Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cute things in my life recently.

One thing I love about traveling is that I get to collect a lot of adorable things that we can't find back home... Just thought I will do a compilation of some of the cute stuff in my life lately! Coincidentally, every picture is taken off my Instagram (@revelinme).

Since we are on the subject, I have a pet peeve related to Instagram-- people who post disgusting/ yucky things on Instagram!!! Instagram is supposed to be a filtered realm of beautiful imagery, but I have seen people posting gross things like a bleeding stump of limb and animal corpses!!! Ugh. Instagram is my visual escapade, so imagine this sequence of images: Neon bikinis and palm trees (Wow). Sparkly arm jewels (Lust!). Bright lip color (Yummy...). And then... Bloody foot. -__-

Anyway, on to happier and prettier visuals!

Went on a Hello Kitty spree in Korea recently. Mostly gifts for the office!

New phone cover for Fall! Yes, I dress my phone according to moods and seasons. Am in love with my lipstick earcap. :D

Prettiest iced water ever-- baby strawberry frozen in a tubular ice cube! As the ice melts, your water takes on a hint of strawberry taste.

Current nails! I don't think my nails have ever been this pretty before. :') It's pastel leopard print with bows, by the way.

Current earphones.

What? I am cute too okay. Wearing AZORIAS top, click *here* for more outfit details.

Socks to keep me warm in Korea! Do you see the ears on the socks, hehe.

Unicorn clutch., 'nuff said.

Which one is your favorite? :D

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Moving out!

I haven't really said anything about it, but we are shifting to a new office this week! It has been rather crazy lately, with a lot of moving, packing, lugging, sealing, stacking. Also wished I could split myself into a few parts so that coordinating times to meet the contractor, wiring guys and movers would have been easier. But today, when (almost) all the furniture was assembled,  I stood back to look around the new place, and it was a moving moment. We used to work in a shared office, and now we sort of have our own place! :)

We still have 10 shelves to assemble by ourselves though! Any volunteers ar. I buy you ice cream hehe.

Packing our stock reminded me that I owe the blog a lot of outfit pictures! Here is a sneak peek of the skirt pictured above as part of our packing endeavors i.e. Crochet lace overlay skirt from AZORIAS!

Maybe I will post more photos of the new office when we are done packing/ furnishing! Stay tuned! :D

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Playing tourist.

It was a lazy weekend morning in Singapore, after a indulgent 2-hour long buffet breakfast at the riverside. We had some time to kill before we were due to check out, so the boyfriend and I decided to walk to the nearby Merlion Park to act the part of a tourist.

Trivia time: Despite having been to Singapore for umpteenth times and working there for more than 2 years, I have never been upclose and personal with the Merlion!

Wearing a peplum top from AZORIAS. I brought a pair of pants to go with it, but while unpacking in the hotel room, I realized I left my pants at home!

"Baby! WARDROBE CRISIS! I have to walk out with no pants!!"
"Hmm? What do you mean?"
"I forgot to bring the pants for this top! Now my outfit is RUINED!" *drama*
"Never mind. I have a solution for you."

*hands over his shorts to me*

I fell in love with this top because of 1) the neon pink zippers, 2) the peplum is actually detachable (via the zippers)!

But my love for this top triple-fold when I realized just how vital these functional zippers are... Halfway through buffet, the waistline of the top was getting uncomfortably tight, but by unzipping the zippers a little, I managed to loosen the waist of the top! Woohoo, love it when fashion gets functional. :P

Detachable peplum top with neon zippers: AZORIAS
Faded denim shorts: Cotton On
Neon silver arrow necklace: Teeny's
Bracelets: Korea/ ASOS
Sunnies: Celine
Nude ankle-strapped pumps: Zara
Bag: Celine

Compulsory tourist-y shoots.

Credit of this stunning shot goes fully to the boyfriend!

Was trying to take a cheesy picture of the water seemingly sprouting out of my mouth, but the boyfriend refused because it is so 'overdone'. T___T

Meet the Tab Man. Always appreciate an interesting marketing effort!

Shades of blue.

There was a miniature Merlion statue in the park, and the boyfriend forced me to take a picture with it because we are of the same height. T____T

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stairway to heaven, kinda.

I mentioned *here* that I will do a proper room tour of our hotel room, so here it is!

We stayed in Festive Hotel (part of Resort World, located at Sentosa Island), which is supposedly the least impressive hotel out of all the of RW hotels in SG (they have six, I think). We flew into Singapore on a Friday night (as Teeny and I had work), met Jing at the airport (she flew into Changi airport from Sydney), and by the time we checked into the hotel, it was midnight!

I have a funny story to share. My mom was the one holding the hotel room key, and she was walking in front of us-- Jing, Teeny and I were trailing  few steps behind, too busy chattering away and catching up. My mom slit the card key into the door card slot, swung the door opened, and she stopped in her steps, gasping "Oh my god, there is something in the room!"

The door blocked our view, and being the drama queens that we are, our immediate thought was that "SHIT THERE IS A GHOST IN THE ROOM", hehe. But I swear to god that "there is some THING in the room" sounds a lot worse in Cantonese-- very suggestive wtf. Anyway, we pushed the door open apprehensively, and didn't see any ghosts, but instead we saw a few pieces of foreign luggage. Turns out that the hotel staff sent the wrong luggage into our room. -_____________-

Anyway, after all our initial paranoia, we finally got to soak in our room's ambiance, and this was what that greeted us:

The room was supposed to sleep 4 people (i.e. Mom, and the three of us sisters), and I suspect that this is actually a children's bed of some sort. But yippiedoo, lucky me for being the shortest, so I got relegated to sleeping here for 2 nights. T____T

The steps are really steep, and it was a bitch trying to get down because I kept on trying to get down like it's a flight of stairs wtf. And perhaps it is an appropriate moment now for me to announce that I have a phobia of heights. So my family was really cruel for making me sleep there!! Tsk tsk.

The main bed area. I really wanted to sleep here because the mattress/ comforter was really fluffy and comfy! But we all know where I ended up right wtf.

Yep, here. It wasn't that bad, to be honest. And I got leather padded walls. Like a psycho patient wtf. Anyway, I could fit just nicely into the bed (my toes were grazing the other side of the wall), so I doubt that my sisters or my mom could sleep here. *noble*

Possibly one of my favorite parts of the room-- this orchid mural on the ceiling.

Wearing AZORIAS white shirt and polka-dot shorts. Click *here* for more outfit details.

The red theme carries into the bathroom as well, which I thought was quite unique, because most hotels utilize simple white/cream color themes.

Cute names for the toiletries!

Again, colored/ printed shower curtains are very rare in hotels! We all agreed that hotel room was quite nicely done, and reminded ourselves of a quaint boutique hotel.

There is one fugly thing with the room though-- these neon orange slippers. :/  There is a family joke that I am the smallest in the family, so guess who got assigned the kid's slippers. -__________-

Lanterns in the lobby. I posted this photo up on Instagram, my sisters and my mom were so puzzled when they saw it. "Where did you see these lanterns?" they asked. If only they looked up when we were checking in. ;)

Anyway, it's definitely worthwhile to check out different hotels in Singapore because the boyfriend and I are exploring spending NYE in Singapore as we are attending a wedding dinner in Johor Bharu on 30th Dec, and we will need to find somewhere nice-ish but affordable to stay. But what do Singaporeans do on NYE ya? I have never spent NYE in Singapore despite working there for 2 years plus! :O

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

J.Lo Dance Again world tour.

Sponsored post

Who can forget Jennifer Lopez's iconic Grammy dress back in 2000? I daresay it's the most talked-about and most-remembered red-carpet dress ever. Till today, I am still gawking at this very risqué dress, and not to mention, her amazing figure!

And the rest is history. J.Lo was propelled to fame since then, and has produced many catchy dance hits like 'Jenny on the block,' 'Love don't cost a thing', 'I'm Real' etc., to the recent hits like 'On the floor' and 'Dance again'. You may not like all her songs, but you can't deny that this woman knows how to dance and put on a show!

And that is why I wouldn't want to miss catching J. Lo live! Yes, everybody, she is performing live in Malaysia as part of her Dance Again world tour! Specially brought to you by XPAX.

And hey, we have all heard of the rumors of certain diva quirks of J. Lo. (Jewel-encrusted toilet seat, anyone?), so it makes sense to go totally diva cum fashionista for the concert! Dial *128# and subscribe to any Whatchuwant packs for a chance to get the ultimate J.Lo experience (subscribe from 12th-26th Nov to be in the running) worth RM10,000 including:

• 2 Jennifer Lopez concert tickets worth RM1,316 (RM658 each)
• Makeover for you and a friend
• Professional photoshoot with printout for you and a friend
• J.Lo Fashionista Dinner for two
• A 5-star hotel stay
• Chauffeur-driven ride for two
• Jennifer Lopez Perfume Pack, poster & Dance Again CD
• Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0”
• Samsung Galaxy SIII
• Nikon Coolpix Waterproof AW100

Are these prizes amazing or are they amazing! :O

If you a little more simpler-minded wtf and just want to score the concert tickets, you can do so by getting on The Cube and download her songs as your Call Me Tones from 1st October to 20th November:

i) Download and keep any TWO J.Lo Call Me Tones, and then gift TWO more songs to your friends and family for a chance at getting a pair of J.Lo’s Live In Malaysia concert tickets worth RM658 each
ii) Download a 3-month Call Me Tones package for a chance at getting an all-expenses- paid trip to watch J.Lo Live in Singapore!

Aside from that, there is also another simple way to win tickets for you confident gals out there. If you think you have the confidence and a sexy attitude like Jennifer Lopez, show it through MMS. Snap at least 3 pictures of your most J.Lo-licious poses and send it via MMS to 20000 by 25th November 2012. You could win two tickets worth RM658 each to see J.Lo in Malaysia as well as get an all-expenses- paid trip to Singapore to see her there too!

Like Ting said to me solemnly, this is is probably a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch this sexy diva life in concert, so I am trying desperately to my hand to get these tickets! For more information on how you can do so, go to here or here. Hurry, so you don’t have to be “Waiting for Tonight” to get those tickets WTF.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

H&M VIP pre-opening event.

This is super old news already, but I am going to post some pictures anyway! I am referring to the H&M media preview (2 days before its actual opening, I believe) back in September.

With Yen, my hairstylist!

I challenge you to find another prettier hairstylist wtf. Many of you are always asking where I do my hair-- go to Wenawave, Times Square/ Sunway Giza and ask for Yen! (Note: Yen is only in Giza on Mondays.)

With Jane aka Chuckei, whom was contemplating various H&M leather products throughout the night.

Yen was wearing a mermaid tulle top from AZORIAS! Also available in pink.

With Jezmine and Vivy.

Met so many people that night! I think I spent 75% in H&M of the time chatting/ bumping into people I haven't seen in a long time. But shopaholics being shopaholics, will bid our hurried goodbyes after seeing something that catches our eye, hehe.

Part of the goodie bag that night-- a heavily embellished Anna Dello Russo luggage tag; just the way I like them! :P

Outfit for the night:

Gray muscle tank with asymetrical back-drape: Korea
Sunshine floral applique skirt: AZORIAS
Diamante necklaces: Korea
Bracelets/ rings: Korea
Ankle-strapped heels with clear perspex heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Floppy oversized zipper clutch: Korea

Adore my AZORIAS skirt max! And my new shoes. :D

Guess how many necklaces I have on?

Another better look at my heels. Love it so so so much! I don't need the MMM x H&M perspex-heeled boots (*click*) when I have these Jeffrey Campbell babies. :D

My buys for the night:

 Mainly accessories though! Love the colorblock bra (with mesh netted inserts!!) and the brocade pants. :D

What about you? What did you snag from the H&M opening? :D And after all the anticipation and hoo-ha, did H&M live up to your expectations? Let's discuss! :D

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New ride.

Blogging about a random day in Korea!

Green/ black striped top with exposed backzipper: Korea
Multicolor floral print skirt: AZORIAS
Black tweed jacket: Korea
Black beaded diamante choker: Korea
Black ankle-strapped studded and diamante suede flats: Zara
Bag: Miu Miu

I look exceptionally short because my boyfriend is exceptionally tall. *in denial of own height*

Favorite necklace of the moment.

Boyfriend sneaked a shot of me in the cab.

One of my favorite food in Korea! Gam Ja Tang 감자탕. Also fondly referred to by us as Korean Bak Kut Teh, and is actually (tender and fleshy) pork ribs and potato in a spicy stew. So yummy, especially on a cold day!

Portion (meant for two) looked quite big....

... but proved to be no problem for us!

Me on my new ride wtf.

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