Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Four-eyed girl.

After about a week in my new glasses, I have gotten to use to the new power! (Actually I adjusted to it about Day 3)That being said, I still save my glasses for 'lazy days', and when I do dress up, I prefer to wear contacts.

The boyfriend however, keeps on egging me on to wear my glasses more often.

His reason:

Hahahahahah WTF.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013


Took all my willpower to not end my title with 'burger' wtf.

It's Chap Goh Mei! And for that, I declare it is apt to blog about my CNY outfit on 'chor yat' (first day of Chinese New Year). You all would have gotten a sneak peek of it here.

Anyway, backstore on my CNY outfit is that I actually got a green dress for the occasion! But I later read somewhere that green is an unlucky color for people born in the year of Ox FML. This was barely 2 weeks before CNY, and I had to scramble for something red (supposed lucky color for me). Thank god I was struck brilliance and thought of this AZORIAS red skirt that I have kept for myself!

Tada, my outfit. I think I didn't do too shabbily by putting everything together on the morning itself eh? :P

Didn't buy new underwear for CNY so I compensated with new bag wtf.

Super love the lace detailing of this top! Jing has one too. It's already sold out on AZORIAS though!

Crochet lace trimmed blouse AZORIAS
Red floral lace chain miniskirt: AZORIAS
Gold necklace with oversized stone: Korea
Gold spiked bracelets: Korea
Nude scalloped pumps with laced-up heels: Tokyo
Studded skull clutch: Zhuhai

By the way, I have a story to share. Last year, my boyfriend told me that angpaos are luck that people bestow on us, and thus, we are not supposed to use the money, as it will mean using up the luck. Instead, we are supposed to keep the money for one whole year till the next CNY. Being naive and gullible trusting of my boyfriend, I really didn't touch a single cent of last year's angpaos! And on CNY eve this year, I happily announced to him that I am so excited to open last year's angpaos, and he was like, "Huh, you really believe ar? It is just some myth that my cousin told me."

WTF. -_____-

Anyway, have any of you heard of this story before, and do any of you practice it? Share! Because whether or not I will get to open my angpaos this year will depend on it wtf.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

One day as a university student.

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A few weeks back, I was given a golden opportunity to feel young and innocent again. *big teary eyes* I was invited by Nilai University to visit its campus, and to experience a day as a Nilai University student. Did you think that I will pass up a chance to be 18 again? Of course not!

So armed with my GPS and in my interpretation of a university student’s get-up (lace top and army-print pants), I zoomed towards the university. Surprisingly, it was really easy to get there— it’s almost a straight road all the way! And it isn’t even that far, it has taken me longer to get to KL. -__-

The moment I stepped out of my car, I was greeted by a sense of peace. Perhaps it’s the rolling greenery as far as the eyes can see, or the tweeting of birds almost like a surround system, but immediately I felt calm and at ease. Not bad for the start of my ‘orientation’.

One of the first place I was taken to was a CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) event-- the reason for this is because CIMA and Nilai University has tied-up together to offer the university students better value for their degree— students are now exempted from certain CIMA units when they complete an accounting/ finance degree from Nilai University. There were games being played, and the game involves setting up a pizza business and getting the ‘operations’ rolling. Being an entrepreneur myself, this was right up my alley, and I couldn’t help but observe the students with interest!

The students even have to design their own pizza boxes!

Chatting with the students, I was impressed with how enthusiastic and eager they were. Despite being pressed for time (there was a time limit to the competition), they answered all my kepoh questions politely and patiently, and they worked well as a team. It looks like Nilai University wasn’t kidding when they say that they emphasize on social confidence and soft skills, and this will probably explain why Nilai University and Dale Carnegie (a world-renown training provider ) have recently become Strategic Partners to offer soft skill/ personal development courses.

I then took a walk around the picturesque campus, and I couldn’t help but notice the good mix of students, including many of our national races and international students from Korea, Japan, Middle Eastern countries, to name a few. Facilities are impressive, with a gym, tennis courts, football field, a lake, and students even have access to golfing and swimming pool facilities at Nilai Springs! And the campus is so tranquil and beautiful that it’s hard to imagine it is only about 40minues south of the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur. One cannot but agree that students will definitely have a well-rounded campus life on the 105-acre campus. On-(and off) campus accomodation are available, and they are safe and well-guarded. Indeed, many good universities in the UK such as the University of Bath, Loughborough etc. are all located out of town in the country so that students can use their time on campus productively, as well as participate in on-campus activities.

A huge football field.

Nilai University’s cafeteria is more like a food court—i.e. more varieties of food! :D

Students don’t have to worry about revisions or poring over assignments.. A cup of bubble tea can brighten any day!

The university even has a PLANE on-campus! O_O But that’s not all… They have a Nilai University plane. O_O You can check it out in my video below.

Spotted this office, and my curiosity was piqued—what is a placement office? Well, Nilai University actually assist students in their placements in external companies, whether for their internships or future jobs. I think it is really important for a university that truly cares, and based on my interview with some students, this mentality is inherent in the lecturers as well, as they are caring and helpful.

With Yin Sinn, who kindly brought me around, and entertained all my curious questions about the fascinating campus. Again, I really have to commend the students, as they are all so humble and friendly! I interviewed quite a number of students, and get this, not a single one of them turned me down. Every one of them was sporting, eager and polite. Nilai University is obviously doing something right!

With Yin Sinn’s help, I made a little recording of my day in Nilai University, and I hope you guys will enjoy it!

Campus life is one of the most fun parts of being a university student, and after my one day as a Nilai University student, I sincerely believe that anyone will fall in love with the campus! Most importantly, the university provides a very strong education foundation, but don’t be surprised when you find out that its fees are actually very affordable, giving you the best value. That being said, scholarships and financial is available.

For more details, make sure to check out

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wearing pajamas out?

I am wearing my new glasses for the first time tonight, and oh boy, it sure is difficult adjusting to my new lenses and power (slight change by 50 degrees only, but somehow it feels so different!)! I am feeling awfully dizzy now, and am so tempted to go back to my old glasses but I know that I HAVE to go through this adjusting period to get use to these new glasses. Shucks!!

Anyway, I got myself geeky glasses this time, and my secret plan is to incorporate my glasses into my fashion looks like these ladies:

Taken from The Sartorialist.

But it isn't going to work if I continue feeling dizzy (almost nauseated) in these new glasses!! T_T


Anyway, on to some non-spectacles talk... I am going to show you all the day I wore pajamas out wtf.

I felt so comfy on this day. :')

It's strangely disconcerting to post a close-up shot of my crotch wtf. And these are not actually pajama shorts (though I can definitely see the resemblance -_-)! But considering how comfortable they are, they should be.

One of my favorite buys from Tokyo last year.

Geeky shot of me. And if we were born in medieval times, you will have to marry me after seeing this picture because you caught sight of a sliver of my belly wtf.

Now you know why I love these heels so much??? :D

To dress up the shorts which is more 'lounge-wear', I went with one of my most elaborate necklaces!

Lace cropped sweater: Bangkok
Pale pink chiffon shorts with gold lace hem: Korea
Gold statement necklace: Korea
Nude scalloped pumps with laced-up heels: Tokyo
Bag: Alexander Wang

I don't know why, but I really love this outfit... Maybe 'cause it was really effortless? As in, I really took 10 minutes to decide on the outfit AND got dressed. And I really was so comfortable the whole day! :D

Ok, my dizziness is really getting to me! Time to take off these glasses and REST!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Royal Flush.


I love that CNY is 15-days long! We are only at the halfway-mark now! *cue fist pump into air*
Totally trumps all the other celebrations for being so looooooooooong, hehe.

And the best part is, CNY celebrations begin before CNY itself! Excluding the all-important reunion dinner on CNY eve, CNY celebrations start about 2 weeks before the actual itself with all the CNY dinners/ lou-sang with friends/ colleagues. We had one recently with some friends at The Royal Flush, which is opened by the Tom, Dick and Harry owners.

Top marks for decoration!

Unfortunately, its merits stop there. :(  Food was quite mediocre (especially considering the price we were paying, which was about RM1000++ for a table), and service was shoddy. Half the time we were pouring our own tea, and screaming for extra sauce/ napkin/ hot water. -__-

The dress code for the night was red! I have had this AZORIAS dress for the longest time, and I was happy to finally have an excuse to parade it. :D

Bone heels on my shoes... Guess this makes them real killer heels? Haha.

Cut-out shoulder dress: AZORIAS
White stone necklace: Korea
Metallic pumps with bone heels: Shoes Shoes Shoes
Ikat woven clutch with tassel: River Island

I actually have a better picture of my shoes, but my mom has borrowed my camera for a night out while I am stuck at home. -__- Will update tomorrow!

Anyway, my shoes became the topic of the table when one of the boys noticed my heels. One of them called it the 'unicorn horn shoes'. -_- But hey, fashion is supposed to be fun, frivolous, and even silly, so I didn't mind one bit! :P 

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Possessive over possessions.

OOTD post! Outfit of that day wtf. 'Cause this outfit is from quite some time ago, haha.

Pardon the tired, wan face, I went for dinner straight after work with Teeny, hence I looked a bit like something the dog dragged in. T_T

I would like to do a survey here-- are you girls possessive about your new clothes? Perhaps this is something that you will understand if you have a sister! Growing up with two sisters, we were always eying each other's new possessions (be it toys, clothes, accessories etc.), and this has led us to be quite territorial when it comes to our new possessions. It doesn't help that my parents have always enforce a 'Share-Share' rule, and you know how it is-- the more our parents want us to do something, the more we rebel wtf. In fact, at one point, we do not let each other borrow any new item (most of the time clothes) until the owner has used/ worn it.

But I am glad to say that as we grow up, we have grown more generous with each other. Hence, I allowed Jing to take my top's virginity recently wtf.

 Jing in the same top in Singapore end of last year.

That being said, I feel really lucky that I get to share wardrobes with my sisters! We always joke that with all our 'powers' combined, we are invincible. And I guess it's true, if you combine all our closets together, we have a pretty massive collection. :P

And I might add that we are the same size as our mom, so that makes our 'combined wardrobe' pretty darn impressive. :P

We had dinner at Swine (Publika), and I had the lemon pork chops after seeing Joyce posted about it. Since then, it has become somewhat my default order at Swine! I love variety with my food, so this dish with its perfectly cooked wobbly sunny-side up, pork chops, rice, salted vegetable and duck soup (with very generous helpings of tender duck meat), ginger garnishing... is godsent in my eyes. :D

Outfit details:

 Cutout front tee with peekaboo back: AZORIAS
Tropical scarf print shorts: AZORIAS
Acrylic flower necklace: H&M
Black suede pumps with tortoiseshell heels: Topshop
Studded rucksack bag: Kate Moss for Topshop

They should rename printed shorts to 'Hui Wen's default comfy wear'. I practically live in these things.


At the end of Valentine's Day yesterday, randomly I turned to my boyfriend with a grin:

 "Whisper some sweet nothings to me!"

He hissed to me with in a hushed tone ala Gollum:

 "No sssugarrrr...."


So much romance I cannot tahan wtf.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Are you up for unicorn-riding?

So, it's no secret that I love unicorns.

One of my favorite clutches, much to the boyfriend's dismay.

So one day, I saw this link shared by the boyfriend on my Facebook wall:

Unicorn riding??!!

Eagerly I clicked on the link (with a dose of healthy sceptiscm of course) ...

It's a deal posted on Groupon Malaysia, and will only cost you 9million bucks for a magical unicorn ride WTF.


Combine Groupons for doublecorns or triplecorns HAHHAHAH.

 In the event of bad weather, unicorns will be replaced with part hat-wearing horses. HAHHAHAHHA.

Management reserves the rights to replace unicorns with uniforms, unicycles or universities. HAHAHHAHHA

This is GOLD hahahaha.

This is the video link btw.

Anyway, to savor this it in full detail, you can view the deal here. It's absolutely brilliant, in my opinion. I want to hire whoever it is who did the copywriting, hahaha!

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bobs and pieces of CNY.

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! Am going to do a quick post of my CNY, despite it being only Day 1 of the entire CNY season, hehe.

Reunion dinner at Noble Mansion last night. I was quite surprised that we were having dinner outside, 'cause my dad is quite against dining in Chinese restaurants during CNY period (higher prices, sub-par food, limited food choices (as Chinese restaurants usually only serve set meals during CNY), bad service etc.). But my mom convinced him to, so we had two tables at the restaurant-- one for us, and one for my mom's best friend's family!

Special outfit picture with my mom's best friend's daughter! I am wearing an extra maxi dress ('cause it's too long wtf) from Zara, and YE is wearing an AZORIAS dress! :)

My mom has been on a vigorous and aggressive spring-cleaning spree, and she found some of our old artwork/ handwork from our school days. My Kemahiran Hidup wooden rack is currently being promoted to being a living room display unit-- for keeping letters and CNY cards! :D

Then I was showing off to my sisters, and then they told me that their woodwork were so nice that they are still kept in school WTF.

Our first day of CNY!!

Brother Hoe playing camouflage.

Trying to take a photo with my cousins, but baby Wallace (in orange) refused to sit still for a photo! Actually he kept on hiding his head and only showed the butt to the camera wtf. He is SO CUTE! Love baby boys. Actually, I just love anything with short legs lar. They look so cute running around haha.

Wallace, where is Gromit yo! wtf

Had vegetarian food for lunch at my grand-aunt's place. They out-do themselves every year for the vegetarian spread! I was very fascinated by the 'roasted pork'-- they even have the pork skin and pork fat down to pat!

My CNY outfit today, with the 'red-ness' contributed by my AZORIAS skirt! Will do a proper outfit post soon. :)

One of my favorite CNY snacks-- jam tarts! Still yet to find the BEST jam tarts since one of my grand-aunts passed away and took her recipe with her. T__T

Hope your CNY was wonderful, and may this new year bring all of us an abundance of good fortune, luck, happiness and love! Gong Xi Gong Xi! :)

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