Friday, September 14, 2012

One night in paradise.

Really sorry for the lack of blogging in the past week! :O

If you followed me on Twitter or Instagram (@revelinme), you would probably know that I was in Bangkok this week. I was there for 2 days 1 night for a Panasonic event, and I stayed in one of the best hotels in Bangkok-- St. Regis!

I don't know why I have great hotel luck in Bangkok! :') Just 3 months back I stayed at Lebua at State Tower (briefly mentioned here and here), and I have also stayed at Dusit Thani, which is also a very reputable hotel where royalties/ diplomats from other countries used to stay at. Am still on a high from my fantastic stay at St. Regis, so I am going to do a quick room tour for you guys! :P

Centrepiece at the hotel lobby.

When we arrived at the hotel, we were told that our rooms weren't ready yet. Everyone decided to go to town to explore, but as luck has it, I am actually sick this week, so I decided to just rest in the hotel, and requested the hotel staff to give me priority in getting me a room as soon as possible.

When I finally got into my room, I forgot all about my initial wait because this was what greeted me:

Isn't it such a FAB room? It looks even nicer and plusher in real life!

Part of the walkway-- with a dresser/mantelpiece at the entrance, wardrobes, bag compartment, and full length mirrors. This part of the room has a slightly traditional take on the design with the brocade upholstered walls and the gold gilded drawers.

On the far end of the room is a plush sofa with pretty cushions. I am all into mixing of prints (even for interior design, haha), and everything is just done so beautifully!

By the way, on the table is a hamper from Panasonic, which I will share with you girls in another post. :)

As you can see, the bedroom takes on a more contemporary design! i.e. the glass globes on the bedside lamps, the velvety bedhead...

Treats left at my bedside. Initially I was quite apprehensive of them because they looked really artificial. Eventually, my hunger curiosity got the better of me, and I tried them. These things are actually mung bean (green bean paste) wrapped in thin jelly skin! Yummy. :)

Open-concept bathroom. Open-concept is optional because there are sliding wooden doors to avoid awkward moments if you share the room with anyone other than a husband/boyfriend wtf.

Love! Also, may I add, the amenities are really complete-- I even found a body-contouring moisturizer, haha.

Service is top-notch as well. The staff who ushered me into my room found out that I was sick, and he sent hot tea and cookies to my room. :')

Also, I got the most coveted address yo! The Chinese in me is thinking, woot, business is going to be skyrocket! Haha.
Note: For the Chinese, '8' is a prosperity number, and '18' means 'sure prosper'.


I was in fully comfy gear 'cause we flew in the morning. Wore a long top with shoulder cutouts (coming soon on AZORIAS) and leggings.

Bottom half of my outfit-- studded leggings and my new favorite shoes. :)

As awesome as my short but sweet stay was, something very tragic happened...

I found out that I have a butler for my room!!!!!
After I checked out. T_____T

No wonder there was this lady who dresses in a vest suit who constantly checks on me and asks me if I needed anything. Being very afraid of additional costs, I always shoo her away hurriedly WTF. She was always hovering near my room, so I was starting to get suspicious of her WTF.

I could have gotten her to make me lattes. T__T
And draw my baths for me. T___T

Sigh, my one and only shot at getting a personal butler and I blew it.

When I told my boyfriend about the butler, he scolded me:

Why didn't you say to the butler:


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Haruhiism said...

what a pretty hotel room *-*
lucky u :D

xiang yun said...

The room looks posh especially like the bathroom cos so spacious and has many mirrors (perfect for someone vain like me wtf). The staff is so kind! Next time I check in at hotel also wanna tell them I'm sick then see how HAHAHA

revel in me said...

haruhiism: Indeed I felt super privileged! <3

xiang yun: Hehe, don't have to pretend to be sick wan! 'Cause you have a butler, you can basically get him to bring you anything! :D

yishyene said...

god damn you're such a show off!

haha just kidding.. it looks awesome! Love your shoes! but I prefer the onigiri one.. :p

btw, can you link me on your blog!! using my new address hehe ;)

omg I use a lot of exclamation marks.. but please know that I am not shouting.. in fact i'm whispering.. like the snakes in harry potter.


TheJessicat said...

hope u had a great time in bangkok dearie! I just came back frm there not too long ago :D

Joanne said...

The butler must be thinking why she doesn't want my service, am I not good enough lol!

Blame it on the rising crime rates in Malaysia. Being Malaysian, always have to be alert of people and surrounding.

revel in me said...

yishyene: Haha stupid now everytime I wear those shoes I look at them and go 'Seaweed'. -_- Okies, will change the link! :D

thejessicat: Bangkok always = awesome fun! :D

jiayi low: Haha ya, she very startled when I rejected her services FML!!

yishyene said...