Monday, November 26, 2012

Playing tourist.

It was a lazy weekend morning in Singapore, after a indulgent 2-hour long buffet breakfast at the riverside. We had some time to kill before we were due to check out, so the boyfriend and I decided to walk to the nearby Merlion Park to act the part of a tourist.

Trivia time: Despite having been to Singapore for umpteenth times and working there for more than 2 years, I have never been upclose and personal with the Merlion!

Wearing a peplum top from AZORIAS. I brought a pair of pants to go with it, but while unpacking in the hotel room, I realized I left my pants at home!

"Baby! WARDROBE CRISIS! I have to walk out with no pants!!"
"Hmm? What do you mean?"
"I forgot to bring the pants for this top! Now my outfit is RUINED!" *drama*
"Never mind. I have a solution for you."

*hands over his shorts to me*

I fell in love with this top because of 1) the neon pink zippers, 2) the peplum is actually detachable (via the zippers)!

But my love for this top triple-fold when I realized just how vital these functional zippers are... Halfway through buffet, the waistline of the top was getting uncomfortably tight, but by unzipping the zippers a little, I managed to loosen the waist of the top! Woohoo, love it when fashion gets functional. :P

Detachable peplum top with neon zippers: AZORIAS
Faded denim shorts: Cotton On
Neon silver arrow necklace: Teeny's
Bracelets: Korea/ ASOS
Sunnies: Celine
Nude ankle-strapped pumps: Zara
Bag: Celine

Compulsory tourist-y shoots.

Credit of this stunning shot goes fully to the boyfriend!

Was trying to take a cheesy picture of the water seemingly sprouting out of my mouth, but the boyfriend refused because it is so 'overdone'. T___T

Meet the Tab Man. Always appreciate an interesting marketing effort!

Shades of blue.

There was a miniature Merlion statue in the park, and the boyfriend forced me to take a picture with it because we are of the same height. T____T

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Denysia Yu said...

Love the peplum top! :)

Anonymous said...

how come there are no pics of the boyf? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Hui Wen! I love your blog! <3 Please do create a new label for your Korea trips too so it's easier to find your entries on them :D Would love some recommendations for food/shopping/attractions in Seoul (or other parts of Korea you've been) since you're so familiar with the city now. Thank you so much in advance! Keep blogging! :D

- Weiwei

revel in me said...

denysia yu: Hehe thank you! You can get it at :)

anonymous: Haha, he has to stay anonymous for professional reasons!

weiwei: That's a great idea actually! I will get to it when I have time k! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay I really look forward to it! :))

All the best with the moving!

- Weiwei

Anonymous said...

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