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Butterfly dreams.

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A few weeks ago, I was invited to a cozy gathering by Kanebo Lunasol which involved a few bloggers, copious amounts of cupcakes , and LOADS of pretty colors.

 photo IMG_0185_zps6c3d9e41.jpg
With Shea and Bobo.

 photo IMG_0175_zps2b4ab07d.jpg
The sight of these pretty Spring colors made me go weak in the knees!

 photo IMG_0180_zps54174ab7.jpg
The butterflies are not just there for decoration’s sake—they are in fact the inspiration for Lunasol’s Spring make-up collection, Vivid Color Purification!

I, for one, am absolutely captivated by the idea of butterflies. In fact, for my high school prom (I was Decoration head), we had a Metamorphosis theme inspired by butterflies. There’s something about the fluttering colors that signify hope and vibrancy… In fact, my room is filled with butterfly decorations! For example, there is a giant butterfly perched right on top of my bed, much to my boyfriend’s chagrin , haha.

So you bet the Vivid Color Purification collection has definitely gotten my attention right from the start.

 photo IMG_0171_zps7828ea6f.jpg
With pretty Bobo. I love how we both have statement necklaces on.

We were guided through a make-up demonstration, and invited to ask any questions we want. I was really intrigued by the idea of using make-up to ‘purify’ your soul (hence the name Vivid Color Purification), i.e. when a woman uses make-up to beautify herself, she is purified to feel confident and beautiful. And to think of it, that is SO true! I feel so much more empowered and uplifted when my make-up is perfect, hair is looking good, and I have a great outfit on—I literally feel beautiful from the inside. And isn’t that a type of purification? :) Just like how we girls splurge hundreds of dollars on the trendiest dresses, we should also invest on make-up, because it can transform not only the way you look, but the way you feel.

With this mind-blowing revelation, I really couldn’t wait to get my hands on some Vivid Color Purification products.

 photo IMG_5670_zps21364d5f.jpg
And I did! #successkid.jpg

I was so happy I brought out some of my happy Spring stuff, like this yellow AZORIAS lace tee (to match the yellow nailpolish!) and my new Jeffrey Campbell heels. My plan was to create a total new face wtf Spring look.

I started with a clean face with not a single ounce of make-up….

 photo IMG_5673_zps6255a208.jpg
And this is why women wear make-up!! T___T

Never mind, never mind, the whole point of this is to show a transformation… *wipes tears and soldiers on wtf*

Lunasol believes that the foundation (no pun intended) to good make-up is the base of the skin, i.e. make-up base and foundation.

#1 Make-up base
 photo IMG_5745_zps0096004f.jpg
Lunasol Smoothing Make-up Base (RM118), comes with SPF22-PA.

 photo IMG_5679_zpsb82c6689.jpg
I have often been told that make-up base is THE most important step of making up because it creates the perfect base of your skin.

 photo IMG_5682_zpsd3abe4c6.jpg
Just spread it evenly on your face in with a gentle massaging motion. I have tried a few brands’ make-up base before, and I will say that this is my favorite, for it is odorless and non-oily—very important traits for me because my skin can get quite oily.

After putting it on, I felt no difference wtf. Because it is very light and left no residue!

I am then ready for foundation.

#2 Foundation
 photo IMG_5744_zps263f05fd.jpg
Lunasol Skin Modeling Power Foundation (RM148), comes with SPF20-PA++ (compact and sponge sold separately).

I am usually a liquid foundation girl, so this powder foundation is something quite new to me. But I have nothing to worry about though, because it is a new formula that enables this powder foundation to emulate liquid/ cream foundation—achieving perfect adherence to the skin, leaving it translucent without becoming cakey at all.

 photo IMG_5685_zpsa106f457.jpg
You can choose to use your fingers or the sponge, but I learnt during the Lunasol launch that using a sponge creates a more refined finish, so I went with the sponge. It’s actually very simple to use (especially for you girls who are not used to powder foundations like me). Just pat it evenly and lightly all over your face.

 photo IMG_5697_zps84745617.jpg
For smaller areas such as under your eyes, you can fold the sponge in two to get better coverage.

After putting on the foundation, I was surprised to see that it looks (and feels) as if I was wearing liquid foundation! Due to its soft-focus lighting effect, a soft light seems to envelop the skin to smooth out visible pores and uneven surface, making my skin look quite soft and dewy. :)

After you are done with foundation, you can use a highlighter to bring out your features as well as cover dullness and eye-circles. I used some concealer on my under-eyes and to cover some acne scars and small blemishes.

#3 Eye-shadow
 photo IMG_5743_zps1e3ca1f0.jpg
Lunasol Vivid Clear Eyes (RM185), comes in 5 colors.

I had the Khaki Beige collection on-hand, which is perfect for me, because I will be the first to admit that I am a rookie when it comes to eye shadows! Most eye shadows that I have tried end up making me feel clown-ish, so I have always been a little apprehensive towards eye shadows. But the make-up demonstration during the launch sort of built my confidence towards this eye shadow set, so I was quite excited to give it a go.

1) First, brighten your eyes with the highlight color (top left color). I used my fingertip and just dab it on the entire eyelid.

2) Then, apply the medium color (bottom left color) on the upper eyelid crease.

 photo IMG_5721_zps5f268155.jpg
3)To add definition to the eyes, use the main color (top right colors) on the eyelid. Start blending! There’s a bit of free-styling involved here, ‘cause you just have to layer and blend till it looks acceptable to you—i.e. your eyes should have more depth and look more defined.

4)Using the same concept as eyeliner, you can draw a line along the length of your eye using the shade color (bottom right color).

One thing I really liked about the eye shadow colors is that the colors are really intense when layered (try rubbing your fingertips repeatedly on the palette, the color intensity really increases by a lot!). Also, one tip I learnt is to dab a bit of the highlight color under the eyes (2/3 of the way from the inner corner), and add a bit of the shade color about 1/3 way from the outer corner of the under-eye. I finished off my eyes with liquid eyeliner to add further definition, and a brush of mascara for my eyelashes.

#4 Lip color
 photo IMG_5742_zps5f5ca37e.jpg
Lunasol Full Glamor Liquid Lips, RM104, available in 5 colors.

You know how lipsticks offer high-intensity color but is so drying on the lips, whereas lipgloss makes the lips look so pretty and glossy but never lasts; and sometimes you just wish that you can combine both these products into one? Well, Lunasol heard you, and the Liquid Lips is born.

 photo IMG_5727_zps874c7fbd.jpg
Combining the coloration of a lipstick with the luster of a lipgloss, this is kind of a merged product that gives us the best of both worlds!

I added on some blush to the apples of my cheeks, and tada, I am transformed!

 photo IMG_5737_zpsb7b28646.jpg
Make-up really does wonders to a person’s confidence. *sniff*

With a bounce to my step now, I added a finishing touch to my look…

#5 Nail polish
 photo IMG_5741_zps17b85327.jpg
Lunasol Nail Finish (RM56), comes in 5 limited colors.

 photo IMG_5750_zps7bdcde6e.jpg
What is Spring without some energetic colorful nails right? :P

 photo IMG_5734_zps342f722c.jpg
Very very happy with the results! This is the first time I have tried an eye-shadow (with not much eyeliner) and actually liked the look! Somehow the resulting look is softer, but my eyes still look defined. :’)

So happy that I quickly changed into a yellow dress (to match my nail polish again, haha) for a total Spring look:

 photo IMG_5788_zps81f3f04d.jpg Purification… SUCCESS!

 photo IMG_5748_zps64f83592.jpg

I hope you are inspired by these Lunasol products to look and feel pretty! A good face day is truly priceless. :)

And now you can be priceless too wtf. 'Cause my readers can redeem some samples to try out these products! Just print out the voucher and show it over the counter:

 photo Lunasol_Base_Makeup_Blogger_Voucher1_zps00b19872.jpg
Try this make-up base, it's really very good!

 photo Vivid_Purification_Blogger_Voucher2_zps17b70648.jpg

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