Friday, November 16, 2012

H&M VIP pre-opening event.

This is super old news already, but I am going to post some pictures anyway! I am referring to the H&M media preview (2 days before its actual opening, I believe) back in September.

With Yen, my hairstylist!

I challenge you to find another prettier hairstylist wtf. Many of you are always asking where I do my hair-- go to Wenawave, Times Square/ Sunway Giza and ask for Yen! (Note: Yen is only in Giza on Mondays.)

With Jane aka Chuckei, whom was contemplating various H&M leather products throughout the night.

Yen was wearing a mermaid tulle top from AZORIAS! Also available in pink.

With Jezmine and Vivy.

Met so many people that night! I think I spent 75% in H&M of the time chatting/ bumping into people I haven't seen in a long time. But shopaholics being shopaholics, will bid our hurried goodbyes after seeing something that catches our eye, hehe.

Part of the goodie bag that night-- a heavily embellished Anna Dello Russo luggage tag; just the way I like them! :P

Outfit for the night:

Gray muscle tank with asymetrical back-drape: Korea
Sunshine floral applique skirt: AZORIAS
Diamante necklaces: Korea
Bracelets/ rings: Korea
Ankle-strapped heels with clear perspex heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Floppy oversized zipper clutch: Korea

Adore my AZORIAS skirt max! And my new shoes. :D

Guess how many necklaces I have on?

Another better look at my heels. Love it so so so much! I don't need the MMM x H&M perspex-heeled boots (*click*) when I have these Jeffrey Campbell babies. :D

My buys for the night:

 Mainly accessories though! Love the colorblock bra (with mesh netted inserts!!) and the brocade pants. :D

What about you? What did you snag from the H&M opening? :D And after all the anticipation and hoo-ha, did H&M live up to your expectations? Let's discuss! :D

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Jing said...

I LOVE YOUR JC'S! *dies of envy

Anonymous said...

please please please be so kind and share where you got the JC's from! not solestruck i hope because they're all sold out! in my size that is :((((((

revel in me said...

jing: Hehe I didn't know this is your style! :P

anonymous: Aww, I got it from Bangkok! :(

Happy Chirpy said...

hi dear, just found out that this skirt is all sold out already! argh my fingers ain't quick enough to buy it! would you consider selling your pre-loved one?


Anonymous said...

Hi I'd like to know how did your colourblock bra fit?
I bought one with mesh inserts too and while they felt alright in the fitting room, they were irritating on my skin when I wore them per usual.