Saturday, March 02, 2013

My motivation.

Last month, I was interviewed for the Pink Biz column for The China Press, which features women entrepreneurs who are making a difference in the society.

Okay, here is when I let the cat out of the bag.

I know Chinese. As in, I can speak, write, and read the language. Heck, I have been a straight-A student in the Chinese subject all my life. But somehow people always think that I don't know Chinese! Good for me though, 'cause then I know when someone is bitching about me in Chinese wtf.

That being said, I was extremely nervous about the interview because admittedly, my spoken Mandarin has been quite rusty as I rarely get the chance to practice it nowadays. And maybe it's the yellow pride in me, I WANTED to speak in Mandarin during the interview (although it would have been perfectly acceptable for me to speak in English and the reporter will then translate). But I not only wanted to speak the language, I wanted to really be able to articulate my thoughts in it.

I think I did okay, I even managed to slip in a few proverbs wtf. Though young(er) Hui Wen would have done much better at the interview.*sheepish*

Anyway, here's the article!

 photo 12January2013ChinaPressPinkBizF84F55616796EF8BA94E0A73ED65CF8D7051FA9ED1767D4EBA751F_zps130bceda.jpg
I hope all of you can read Chinese wtf.

I have been really blessed to be featured in a few publications for AZORIAS since its inception, but I think this is the most meaningful feature thus far. :) Because it's in Chinese, and hence my grandparents can read it, and have a better understanding of what I am doing, and hopefully they feel more reassured and, dare I hope for it, even proud of me.

Y'see, my grandparents don't really understand what I am doing. They don't comprehend the concept of the Internet, of online shopping. They questioned why would people pay us in advance for goods that they can't touch or feel! They were born in a totally different era, and every few days they will tell me what a waste it is for me to give up my professional career, to let my qualifications go to waste. In fact, last year I joined some bazaars in my personal capacity to sell my own pre-loved clothes, and when they saw me lugging luggage bags into the car-- they actually thought I was selling clothes at the pasar malam (night market)! For the longest time, they were really sad and worried about my future.

So when they saw a sneak peek in the papers of my upcoming interview the week before the article came out...

 photo 7January2013ChinaPressPinkBizF85C0651748DA353D862105DE54F5C_zps212fea00.jpg

... They got really excited. And kept on asking me how many copies should they buy.
(I told them two-- one for the family, and one for the office)

But on the day of the newspaper release, they bought a few times more than the amount I asked for, hahaha. And during CNY, they have one copy casually perched in the living room, whereby they will show to all the guests who visit. A little mortifying for me, but still, it's really cute to see them proud and excited about what I do. :)

And that... that mental image of my grandparents proudly showing off the semi-crumpled newspaper clipping... That forms one of my motivations to succeed. :)

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Anonymous said...

i got teary eyed reading this. I just gave up something important in my life to do what i really want to do and my parents are not supporting it at all. I hope i can be as successful as you so they finally can be happy for me.

Joanne said... is really important to have family that's supportive.

Indeed, is a strong motivation for you to go further! Happy for you ^^

Jia You! :D

HelenCC said...

Hui Wen, good job ^^
I just realize you know Chinese & also know how to speak mandarin..
I'm good in mandarin, but worst in english.. hahaa

revel in me said...

anonymous: First of all, a big pat on your back for going after your dreams, because there are so many people in the world who don't have the courage to. Nothing worthwhile in life is going to come without a fight, so try to accept it as part of your battle, and see it as a motivation instead. In the meantime, try to draw your strength from somewhere else, whether it's your friends or siblings, because you will need some cheerleaders! And hehe, I am not successful at all! But good luck to you and me for getting there some day. :)

jiayi low: Thank you dear! Actually, my supportive readers is also a source of strength and motivation! :')

helencc: Thank you, helen! Hehe, people have commented before that I look very 'mat salleh' and thus doesn't look like I speak chinese. -___- Haha, so next time you can comment in chinese and I can understand! :P

CHERISH 유혜연 said...

First time here to comment after following you some time... now I only know you're the owner of Azorias :) congrats on your hardworking and effort!!! Fighting!! :D

Anonymous said...

Cute grandparents you have!

Amelia said...

Wahh well done! Your hard work and effort really pay off. I feel happy reading the part about your grandparents. It's always heartwarming to receive this kinda response, eh? ^^

revel in me said...

cherish baby: Thank you for following! <3 Hope to share my stories about my work at Azorias here too.. :)

anonymous: Haha yes they are!

amelia: Thank you for the encouragement! Long way to go before I do justice to their support, but I will work my best! :)

C H I Q E S S said...

Hi Hui Wen! :)
I've been reading your blog long before you started AZORIAS, and you truly are one of my biggest inspiration. Chasing your dream, and excelling in what you do best - plus your awesome sense of style!
Once I graduate, I hope to be as successful an entrepreneur as you are. Currently taking small steps by running my own blogshop.
AZORIAS is pretty much a household name online for stylish apparels. Soon, I'm very sure it will be known internationally!
Wishing you all the best! :)

revel in me said...

Hweii Chee: I read your comment right before I went to bed, and I couldn't sleep after that.. T_T 'Cause too touched.. T__T Thank you for calling me a big inspiration, I don't know what have I done to deserve such encouraging words! Work hard and believe in yourself, the world is your oyster! :)