Monday, October 08, 2012

Korea again.

How time flies. It's time for another business trip to Korea, and yeap, you got it right, I am blogging from Korea now!

This time I will be here for two weeks, which is so frigging long! But every year I extend my trip once (last year was in December) to meet with new suppliers etc., so that we can bring more awesome changes to AZORIAS! That being said, my trip is rather untimely-- because of it I had to give up two advertorials (one which involves a sponsored trip to Singapore by a credit card company, and that usually includes spending money too T_T), and to pass on Churpout 2012 (happening this Saturday) whereby I was invited to to be one of the fashionista to sell my wardrobe. Nevermind, work is work, and other opportunities will come anyway!

Outfit on the day that I flew off (which was yesterday):

Wore something very light and easy because I envisioned a lot of warm clothing and layering in Korea for the next two weeks!

I was grossly wrong, by the way. The weather here is magnifique. Love it!

I was wearing my recent favorite top from AZORIAS, which is the Nth time I was wearing it. Wore it for a fine dinner at Prime (didn't blog about it but you can catch a sneak peek of it here), wore it for the recent NuffnangX launch, wore it to yumcha... But I can't help it, it's just so versatile! And bright colors and birds get me everytime.

By the way, I was so proud of my hair on that day! I would consider it to be 80% resembling salon-blown hair, and it was all because I used the Panasonic Nanocare hairdryer the night before! That, and 'cause I tied my hair in a low bun the night before, and the (unintentional) results were shiny hair with curled-in ends-- only usually only achievable in salons!

Striped bird print peplum top: AZORIAS
Plaid flared shorts: Topshop
Electric blue rhinestone and diamante collar necklace: Korea
Rings: Korea
Navy heels with gold studded ankle strap: Korea
Colorblock zipper clutch: Korea

By the way, if you like to stalk blogs,  I highly highly recommend you guys download the NuffnangX app! It makes reading blogs on your mobile phone so much more convenient, don't take my word, download it and see for yourself! And once you have done that, please follow me on NuffnangX k: *click*. Thank you! :D

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Anonymous said...

the shoes are so pretty .... maybe times to bring in some shoes to azorias ;D

Anonymous said...

you were on newspaper yesterday! either yesterday or on sunday!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Haha, but shoes are quite tricky though!

anonymous: Yes, New Straits Times! How was the article? :P