Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Moving out!

I haven't really said anything about it, but we are shifting to a new office this week! It has been rather crazy lately, with a lot of moving, packing, lugging, sealing, stacking. Also wished I could split myself into a few parts so that coordinating times to meet the contractor, wiring guys and movers would have been easier. But today, when (almost) all the furniture was assembled,  I stood back to look around the new place, and it was a moving moment. We used to work in a shared office, and now we sort of have our own place! :)

We still have 10 shelves to assemble by ourselves though! Any volunteers ar. I buy you ice cream hehe.

Packing our stock reminded me that I owe the blog a lot of outfit pictures! Here is a sneak peek of the skirt pictured above as part of our packing endeavors i.e. Crochet lace overlay skirt from AZORIAS!

Maybe I will post more photos of the new office when we are done packing/ furnishing! Stay tuned! :D

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yy said...

that spiked pink bracelet looks awesome (and goes fantastically with your nails)! do you mind sharing where it's from? thanks! :)

revel in me said...

yy: Thanks dear, got it from Korea! :) If you're interested, keep a lookout on AZORIAS FB! ;)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

dropped by! your blog is awesomeeeee! :D

Anonymous said...

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