Sunday, March 31, 2013

Most animated children in the world.

 Thank you so much to you guys for the super encouraging and positive response to my previous entry  sharing a little bit on entrepreneurship (*click*). I am already thinking what other things I would love to share with you all!

But that's not the point of today's entry. Today I am going to talk about Australia...

Because I will be going off to Sydney next week for Jing's graduation! :D Very excited about seeing Jing again, especially since we only saw each other for less than 2 weeks early this year. Now that she has started working, it will be increasingly difficult for us to see each other, so I am really going to treasure this trip!

And it got me started thinking.. I didn't share photos on Teeny's graduation! Heck, I didn't even blog about my own graduation. -_- Blogging about my own graduation is really pushing it, considering that it was X (*censored to protect my privacy WTF*) years ago, but we took some really cute photos at Teeny's graduation, so I am going to share them today to get me in the mood! :P

 photo 164081_486424087756_696900_n_zpsa1ee5a4f.jpg
Sisterly love means adjusting your sister's mortarboard. Teeny looked so pretty that day!

 photo 164570_486423727756_3041228_n_zpsb7560ceb.jpg
My mom's sign-off on Teeny's graduation card HAHAHAHA. Sorry, you will only get this if you know Chinese.

 photo 167216_486424442756_3092124_n_zps0e3d8daa.jpg
Family photo! Don't know why I was sitting like a porn star wtf.

Btw, did you notice my brother isn't in the picture? He didn't join on the trip because my dad cheated him WTF. My dad told him that Melbourne is a REALLY ulu place, with only sheeps and cows and it's REALLY boring. My brother believed him and opted out of the trip. -__-

Then one day my brother was looking through my camera, and saw the photos we took during the trip. He pointed quizzically at a photo of Melbourne CBD and asked us where that is. We told him it's Melbourne. And he was stunned 'cause only then he realized he was cheated hahahaha.

 photo 168437_486429967756_11569_n_zpsba7bacb2.jpg
Playing with different hair wtf.

 photo 087c17210d75ef37_mcqueen21-horz_zps08ac3b0a.jpg
Sisters forever! :D

 photo 168624_486424292756_479923_n_zps531afc80.jpg
Sealed with a kiss wtf.

Notice something with the photos below?

 photo 20110729_213739_zpsbcf6b7b4.jpg

 photo 164725_486430272756_5476105_n_zps5ed74c6b.jpg

 photo 179305_486430727756_7135501_n_zps326d735c.jpg

My dad had the same pose in all the photos. -_____- I only have more of these photos of us in silly poses and him in the exact same pose. -________- Now you know where my brother got his 'kayu' (wooden) genes from.

 photo 179250_486434367756_4355765_n_zpsb3551cde.jpg
Saw some people with unique graduation robes WTF.

 photo 168587_486428342756_2387065_n_zps3c84feb2.jpg
With mommy! Who obviously couldn't take the cold. Look at how much more she was wearing compared to us, haha.

 photo 166390_486429687756_2503148_n_zps0b7735f8.jpg
Threatening to give a congratulatory kiss to Teeny the whole day (I was wearing red lipstick), but was rejected repeatedly.

 photo 167719_486424377756_4553068_n_zpsd5deed43.jpg
Another family photo that I like. :D

Sigh, looking at my curls in these old photoes (I had permed hair back then) makes me miss curled hair. I am toying with the idea of having shorter curled hair, but I know it's gonna make my hair SO dry. T_T

Again, observe my dad's pose....

 photo 167041_486431047756_8231271_n_zps3b27ec3e.jpg

 photo 165361_486430992756_5038665_n_zps29d2bacf.jpg

 photo 166489_486431137756_2895309_n_zps8df248f5.jpg
Dad must be thinking FML how come my children are so animated and crappy. And noticed how his pose never changed. -___-

My outfit:

Dusk pink toga draped dress: Korea
Beaded silk headband: Alannah Hill
Black suede knot platform heels: Topshop

Next fun thing is deciding what to wear for Jing's graduation! :D

 photo 164032_486427127756_7599948_n_zps089c5632.jpg
Typical scenario when we see shopping malls, haha.

April is going to be FABULOUS month, because there's Sydney next week, then my birthday, and then I will be off to Europe! Am going to be delirious with joy for most of next month wheeeeeee.

PS: AZORIAS is having FREE international shipping for this weekend for orders above RM350--> Shop now.

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