Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kimmy Kim(chi).

Hello from Korea! Loads of work to still be done, but felt like blogging (makes me feel connected to home wtf), so I am gonna post one of my recent work outfits!

Some of you may recognize my skirt from my Hong Kong trip.

Wearing one of my new heels from Solestruck. Bought heaps of Jeffrey Campbell shoes end of last year due to a massive sale on the site (50% on sale price WTF).

Outfit details:

Snake print sleeveless shirt: Korea
Neon yellow pleated skirt: ASOS
Black diamante statement necklace: Korea
Contrast ankle-strapped pumps: Jeffrey Campbell

Facetimed with the boyfriend yesterday, and one of his advise to me was "Don't eat so much rice ar" wtf. 'Cause I tend to eat a lot of rice in Korea (as opposed to usually being carbo-phobic back home) and then once I am home I will complain to him that I am fat. HAHAHAHA. But I can't help it! Almost all of Korean dishes are meant to be eaten with rice, and Korean rice is yummier compared to our rice!!

Anyway, I would just like to announce here that contrary to what I just said, I am actually my thinnest in Korea!! One magic word-- KIMCHI. I used to not like the taste of kimchi, but after visiting the country for so many times, I have grown to enjoy it. So much so that I ate 4 plates of kimchi yesterday WTF. And the result is... Every time after I eat, I will need to go to the toilet! Like a hamster. -_- This is a big revolution k, especially since I only, erm, eliminate once every 2 days back home. But now, my stomach is perpetually flat and empty wtf.

*suddenly struck by brilliance* I will bring a big bag of kimchi to my next beach holiday so that I will have the flattest stomach! :P

Anyway, you for sure can't call this an insincere blog entry. I shared my most intimate details with you all k-- eating and shitting habits wtf. Back to work now! Bye bye, lucky people who are in a warm climate!

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Kim L said...

Love this outfit la babe!!! The combination is spot on!!

accidental encounters

Farah said...

Loving how gorgeous the color yellow looks against the black snake print!!


Jessie said...

Yes - I love kimchi too and everytime I have it I go to toilet as well. All the time! No fail... funny...

foodie said...

I trust your fashion advice Hui Wen! What are your thoughts on these YSL Ingenue heels? :)

revel in me said...

kim: Wow, thanks babe, that's a huge compliment! <3

farah: Thanks dear, I love playing with colors and prints! :)

jessie: Haha, it's really awesome la, I wish M'sian kimchi tastes as good as Korean kimchin though! :(

sparks in spring: Ooooh, this is fun! I think I will definitely go for the classic.. And I have a slight inclination towards the kitten heel because it's a little bit more classic, and also I think you will get more wears out of it? Just my 2 cents! :)

Happy Chirpy said...

huiwen, may i know what daily sunblock do you usually use? i have tried many but they look and feel too greasy. any good one to recommend?

foodie said...

Thank you!! :) Can't go wrong with the classic, eeeeek I bought them! Now I can save a spot on my christmas wishlist for something else haha :P

Thank you angel!

Anonymous said...

Why do you always say WTF? sounds trashy.

revel in me said...

happy chirpy: Actually I have the same problem too! But I recently tried a make-up base from Kanebo Lunasol, and it's really amazingly lightweight, so I think I am gonna check out their sunscreens too! :)

sparks in spring: GAHHH lucky girl! Did you get the kitten heels or the stilettos? :D

anonymous: It was a slang that my friends and I started using, and it stuck. Basically when we use 'wtf', we are acknowledging that we are talking about something absurd, and it's also a flag to readers/ the person we are talking to that we are joking. Lighten up!

Anonymous said...

I like your blog and your work so far.
Could I find out where in korea do you get the most bang for buck for shopping? Do you even venture out of Seoul to shop?

Interested in their local made stuff thanks! :)