Friday, March 22, 2013

Vivi Malaysia feature.

Have you grabbed this month's Vivi Malaysia? :)

 photo MagazineVivisfrontpage001_zps7066eef8.jpg
Ayumi on the cover. I swear to god this woman NEVER ages.

Anyway, back to the magazine... I was asking 'cause I am featured in it! :D :D :D

 photo MagazineVivipage9001_zps5a5619f5.jpg

Such an amazing honor! It's not the first time I have been featured in media for my blog, but it still gives me a HUGE rush of pleasure and, can I say this, pride. It's just amazing to think that I am able to gain a teeny-weeny bit of recognition because of  this little blog. And the best part is, I am rewarded simply by being myself! :D

Thank you SO much to all of you for following me through the years, and if you are a new reader, thank YOU too! Feeling sentimental now because I wouldn't be anywhere without any of you. And I am not PMS-ing, so these are all my TRUE thoughts! Hehe. Thank you thank you thank you, I love you all!

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soullessmae said...

Hey Hui Wen, congrats on your latest featured. Do keep blogging and inspire us with your passion for fashion! :)

Happy Chirpy said...

congratulations! you are an inspiration! :) oh btw where did you get that yellow flowy skirt (as featured in vivi)? it is crazily beautiful!

revel in me said...

soullessmae: Thank you dear! And you are too kind with your words! :')

happy chirpy: Whee thanks love! The skirt is from, but it's long sold out already! :(

happy chirpy said...

argh! is it possible to restock? it's the perfect, happy skirt!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! What an amazing looking spread ;)