Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bobs and pieces of CNY.

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! Am going to do a quick post of my CNY, despite it being only Day 1 of the entire CNY season, hehe.

Reunion dinner at Noble Mansion last night. I was quite surprised that we were having dinner outside, 'cause my dad is quite against dining in Chinese restaurants during CNY period (higher prices, sub-par food, limited food choices (as Chinese restaurants usually only serve set meals during CNY), bad service etc.). But my mom convinced him to, so we had two tables at the restaurant-- one for us, and one for my mom's best friend's family!

Special outfit picture with my mom's best friend's daughter! I am wearing an extra maxi dress ('cause it's too long wtf) from Zara, and YE is wearing an AZORIAS dress! :)

My mom has been on a vigorous and aggressive spring-cleaning spree, and she found some of our old artwork/ handwork from our school days. My Kemahiran Hidup wooden rack is currently being promoted to being a living room display unit-- for keeping letters and CNY cards! :D

Then I was showing off to my sisters, and then they told me that their woodwork were so nice that they are still kept in school WTF.

Our first day of CNY!!

Brother Hoe playing camouflage.

Trying to take a photo with my cousins, but baby Wallace (in orange) refused to sit still for a photo! Actually he kept on hiding his head and only showed the butt to the camera wtf. He is SO CUTE! Love baby boys. Actually, I just love anything with short legs lar. They look so cute running around haha.

Wallace, where is Gromit yo! wtf

Had vegetarian food for lunch at my grand-aunt's place. They out-do themselves every year for the vegetarian spread! I was very fascinated by the 'roasted pork'-- they even have the pork skin and pork fat down to pat!

My CNY outfit today, with the 'red-ness' contributed by my AZORIAS skirt! Will do a proper outfit post soon. :)

One of my favorite CNY snacks-- jam tarts! Still yet to find the BEST jam tarts since one of my grand-aunts passed away and took her recipe with her. T__T

Hope your CNY was wonderful, and may this new year bring all of us an abundance of good fortune, luck, happiness and love! Gong Xi Gong Xi! :)

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