Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Wonder Woman.

There are some things troubling me lately. In a Whatsapp chat with my best friends, I confessed to them that I was feeling down.

Last night, we met up for drinks. And my best friend pressed a piece of crisp folded paper into my hands.

The first thing that I noticed was a small note tucked into the folds of the paper.

I am not going to lie. Immediately I went "AWWW!!" before I even started looking into the paper. But here I am, going to share with you the content of my surprise note. :)

I have the best girl friends, you guys hear me? :)

PS: I am aware that some of you may be curious why I was feeling down, but I am afraid it may not be appropriate to lay it out here. That being said, I hope that each of you can spare a few seconds and just send some good karma thoughts over this direction, I will be ever, ever, ever grateful. :)

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Anonymous said...

Stay happy, think positive. And appreciate what you have. you will be fine!

melmonica said...

Hui Wennnn!

I started reading your blog late last year and i love it! Always anxiously anticipating your blog post :)

I don't know why you're feeling down but your friend is right. You're awesome and inspiring.

I have always try to be a strong, positive person. Sometimes when I feel down, i thought to myself, gosh i'm so weak. But we're only human. It's not wrong to be vulnerable or dwell in emo-ness.

Cheer up babeh.

Lots of love from a Malaysian stranded in NZ haha.

ms.bulat said...

:) Smile and everything will be alright!

Jessie said...

I have never left a comment before... but hopefully my first comment will bring a smile to u? :)

U are an inspiration to all girls out there with a dream... but u took it a step further by making it a reality!

Stay cheerful and stay strong! :)
Trials and tribulations come your way, coz the ONE up there knows you are strong enough to take it on :)

xiang yun said...

Woman, you're already stronger than you think you are by confessing that you have a problem and that something is troubling you. You've had a few bad moments before (as shared on your blog) and you've bounced back better than ever :D Know that your readers are all behind you *waves frantically wtf* supporting you all the way. Dress in chirpy colours too, it helps! :):):)