Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gangnam style feature.

Squeezing in a quick blogpost!

I am not sure whether any of you noticed this, but AZORIAS and I were featured in New Straits Time in early October. :)

In NST's Life & Times section:

Right-click for larger image.

Right-click for larger image.

Thank you NST for giving us the front page and a full centrespread! :3
You can click *here* for the online article.

I was looking a little worse for wear because my car was stalled the night before, and I had to wake up extra early on the day of the interview to get my car towed! (Blogged about it vaguely here.) I almost had to miss the interview!

My outfit for the day:

Black cutout blouse: AZORIAS
Black floral print pants: Korea
Silver choker: Stolen from one of my sisters (don't even know which one wtf)
Perspex bangle: H&M
Navy studded leather bracelet: Korea
Black cutout pointed heels (not shown): Zara

I don't have a picture of the back of my top, 'cause obviously it would be real awkward to have the photographer take pictures of me with my butt facing the world wtf, but here's one from the website:

Just realized I own the entire set worn by our model, including this happy sunshine yellow 3D floral appliqué skirt (*click*), nguek nguek nguek.

By the way, I have something important to clarify... The article has gotten my age wrong!!! T_____T

Since the article has been released, I have gotten about 40% of congratulatory messages, and the remaining 60% are digs on my age, including:

" I'm so proud of you... And the fact you're now older than me!!"

"Hui Wen you are 28 ah!!?!!!"

" LOL.. 28.. OUCH!!!!!... they should have reduced it instead.."

"Congrats my love ! on your success and being 28"

Sigh. Thanks guys, thanks.

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xiang yun said...

I read it when it came out :D you looked good, considering! hehehe proud of you, woman!

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Haha, really? My ex-colleagues said I looked like in the old days during peak hours in audit. T___T Thank you for the support though! <3