Monday, January 21, 2013

Just another day in Malacca?

The boyfriend called me quite late one night, with an urgent tone in his voice.

"Baby, can you help me with something?"

I immediately perked up at the tone of his voice. I know it's something serious.

"Sure, what is it?"

He needed me to retrieve a photo from his camera (Back story: his camera is with me because I wanted to save some photos that we took on it), and instructed me to a specific photo folder on the camera. Sensing the severity of his tone, I didn't even ask why-- I just immediately got to locating the photo that he was looking for.

"Do you see it? It is the one with a red building in the background."

(Back story: The boyfriend brought one of our Korean friends to Malacca recently while I was away in Singapore, and the photos that he was referring to are the ones taken during this Malacca day trip.)

"Wait ar..." *scroll scroll* "Aha, got it!"

I was triumphant. Relieved, even.

Then I looked at the photo that I was asked to retrieve.

Wait a minute.

I zoomed in closer.

BECAMAN??!!!!! (aka Trishaw Man in English wtfff)

"BABY!" -_____________________-


And ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a daily conversation between the boyfriend and I.

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fern said...

That, is love (:

fern said...
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Joanne said...

Hahaha! *LIKE*

Amelia said...

LOL! both of u are so cute

revel in me said...

fern: Haha, and a strong element of bullying. :P

jiayi low: Not you too! T_T

amelia: Haha sometimes lar. :D