Sunday, November 11, 2012



Holla! Just got back from Singapore yesterday, wanted to blog about my trip(s), but realized that all the pictures are not with me-- both of this weekend and last weekend. -___-

So sorry guys! Hence this semi-patronizing entry of my outfit today wtf.

I should also warn you guys here that this entry is going to be really short because I am running out to watch Skyfall in a bit. Unwittingly bought tickets for the 11.20pm show without knowing that it is almost 3 hours long-- right before a working Monday FML.

Wearing a leopard print dress from AZORIAS, and with my high ponytail, I felt like Pebbles from Flintstone. This started a conversation with the boyfriend about Flinstone porn (these things do exist btw WTF). I shall spare you from the details of our conversation, but let's just say Pebbles got BAM-BAM-ed WTF.

 Leopard print mini dress: AZORIAS
Gold chocker: H&M
Bracelets: Korea/ ASOS
Ponyhair slippers with gold tassels: Korea
 Ponyhair clutch: Balenciaga


Abrupt end of entry 'cause the boyfriend has reached! May or may not continue later!

The night ended with the boyfriend and I sneaking around corners in the shopping mall and running in the carpark with our fingers pointed into a shotgun, while humming the James Bond theme song. We hid behind our car, almost breathless with our silent giggles, and tried to sneak shots at unknowing passerbys.

I guess there are some merits from watching a late night show after all. :)

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