Monday, February 18, 2013

The Royal Flush.


I love that CNY is 15-days long! We are only at the halfway-mark now! *cue fist pump into air*
Totally trumps all the other celebrations for being so looooooooooong, hehe.

And the best part is, CNY celebrations begin before CNY itself! Excluding the all-important reunion dinner on CNY eve, CNY celebrations start about 2 weeks before the actual itself with all the CNY dinners/ lou-sang with friends/ colleagues. We had one recently with some friends at The Royal Flush, which is opened by the Tom, Dick and Harry owners.

Top marks for decoration!

Unfortunately, its merits stop there. :(  Food was quite mediocre (especially considering the price we were paying, which was about RM1000++ for a table), and service was shoddy. Half the time we were pouring our own tea, and screaming for extra sauce/ napkin/ hot water. -__-

The dress code for the night was red! I have had this AZORIAS dress for the longest time, and I was happy to finally have an excuse to parade it. :D

Bone heels on my shoes... Guess this makes them real killer heels? Haha.

Cut-out shoulder dress: AZORIAS
White stone necklace: Korea
Metallic pumps with bone heels: Shoes Shoes Shoes
Ikat woven clutch with tassel: River Island

I actually have a better picture of my shoes, but my mom has borrowed my camera for a night out while I am stuck at home. -__- Will update tomorrow!

Anyway, my shoes became the topic of the table when one of the boys noticed my heels. One of them called it the 'unicorn horn shoes'. -_- But hey, fashion is supposed to be fun, frivolous, and even silly, so I didn't mind one bit! :P 

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