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Hong Kong/ Zhuhai: Day 4

Warning! Do not read this post if you are hungry.

Just remembered that I am not done blogging about my Hong Kong/ Zhuhai trip in January! Will jump to Day 4 of the trip i.e. in Zhuhai because errr.. there are a lot of photos from Day 3 and I am lazy to go through/ edit them hehe. You can click here and here to read Day 1 and Day 2's posts!

People often ask me what is there to do in Zhuhai. My answer is... Nothing! wtf. Well, nothing except to EAT and SHOP. Best way to live, if you ask me. :P Specifically, for food, we always go to this Chinese restaurant called Gam Yut Hin, which in my family's humble opinion, serves the BEST Chinese food. Yes, even better than Malaysia and Hong Kong. Typically, we will be in Zhuhai for 2-3 days, and we ALWAYS go back to the same restaurant for all 3 meals in a day-- breakfast, lunch and dinner! That's how good the food is.

For shopping, we shop at the Underground Shopping Mall (where the main bus terminal is). They have pretty nice stuff there, made in China products, but of better quality than Bangkok. The things used to be quite affordable, but since the mall went through some renovations, rental of the shops have been adjusted (rumor has it that it now cost RMB40,000 for one shop-lot), so prices have gone through the roof as well. :(

Anyway, I am just going to share some photos from the day in chronological order, and 70% of them are going to be of FOOD!

Went to the restaurant for dimsum in the morning:

 photo IMG_8309_zps67e9f918.jpg
*Some* of the food that we ordered. But wait, there's more!

 photo IMG_8319_zps76a4bbaa.jpg
Soup dumpling (灌汤饺). It's kind of like a big siew loong pau immersed in clear soup.

 photo IMG_8308_zpsc2679f1e.jpg
马来糕. Something like steamed gula melaka cake.

 photo IMG_8321_zps7b97a099.jpg
波萝包 (polo bun). This bun is famous in Hong Kong, but I have not tasted a tastier version than than Gam Yut Hin's. Covered with biscuit crust, the soft bun has custard and pineapple cubes in it. It's my sisters' favorite dish, and we usually order a dozen buns for each meal. -__-

 photo IMG_8325_zpsc5ae1628.jpg
Char siu chee cheong fun? Prawn chee cheong fun? Please, that's so old school. We had the Szechuan pork ribs chee cheong fun (along with the the Char Siu chee cheong fun, which is the best that I have ever had), so yummy! The chee cheong fun is super smooth and actually translucent... kind of like crystal! :O

 photo IMG_8313_zps50b39d82.jpg
皮蛋瘦肉粥 (pork and century egg porridge)? 鸡丝粥 (shredded chicken porridge)? Passé. We had crab porridge instead. :D

 photo IMG_8312_zps4f3e58a8.jpg
流沙包 (salted egg custard bun). Another one of my sisters' favorite. I am sure you are starting to see the pattern...

 photo IMG_8323_zps9094243e.jpg
Almond dessert with tong yuen. The pattern is that... they really have a huge sweet tooth!

 photo IMG_8317_zps5a4979ef.jpg
Coconut milk egg tart with black glutinous rice. Parents ordered this for my sake 'cause the restaurant only serves bird's nest egg tarts and I am allergic to bird's nest wtf. Love this-- the milk is actually in warm liquid form! :D

After a super satisfying  brunch, we went to get our hair washed. Y'see, besides eating and shopping, there's another worthwhile activity in Zhuhai-- getting a hairwash! I swear to god, salon hairwash in Zhuhai is like nothing you have ever experienced before. First of all, you get your hair wash lying down on a leather bed. Like a princess. But that's not all. You get a head massage as well. That's not all. It comes with a body massage too!!! They will typically massage your neck, shoulders, back and hands (spending about 30minutes on this). Sometimes they may massage your legs too (if there's time). O_O And all this while you are doing a hair spa (i.e. some sort of hair treatment, depending on your choice of the treatment). AND they even help clean your ears (they will use a cotton bud to clean your ears of earwax haha). And then they will help blow/ curl your hair into your desired hairstyle, and damn, they do an awesome job at it.

And all this for about (starting from) RMB60 !!!! That's less than RM30 ok. -___-

Super worth it! You all must try k if you ever visit Zhuhai!

 photo IMG_8337_zpsd75da63d.jpg
Super nice hair after our visit to the salon. :D

Outfit pictures:

 photo IMG_8327_zpseaf93c39.jpg
Super happy that I got to wear my new cape coat! It's actually not that new, 'cause I have bought it for more than half a year already, but never had a chance to wear it 'cause the weather needs to be mildly chilly but not too cold because the coat doesn't have sleeves. -___- The things we do for fashion, haha!

 photo IMG_8339_zpsaee2811c.jpg
Wind in my hair. :D Love my blouse so so much, but in this picture I can't shake off the feeling that the pockets look like bra stick-ons wtf.

 photo IMG_8326_zpse194f97e.jpg
Posting this photo 'cause I was posing like Robin Hood wtf.

 photo IMG_8332_zps7d9f0386.jpg
Major love for my quilted leather shorts, because the chain-link straps are actually removable! Was contemplating to bring it in for AZORIAS, but they are quite expensive. :(

 photo IMG_8344_zps13f9da3c.jpg

Blouse, cape coat, quilted leather shorts: Korea
Spiked diamante flats with ankle-straps: Zara
Bag: Alexander Wang

Then we went shopping! No pictures taken then because we were too engrossed hehe. So let's move on to dinner...

 photo IMG_8360_zpsa051d3be.jpg
When we were in Hong Kong, my dad bought a (small) bottle of one of the best white wines in the world, and he purposely saved it for a dinner at Gam Yut Hin. Apparently a vintage bottle of Château d'Yquem can cost about than USD100,000!!! O_O

 photo IMG_8363_zps3725d447.jpg
Salmon bellyyyyyyy. :D

 photo IMG_8368_zpsa3a52d10.jpg
WINE!! My comment after my first sip: "Wow, this is like nectar!"

As the wine is quite expensive, my dad only bought a small bottle for us to try. During the dinner, we promised him that someday soon we will buy him the full-sized one and toast him for being the best dad ever. :)

 photo IMG_8367_zps28f24e1a.jpg
Deep fried stuffed crab.

 photo IMG_8397-1_zps9b860a17.jpg
Bird's nest in coconut milk, which I can't eat. T___T

 photo IMG_8305_zps346c305f.jpg
One of the things we enjoy the most in Gam Yut Hin... Creme brulee!!! I know, it is a Chinese restaurant, but its Creme Brulee is seriously WORLD CLASS. I have never tasted better Creme brulee!!!!

 photo IMG_8386-1_zps2d86f7f1.jpg
So much so that even after a really filling meal, we could still order one Creme brulee each and licked the bowl clean.

 photo IMG_8390_zps6e67c73e.jpg
And it started a competition between us... Who can lick the bowl the cleanest?

 photo IMG_8391_zpse1d33760.jpg I WON!!! And that's my brother's look of defeat HAHAHA.

But then Teeny ordered one more bowl...

 photo IMG_8393_zpse3bb2cc3.jpg
... and she defeated me, the reining champion WTF.

We are seriously damn crazy and stupid with each other HAHAHHAHA. But do you know where did we get our genes from?

 photo IMG_8399_zps29e93705.jpg
This man.

Who forgot to bring his jacket out to dinner in a 4-degree weather. -_-
So my mom lent him her LV scarf and he wore it like a Superman cape HAHHAHHA. And that's me trying to pretend that I don't know him wtf.

 photo IMG_8402_zps0235bb33.jpg
We have a lot of picture of him running after a cab in this get-up HAHAHHAHAAH.

 photo IMG_8398-1_zpscf308b5e.jpg
And I love this photo of my parents. :))))

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Farah said...

Hahahaha LV superman cape!! your dad is really funny!! :)

xiang yun said...

<3 love everything in this post, and your family members are damn cute :)and also thanks loh, damn hungry now even though I just had my dinner!

Amelia said...

You have such a happy and lovely family! :D

And your dad is very funny ya. Hahahahaha :D

HelenCC said...

Aww, very sweet & lovely!!
ur daddy look so funny =D

Cereal said...

I miss hk dim sum so much (I know you didn't blog about hk but it brings back such memories)! and ur parents are so cute :D

revel in me said...

farah: Haha he is! Face always very cold but actually inside he is bubbling with humor wtf

xiang yun: Haha so I need to update my warning ar! Hungry or full also don't read the post wtf

amelia: Thank you! That's why we can gel with each other haha

helen: :D Thank you! :D

cereal: HK dim sum is very yummy too! But lose to this restaurant quite a bit heh :P

Rotary Club said...

Where is the restaurant near?i'll be visiting zhu hai soon!would love to try it out!

revel in me said...

Rotary club: It's the most famous restaurant in Zhuhai, so any cab driver will know the place! Just say 'Gam Yut Hin'! :P

Zelene said...

Hi Girl,

Can u let me know the Restaurant Name in Chinese?
I have difficulties trying to find the location to this rest, and my canto is non existence lol.
Thanks Love