Sunday, January 27, 2013

This is my favorite T-shirt.

 I love long weekends, but I do wish that all the recent public holidays can be spread out instead of squeezed into the same 1.5 weeks! And peppered towards the middle of the year 'cause that's when we would appreciate a little breather/ refresher the most. At the start of a new year, we always feel more motivated and gung-ho, no?

Feel like doing an outfit post 'cause I seemed to haven't done one in awhile.This was taken in Korea last year-end, in one of my favorite places in Korea, Myeongdong.

Isn't my skirt super nice! I got it at an unexpected place-- Bangkok, which I have come to know for selling cheap-ish, run-of-the-mill kind of stuff. But I love Bangkok's independent designers though, their products are so unique and nice, but at a very affordable price point. :)

I get asked this question a lot: Where are the best shopping places in Korea? And Myeongdong is always one of my answers. In fact, I have talked to a few of my young Korean friends, and guess what, their favorite place in the whole of Seoul is... Myeongdong!

 There's something about the hustle and bustle, the energy, the neon lights, that makes you you excited about the endless sights, sounds and smells. Nibbling on a Korean streetfood while surveying which quaint boutique to step into is all part of the charm of Myeongdong. :)

Things that I like buying in Myeongdong: handphone accessories (earcaps and cases), spectacle frames/ sunnies, all kinds of streetfood, socks, hats, and you can find a lot of nice clothes in the boutiques as well!

Statement tee: Korea
Mint lace and organza skirt: Bangkok
Tweed jacket: Korea
Diamante necklaces: Korea
Nude flats with ankle straps: Zara
Bag: Miu Miu

 My T-shirt says: This is my favorite T-shirt. The boyfriend looked at it and asked me with a voice full of doubt, "Is it really your favorite T-shirt?", to which I sheepishly replied, "No." wtf.

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sing yee said...

u r so pretty <3

HelenCC said...


April I might travel to Korea.
but worry too cold, should i prepare thick jacket? Azorias gt selling?

revel in me said...

sing yee: Aww, you make me blush! Hehe. Thanks! :*

helencc: Korea is quite cold during April! Say about 14 degrees to 18/19 degrees? A coat like this will be perfect! You can view Azorias outerwear here:

This is quite nice and suitable I think:, on sale somemore! :D

HelenCC said...


thanks for your intro..
but i dont think that I can wear UK6-8. ><"
My size around L-XL, 40-42, 10-12..

btw, i got some suggestion to Azorias.
mayb u can set filter by size.