Monday, March 04, 2013

Mother-daughter duo.

Last week my mom and I went for a photoshoot for a magazine, and it was a first for both of us-- a mother-daughter shoot!

 photo IMG_5654_zpsaa1c4c69.jpg
Mother-daughter team at the Blu Inc studio. :)

My mom was wearing a sweater from AZORIAS! She has been eying this sweater ever since she saw me in it during our Hong Kong trip recently, and has been itching to borrow it since then (yes, we share clothes all the time!). It was love at first sight for me too when I saw this sweater, because it reminds me so much of the ribbon-woven knitwear from Dior a few seasons back:

 photo dior-fall-2010-blueribbon02_zpscd223ae6.jpg
Love love love!

Anyway, it is apt that I mentioned that my mom and I loved the same items, because it is slightly relevant to our feature. I will provide more details when the feature is out k! My mom won't let me forget about it, she is more excited than I am, haha.

Outfit for the day:

 photo IMG_5655_zps0e11dfab.jpg
Went for an easy look 'cause there will be changing and make-up involved. Throw on my default white shirt against a pop of color, and I am done!

 photo IMG_5658_zps7b9443f7.jpg

 photo IMG_5660_zps520ec4e6.jpg
Am a baroque fan recently. :)

 photo IMG_5657_zpscf8731a0.jpg

Double pocket shirt: AZORIAS
Electric blue baroque embossed miniskirt: Korea

Woven statement necklace: Zara
Sunnies: Celine
Nude ankle-strapped pumps: Zara
Bag: Alexander Wang

 photo IMG_5651_zps3ad3112c.jpg

My mom was wearing AZORIAS sweater, her own skirt, Mulberry bag and imported ballet flats.

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CHERISH 유혜연 said...

You and your mom look so cute together, like sister ♡ your mom looks so young and gorgeous, she has amazing style!! I love the sweater she wearing too!! ♡

ms.bulat said...

So that's where your youth is coming from! Your mom! O_o

Anonymous said...

Your mom is beautiful.

Are you sure the necklace is from DIVA? as i have the exact same one and it is from Zara.

revel in me said...

Cherish baby: Hehe people say that to us, which delights my mom to no end. :P I will tell her what you said, she will be really happy! <3

ms bulat: Haha, you make it sound like I drink her blood or something WTF. I admit, I have good genes, everyone is my family looks really young, even my grandparents! :)

anonymous: Thanks dear, she will be very happy to hear that! And YES you are right, it's from Zara... -_-||| I changed it in my blog post already, thank you for the heads up!

Farah said...

Your mom is soooo stylish!! <3

Anonymous said...

Loving this casual chic look of yours :)

revel in me said...

Farah: Hehe thank you! I will tell her you said that! :P

wllwproject: Thanks dear! <3

lis_elle said...

Your mom is so stylish! I am stunned a woman with FOUR grown-up kids can dress up that way and pull it off tremendously! Please post more pics of mom in her outfits! :D

Anonymous said...

What magazine are u in ??