girls in another post. :)

As you can see, the bedroom takes on a more contemporary design! i.e. the glass globes on the bedside lamps, the velvety bedhead...

Treats left at my bedside. Initially I was quite apprehensive of them because they looked really artificial. Eventually, my hunger curiosity got the better of me, and I tried them. These things are actually mung bean (green bean paste) wrapped in thin jelly skin! Yummy. :)

Open-concept bathroom. Open-concept is optional because there are sliding wooden doors to avoid awkward moments if you share the room with anyone other than a husband/boyfriend wtf.

Love! Also, may I add, the amenities are really complete-- I even found a body-contouring moisturizer, haha.

Service is top-notch as well. The staff who ushered me into my room found out that I was sick, and he sent hot tea and cookies to my room. :')

Also, I got the most coveted address yo! The Chinese in me is thinking, woot, business is going to be skyrocket! Haha.
Note: For the Chinese, '8' is a prosperity number, and '18' means 'sure prosper'.


I was in fully comfy gear 'cause we flew in the morning. Wore a long top with shoulder cutouts (coming soon on AZORIAS) and leggings.

Bottom half of my outfit-- studded leggings and my new favorite shoes. :)

As awesome as my short but sweet stay was, something very tragic happened...

I found out that I have a butler for my room!!!!!
After I checked out. T_____T

No wonder there was this lady who dresses in a vest suit who constantly checks on me and asks me if I needed anything. Being very afraid of additional costs, I always shoo her away hurriedly WTF. She was always hovering near my room, so I was starting to get suspicious of her WTF.

I could have gotten her to make me lattes. T__T
And draw my baths for me. T___T

Sigh, my one and only shot at getting a personal butler and I blew it.

When I told my boyfriend about the butler, he scolded me:

Why didn't you say to the butler:


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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Johnny Bravo face-off.

I am a huge fan of Japanese ramen. Recently, I tried Yamagoya Ramen in Publika-- and I officially deem it as the best ramen I have had so far in KL!


I tweeted about it, and someone told me that Santouka (on Tokyo Street in Pavilion) is pretty awesome as well. Anyone has tried both of this ramen places, and can give me a heads-up whether Santouka is worth a try as compared to Yamagoya?

Outfit shots. My outfit was ramen-hued as well wtf.

Whenever I have to get dressed in a jiffy, a neutral bottom is my savior. 'Cause you can virtually match them with anything and look presentable!

Like the subtle stud details on my blouse. Makes it feel a little more 'me'!

Due to the 'sweetness' of the outfit's color palate, I opted for some spikes here and there to toughen things up wtf.

Yup, spikes everywhere!

Pale yellow blouse with studded collar: Korea
Nude full skirt: AZORIAS
Leather headband with gold spikes: Teeny's
Bracelets: All from Korea
Yellow snake print pump: Topshop
Patchwork colorblock zipper clutch: Forever 21

I Skyped with the boyfriend everyday when I was in Korea, and typically, I cannot resist making funny faces at myself.

One day he caught me sucking in my cheeks while admiring myself while talking to him.

"What are you doing?"

"Owh, I am trying to see how I will look like with a V-shape face. 'Cause it's the coveted face shape for all girls!"
*more sucking in*

Aiya, you don't have to do la. Your face is not V-shaped.
Yours is more like... Johnny Bravo.

Like a square?



Please suggest suitable punishment in the comment box, thank you very much.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

New handbag.

I told myself that the first thing I want after I touched down in KL (from my Korea trip) is a haircut. My bangs was so long that it went way past my nose. -__- And I am having some scalp problems from a previous dye job so I am currently using an anti-dandruff shampoo which leaves my hair looking really dry. I was so annoyed with my hair in Korea and was just counting the days till I can see my hairstylist!

So I finally did my hair yesterday. T__T

I look human again! My hair color was looking very patchy before this due to numerous touch-ups (older hair will take on a more brass tone), but Yen from Wenawave was so awesome, she helped me do something called a color pull-- which is a non-abrasive, simple rubbing on my hair using a mixture of the dye from my touch-up plus some vitamin water-- and suddenly my hair tone is all even again! Without even redyeing my hair. :O :O :O

SEE!! My hair looks so healthy again. You can't even tell that all I did was a trim and a touch-up on my roots. T__T

What I wore to do my hair. Haven't brought out my Celine bag to play for awhile!

Decided to load up on the neck details. Love the crystal blings on my collar, and matched it with an oversized diamante necklace so it kind of looks like a brooch. :P

Black top with crystal studded collar/ Mint scarf print shorts/ Electric blue diamante necklace/ Diamante bracelets: All from Korea
Black cutaway heels (not shown): Zara
Bag: Celine Nano Boston

And guys, my boyfriend and I went grocery shopping, and he bought me a new handbag!!


I am such a lucky girl wtf.

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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Best cookie in the world.

Just a short post on one of the days during my Korea trip with Jing.

Mainly food pictures, so avoid at all costs if you are hungry wtf.


I am not kidding-- when I bit into it, there were angels singing and playing harps on my tongue. "HEAVENLY" and "MINDBLOWING" are some of the words that came into mind. I have had a lot of yummy cookies in my life, but seriously, all the Famous Amos (my fave cookie btw) and Mrs. Field in the world can't even hold a candle to this.

It's called Ben's Cookies, and we found it in Hyundai Department (B1 floor, where all the food is) in Apgujeong. It's really expensive because they charge by weight, and each cookie will cost at least 300 won (more expensive if there are nuts/ fruits in it as it adds on to the weight), i.e. one cookie will set you back at least RM9.

But I actually think it's worth it!! In fact, the next day, I dragged Jing to the department store again just so I can have ONE cookie. Heh.

One more thing! At Ben's Cookies counter, they actually serve cut-up cookies for tasting purposes. Jing and I just stood by the side and shoved the cookie chunks into our mouths. T__T Until the staff there recognized us the next day that we were there. T____T

We also went to Vatos which serves the best fries (kimchi fries) in the world. For more details, read my previous entry here.

Free nachos and dips for starters. That's Jing's and her artistically placed Arty ring, no pun intended wtf.

Um, yea, I think we definitely over-ordered. This is just food for the both of us!

Which would explain why my mouth was full 90% of the time.

Samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly) taco.

Chicken quesadilla. This was just average for me, I still think Vatos is best for tacos and...

... Kimchi fries!

So yummy that I have an out-of-the-world experience everytime I pop a fry into my mouth. :P


Jing was wearing:
Striped top with bow-back keyhole: AZORIAS
Red highwaist shorts: H&M
Black patent flats: Salvatore Ferragamo
Block color zipper clutch: Mine wtf

Super fail picture stolen off FB 'cause Jing accidentally deleted the picture from my camera, and all I have is this small image that I saved off her Facebook, grr.

Both Jing and I have some sexyback going on that day! Hehe.

Red cocoon dress with back keyhole: H&M
Bracelets: All from Korea
Rings: Korea/
Maria Francesca
Leopard print ponyhair loafers: Korea
Bag: Miu Miu

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