Friday, January 18, 2013


One of the dratted things about owning an iPhone is that you don't bring out your camera as much. So the result is that you get a lot of low-quality pictures on your phone which only look good with an Instagram filter wtf. Hence, I do endeavor to bring out my camera more to take proper pictures for the blog!

On the flip side though, using a smart phone to snap picture means that I take pictures a lot more often. So I went digging through my phone and found some outfit snapshots that I don't think you guys have seen before!


Waring Topman paisley print shorts with Topshop tiger head patent flats for work.

Posted this picture on my Instagram, and everyone was beyond stunned-- TopMAN?? Where in the world would any boy wear shorts like that?? Trust me, I questioned that too. But all the better for me though, 'cause then they went on sale and became mine, muahaha.


Did a photoshoot in the office for a publication! Will let you guys know when the article is out. :) Eyes looking puffy 'cause I was actually sick on that day but everything was already scheduled. :(


Close-up of my outfit in the picture above. Wearing black pearl-trimmed collar shirt from AZORIAS and a black floral print oversized blazer. Did you notice that my model (in the middle) is wearing the same shirt too? :P


After the boyfriend got his iPhone 5 (he was a Samsung user before this), he went on a rampant quest for apps, and suddenly he became a connaisseur in photography apps. -__-

This is a photo that he designed for me, haha. I was wearing Topshop studded flats in it.


At our product photoshoot. Wearing an old striped peplum top from AZORIAS and studded denim cut-offs from Bershka. Pearl necklace and gold tassel necklace are from Korea.

And this was my previous iPhone case-- pearl-studded case with a cupcake earcap (ingeniously topped off with a pearl 'cherry'). I am very anal about my iPhone cases/ accessories! :D


I remember this! It was taken on the day we moved office end of last year. We were required to wear bright colors for good luck and prosperity, so I went with my AZORIAS apple print peplum top. Worn with Cotton On denim shorts, diamante necklace from Korea, and Miu Miu bag.


This is not an outfit shot per se, but is another one of the boyfriend's artwork. -___- He wanted to use this photo as my display picture on his iPhone when I call him!! Because he likes me best when I am in glasses and with no make-up, pffft.


In a Dior boutique in Singapore end of last year (read more here) in one of my favorite skirts, an origami-fold skirt from AZORIAS. I have better photos of this outfit, but they are stuck in Jing's DSLR (which is stuck in Brisbane FML).


Sucky front shot from the phone. Wore this outfit to have dinner with some girlfriends!


One of my outfits in Korea last year, also one of my favorite looks out of the trip! Maybe I like looking like a boy wtf.

Wearing an AZORIAS shirt, floral print chiffon sweater also from AZORIAS, Wrangler jeans, and my trustworthy Zara flats. Unfortunately this outfit was not warm enough for a walk in the night though. T_T


I bet this is the first time you guys see me in sneakers! I have jumped on the wedged sneakers bandwagon, and I am not going to lie, I quite like it. Worn with Dorothy Perkins bejeweled top and Valleygirl denim shorts.


Just wore this outfit VERY recently! It was my plane outfit to Hong Kong just about a week plus ago (click here for Day 1 post). Wearing AZORIAS houndstooth leggings (just can't get enough of this print!) and reflective loafers. Not shown: a black chiffon long shirt and a thick knit shrug cardian.

After doing this post, I realized... I really own a lot of AZORIAS items wtf. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy a post like this! If you do, then I will dig through my phone more often, haha.

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Anonymous said...

Love your outfit posts! Is the black and white striped peplum still available on Azorias? Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love this kind of post! Love looking at your outfits!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Thank you dear! The striped peplum was sold out long ago, so sorry! For more peplum tops, you can check out here: Good luck! :)

anonymous: Hehe, really? Ok I will do more posts like this! :D

cik nur said...

wahhh nice outfit :)