Sunday, December 09, 2012

Waiting for tonight...

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On the day of J. Lo's concert, I hummed away in my room while the rain pitter-pattered away outside, laying the outfit I have chosen for the night on my bed, flicking through my accessories stand... and suddenly, a thought struck me like lightning. I ran into Teeny's room and asked her, "TEENY!! Is Stadium Merdeka indoors or outdoors?!!" She looked at me in horror. It has been raining for the entire afternoon.

I ran to my laptop and Google-d it. My worst fear was confirmed-- Stadium Merdeka (where the concert was supposed to be held) is an outdoor stadium. Gulp.

I tried to do the anti-thesis of a rain-dance in my room (to stop the rain instead of asking for rain) but it didn't work wtf. Instead, right before we headed down to KL, we obediently dropped by at Guardian and bought raincoats (which looked more like ponchos).

It was a slow ride to the city centre; the rain caused congestion everywhere, and it didn't help that the police closed the road into the stadium. We parked really far away from the stadium and after putting on our rain-ponchos, we trudged miserably towards the stadium. What uplifted our spirits a little is that there were a lot of people wearing raincoats in a myriad of colors walking the same direction as us-- all these people were going for J.Lo's concert too! Knowing that everyone is braving the rain for the concert with made me feel better. :)

Here we are at our seats! We deliberately chose seats in the shade with a not-so-great view of the stage-- despite the fact that our tickets actually allowed us to a good view of the stage BUT it was outdoors with no shade-- because we thought we would enjoy the concert more if we were warm and dry.

But check out the rest of the people who didn't mind getting wet at all for the concert! Everyone was in raincoats or under umbrellas, but the rain didn't dampened (har har) our spirits.

Also, the view kind of looks like a sea of colored condoms wtf.

The concert didn't start on time, because I think everyone was stuck in jams so the stadium was filling up slowly (though surely). This was what I wore underneath my raincoat (the bright yellow thing on our laps wtf)!

Pale peach scarf (tied around as a bustier): H&M
Navy highwaist tapered pants: Topshop
Necklaces: Korea
Pale pink pumps with gold ankle cuffs: Gallo
Ombre bow sling-clutch with studs: Holiday in Zhuhai

After an hour (punctuated with excited screams and whistles by the crowd here and there), they started playing a video of J.Lo getting ready.

There was a heightened anticipation in the air, we barely dared to breathe, because we knew that she was going to appear anytime soon! And voila, she magically appeared out of 'nowhere', and kicked off the show with "Get Right". The crowd went crazy!

As you can see, our view of the stage wasn't that great, so I stole some close-ups off the Internet...

This was her first outfit. You can also see the raindrops. T___T

True to J.Lo's style, there was a lot of slick, sharp dance moves, and I am sure every girl in the stadium that night wished to have her body!! T_T

One of my favorite part of the show was when she came out in a more 'ghetto' outfit-- cap, tee, sneakers with sequined harem pants. Here, J.Lo talked a bit of her background (she came from Bronx), and she performed some of her earlier hits like "I'm Real" and "Jenny from the Block". She seemed the most comfortable in this get-up, and part of me genuinely believes that she is still very much 'Real' and 'Jenny from the Block'.

Enjoying the music!

She also did an acoustic version of 'If you had my love", where she wore this ethereal dress. It was a nice twist from the faster dance hits done earlier in the show.

Another one of my favorite parts of the show was when she said that she believes in true love because of her children, and started performing a song (I didn't recognize the song) while playing videos of her and her kids in the background. It was very touching, and I teared a little bit and wished my mom was there for me to hug her wtf.

There was also one part where there was this green laser lights during the show which greatly reminded me of J.Lo's music video, "Waiting for tonight":

Another one of her outfits-- all of them shiny and glittery!

 Mid-dancing. #noshame

This is most likely taken during "Let's get Loud" because I had sooooo much fun dancing to that song on that night! :D

I was slightly disappointed though during the show that all of J.Lo's outfits were really covered up, which is quite a 180-degree turn from her usual stage get-ups that left little to imagination. But J.Lo doesn't disappoint. She was singing and shaking in a sequined suit with a fuchsia tie, when suddenly she just whips the whole outfit away, and she was shimmying in this:

Woohoo! That's more like it, J.Lo! I should also stress here that after that she shook her butt for 2 whole minutes with her back facing us. The heat sure went up in the stadium!

Alas, all good things do come to an end, but when the ending comes with silver confetti that looks like snowflakes floating in the air...

... Spirits just went higher! Everyone screamed loudly for an encore, and we got our wish. :D

I am no J.Lo fan, but I did enjoy every minute of the show, thanks to the marvelous performance put up by J.Lo and the super excited and adrenaline-driven crowd! So happy to be part of it. :D

Thank you, XPAX and the Cube!

Credits to for all close-up pictures of J.Lo.

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Velvet Ribbon said...
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mustardqueen said...

OHHH so that was how she really looked like that day wtfffff hahahahaha sorry la really quite far wtf

julia said...

Your lipstick colour is gorgeous! what brand isit? :)

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Hahahaha I also went "OOOHHHH" when I saw the close-ups.. 'Cause really had no idea how she looked that night haha!

julia: Haha, it's called natural beauty WTF! I just had lip balm on! It's Nivea, cherry flavor, if you are interested. :)