Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cute things in my life recently.

One thing I love about traveling is that I get to collect a lot of adorable things that we can't find back home... Just thought I will do a compilation of some of the cute stuff in my life lately! Coincidentally, every picture is taken off my Instagram (@revelinme).

Since we are on the subject, I have a pet peeve related to Instagram-- people who post disgusting/ yucky things on Instagram!!! Instagram is supposed to be a filtered realm of beautiful imagery, but I have seen people posting gross things like a bleeding stump of limb and animal corpses!!! Ugh. Instagram is my visual escapade, so imagine this sequence of images: Neon bikinis and palm trees (Wow). Sparkly arm jewels (Lust!). Bright lip color (Yummy...). And then... Bloody foot. -__-

Anyway, on to happier and prettier visuals!

Went on a Hello Kitty spree in Korea recently. Mostly gifts for the office!

New phone cover for Fall! Yes, I dress my phone according to moods and seasons. Am in love with my lipstick earcap. :D

Prettiest iced water ever-- baby strawberry frozen in a tubular ice cube! As the ice melts, your water takes on a hint of strawberry taste.

Current nails! I don't think my nails have ever been this pretty before. :') It's pastel leopard print with bows, by the way.

Current earphones.

What? I am cute too okay. Wearing AZORIAS top, click *here* for more outfit details.

Socks to keep me warm in Korea! Do you see the ears on the socks, hehe.

Unicorn clutch., 'nuff said.

Which one is your favorite? :D

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Denysia Yu said...

I love the unicorn clutch! :)

Joce said...

love the unicorn clutch! mind to share where u got it? thanks!

revel in me said...

denisya/ joyce: Thank you! It's from Korea. :)

xiang yun said...

My favourite is you wtf and the socks! The ears are so cute I can die! no need to wear shoes after wearing that cos then the face would be covered hahaa

Katie said...

Love the socks - so unique!!

Had to look twice at your manicure picture..I thought it was a man's! For some reason the fingers are so hairy? I must be going blind!

Anyway, still love the blog - keep it up!

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Wah you so sweet! Only person who chose me wtf. <3 And ya, I still haven't worn the socks out because I don't think people will get it. T_T

katie: Haha, ya I have got pretty hairy fingers fml. Thank you so much though for reading despite that hahaha! :D