Monday, April 29, 2013

Shit people say: Proposal edition.

Haha, just thought it'd be funny to share some of the hilarious things that people around me have said about my engagement!

Jing in admitting some of her first thoughts in knowing about the proposal:

"One of the first things that popped into my mind when I saw your Instagram photo was "OMG lucky bitch, your nail color totally matched the ring"!

Referring to this photo.

My ring is too loose for me, so we have got to resize it, and hence I didn't bring it to Bangkok. I was telling Ally that, and she asked me: 

"Do you get ring separation anxiety?" HAHAHA

My mom told me that she told her friends about our engagement, and all her friends chimed in to offer to sing onstage during our wedding. -_______________________________________-

This is a big NO NO NO NO NO!!! T_T

The boyfriend/ fiancé on the fact that I didn't refer him as fiancé in my previous blogpost:

"Why you downgrade me! I paid a lot of money for the status upgrade" WTF

The boyfriend/ fiancé:

"The only reason why we are going to have a nice wedding is because I love you. If it was up to me, we would just elope!" WTF

"When is your wedding?"

"When is your wedding?"

"When is your wedding?"



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Thursday, April 25, 2013


Apparently many of you are waiting for me to blog about the proposal! :O I too want to pen it down, so that I can remember every single detail, especially knowing my goldfish memory. -_- But I really want to do the experience justice, and I just don't have the time do a full blog-post on it now!

I flew off to Bangkok (a surprise trip organized by the boyfriend) on Friday morning, and only got back yesterday (my birthday). Straight from the airport, I rushed to an AZORIAS photoshoot (already purposely delayed by a day so that I could at least be present for a while; it was originally scheduled on Monday) and worked till 9pm. After that, I reached home and had a quick takeaway McD meal, worked a little more, and crashed-- my birthday in a nutshell. -_- The next few days is going to be crazy as well, as I will be flying off to Europe on Saturday, and there's so much work to finish before I go off! *pulls hair in stress*

So yes, no time for proposal story yet. Heh.

Actually, I am still in disbelief that I am, *gasp*, engaged! To be honest, I didn't have much time to come to terms with it, because immediately after the boyfriend proposed (I was already in major shock then), he dropped another bombshell on me-- that we were flying off to Bangkok for my surprise birthday trip the very next morning! So he brought me home, I chatted to my parents for awhile (he already seek their approval before he proposed :') ), packed in a rush and was whisked off to his house to stay the night as his place was nearer to the airport. I only got to update my friends via my phone, and even then, our chats were brief as I didn't have data roaming in Bangkok.

So far, things that I am trying to come to terms with:

1) People congratulating me on the engagement.
Feels so weird to be engaged! I don't even know what's the correct procedure, I was telling my boyfriend that I thought people normally throw engagement parties to make the engagement official? Or is posting on Instagram the new engagement party wtf. Or literally when I accept the ring it means I am engaged? I am such a noob at this!

2) People asking me when is the wedding (like literally a few minutes after I announced wtf)
DUDE, I just got engaged a few hours ago, how will I know when is the wedding. T___T Ideally I should have sufficient time to prepare for it (i.e. earliest also next year la). I was shitting in fear when I found out that one of my friends who hasn't officiated her engagement yet has already set a wedding date and appointed a wedding planner. :O :O :O At this rate I am going, we will probably get married in a garden shed la FOL.

3) This one is not so much something that I have to come to terms with, but I have been getting comments like, "Can't wait to see what dress a fashionista like you will wear!". GULP. No stress at all, no stress.

*slits wrist*

Ok lar, I just wanted to get these off my chest, haha. Actually I am very lucky because the boyfriend is incredibly supportive and patient ('cause I will go through panic attacks i.e. "OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE WE ARE ENGAGED!" wtf) and has even downloaded a wedding-planning app on his phone to browse together. :)

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Sawadeeka, Bangkok!

We are only leaving back to KL tomorrow, but the boyfriend is taking power nap now (poor boy barely slept the past few days preparing for the proposal T_T); so while he is having his beauty sleep, I thought I would use this time to do a short post!

 photo IMG_5539_zpsfb45be98.jpg
 Still feels really surreal that I am in Bangkok!

And sorry that my bag was playing camouflage against my dress wtf. I was given immediate instructions to pack for Bangkok for my surprise birthday trip, and I just simply dumped clothing into my luggage. T__T

 photo photo1-3_zpsad6ca4f1.jpg

The boyfriend put me up in one of my favorite hotels in Bangkok, and we had such a spectacular view of the city! :D

 photo photo2-4_zps1764be7d.jpg
Thai food-- my sweetest dream, and the boyfriend's greatest nightmare, haha. He super dislike sour and spicy food!

 photo photo2-4_zps41bfe108.jpg
Outside our hotel right before we headed to Chatchuchak market yesterday. :)

I am feeling so happy and spoiled and blessed now! :D :D :D


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The boyfriend has subscribed for a data roaming plan in Bangkok because we can't live without the Internet. However, he couldn't stop complaining about how slow 3G is in Thailand!

Well, you can't blame us, because we in a new generation of wireless mobile communication-- I am talking about 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution)-- allowing mobile users to experience speeds of up to 10 times faster than what we are currently used to.

So just how fast is 4G?

Watch Celcom’s latest TV commercial with Usain Bolt running through KL city to get an idea.
Who is Usain Bolt? Oh well, only the fastest man ever. He is the first to ever hold both the 100m and 200m world records and is also the first man to win 6 Olympic gold medals in sprinting. He is also a 5-time World Champion and has the highest record breaking margin for the 100m sprint from 9.69 (his own previous record -_-) to 9.58.

So how fast is 4G? Picture this: Downloading a 5MB song can be done in 2 seconds flat, and a 750MB movie can be downloaded in about 5 minutes. :O :O :O 

Celcom will officially launched their 4G LTE tomorrow and they are offering the 4G LTE modem at only RM199 to the 1st 1,000 subscribers! All you need to do is visit any of these outlets: Blue Cube at Sunway, Pavilion and Menara Celcom starting from 23rd April 2013 and purchase the LTE modem, and you will even get the 1st 3 months data subscription totally FREE!

LIKE it at - simply submit your best Usain Bolt pose and if you’re one of the lucky 100 people with the best pose, you win a FREE LTE modem with 3 months data subscription too!

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Biggest surprise of my life.

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you might have already seen this...

 photo b8df15eea8ae11e2996322000a9f1313_7_zps0ac62a68.jpg


PS: People have been commenting that the rock is HUGE! It's actually an illusion due to the flash of the polaroid camera, haha.

PPS: Was whisked off to Bangkok immediately after as an early birthday surprise. Will blog more when I am back! :)

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The $30 makeover challenge.

It happened on Manly Beach in Sydney as Jing and I were walking along the shops. Looking longingly into the shops (we were forbidden to shop then because we were there to meet our cousin), we suddenly found ourselves challenging each other to come up with a brand new outfit for less than AUD30.

So when our parents adjourned for lunch with our cousin, we told them we would join them shortly and skulked away to greet our challenge!

Our BEFORE looks:

 photo IMG_1741_zps5c52f05b.jpg

On Jing: AZORIAS Crochet lace dress, my necklace wtf, Valentino bag and Miu Miu pumps.

On me: Topshop floral applique top, Korea shorts and heels, Accessorize horseshoe necklace, Alexander Wang bag.

The Challenge: Come up with a new outfit for below AUD30.

Get set.. GO!!

 photo IMG_1744_zps725538bb.jpg
Running towards the shops!

We had barely 10 minutes or so to shop, 'cause we knew our parents wouldn't be too happy if we were late for lunch. It wasn't an easy challenge, 'cause not only was the budget quite skimpy plus we had limited time, we also had to come up with an outfit that will match the shoes and bag we had on ('cause we can only stretch $30 that far wtf). Also, for myself, I wanted to make sure that I didn't buy for the sake of buying-- the outfit that I buy must also be something that I WANT in my wardrobe, and would re-wear! Yea, I know, I imposed a lot of conditions on myself. -_-

I was really lucky though, I found something in Sportsgirl that was on sale and in my size-- and is something that I would totally wear again and again! I tried it on in the fitting room, made sure that it fit alright, and marched out straight to the cashier IN the the dress!

 photo IMG_1746_zpsaf93cd79.jpg
Getting the security tag removed from my dress hahahahaha.

Anyway, are you curious to see what are our final $30 looks? :P



 photo IMG_1844_zps3ed54a6a.jpg


Coincidentally we both went for red.

 photo IMG_1782_zpsa6085554.jpg
Jing chose a wine-hued maxi dress with a really cool back!

 photo IMG_1821_zps2c13f043.jpg
Whereas for me, I chose this easy V-neck dress with a trumpet flare hem. Am a huge fan of trumpet hems lately!

 photo IMG_1827_zps996554e1.jpg
I even managed to get a necklace and stayed within my AUD30 budget! :P

 photo IMG_1856_zps7af1a40b.jpg

My total look:
V-neck trumpet hem dress - AUD19.95
Peach statement necklace - AUD9.95
Total: AUD29.90

*victory sign* :D

 photo IMG_1835_zpscd8782c3.jpg

By the way, if you are curious to know who won... I DID!!
'Cause Jing's dress cost her AUD34.95-- which meant she was disqualified, and I won by default, hahaha.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


 photo IMG_8237_1_zps9ace1450.jpg
Hong Kong, 2013.

Reach for the sky. :)

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Candy colors.

Okay since I have about 15 minutes to kill while waiting for my facial mask to dry, I am going to do a quick blog post! Since it's going to be quick one, I am just going to do a short outfit post.

What I wore to work recently:

 photo photo8-2_zps8fe3e78c.jpg

I know I know, I am really lucky that I can wear shorts to work, hehe. And the shoes are part of my Jeffrey Campbell haul mentioned here! JC is really popular for their Litas, but I don't really think they are my style (though I did score a pair of studded ones which fits quite nicely into my wardrobe, can't wait to share them with you guys!), so I got these open-toed ones instead! They cost about RM70++?? Super cheap right!

 photo photo9-2_zps79184d6b.jpg
Can't live without my neck candies.

 photo photo10-2_zps08f06b69.jpg
Spot my peekaboo back! Just one of those days where I felt like going for a really effortless, airy outfit; hence the silk backless tank and a breezy pair of eyelet shorts.

 photo photo2-4_zps4f65b6a3.jpg
Super in love with these shorts 'cause they made me look really thin!! *starts to wear it on alternate days wtf*

 photo photo7-4_zpsdae2a7c4.jpg

Silk tank with cutout back: Topshop
Coral daisy eyelet shorts: AZORIAS
Coral jewel necklace: Korea
Ivory oversized sunnies: Korea
Floral handpainted platform heels: Jeffrey Campbell

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Where my love affair with Sydney begins...

I am back from Sydney! Just a quick outfit post on what I wore on the first day in Sydney. I was under the impression that it would be quite warm in Sdyney (partially biased 'cause everytime I go to Sydney it happens to be summer time), so I packed really slutty breezy outfits, and threw in a jacket as an 11th hour thought.

Alas, it was really chilly and rainy in Sydney! FML.

 photo IMG_0719_zps0cb073d9.jpg
Thank god I brought this white blazer which went with every outfit in my luggage!

Even Jing had to borrow it on some days 'cause she didn't bring any outerwear AT ALL from Brisbane (she is working there now!). -_-

 photo IMG_0728_zps12bb9a58.jpg
Super gorgeous necklace of Teeny's.

 photo IMG_0723_zpscfef20cc.jpg
Wore an AZORIAS cut-out dress inside (already sold out). Thank god for the blazer, if not I would have freeze to death! -_-

 photo IMG_0725_zps009ebd87.jpg
Yup, it is kind of backless too. -_-

 photo IMG_0721_zps002433c9.jpg

Daisy print cutout exposed zipper backless dress: AZORIAS
White blazer: AZORIAS
Statement necklace: BCBG
Nude link heels: Korea
Ponyhair clutch: Balenciaga

It was a great trip, though in the beginning NOTHING went according to plan and for a moment we thought we were jinxed (more about that in another blog post). -__- But at the end of it all, I had great food, great weather, great scenery, and great company...I would say that it's a pretty ACE trip!

In fact, this trip made me fall in love with Sydney for the first time. :)

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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Another doctor in the family!

 photo photo2-4_zpsb51b6a30.jpg
The night before...

Outfits of my roomie, Jing, and I.
For one of the big days in her life...

 photo photo1-3_zps37385bb2.jpg
Her graduation! :D

 photo photo3-5_zpsc9af7ca8.jpg
Hello, Dr. Hoe!

I will try to blog more as soon as I can! :) In the meantime, follow me on Instagram to see what we are up to in Sydney! I try to update everytime I manage to leech on an Internet connection, hehe.

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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Bird's eye view.

One of the most common photos in my iPhone are what I call bird's eye view photos-- i.e. photos taken by me top-down. This is usually because there was no one around to take outfit shots of me, so I had to take matters into my own hands... T__T

Thought it would be interesting to post some of them up! Since most likely you will never ever see the original outfits anymore as I don't really repeat outfits -_- (as in I always try to style my items differently when I re-wear them!).

 photo photo-5_zps2a8c4d4f.jpg
Channeling Jenna Lyons (Creative Director of J.Crew, and one of my personal style icons) with printed pants and geeky classes. Jenna Lyons is my inspiration not only in style, but in how she revolutionize the J.Crew brand. Click here for her Forbes profile.

Bird print pants from AZORIAS (sold out) and Zara frayed bow denim pumps.

 photo photo5-2_zpsa6e061ac.jpg
Wore this to have vegetarian dinner with the boyfriend and his mom. Is it weird that I remember occasions and events by what I wear? Haha.

H&M printed pants from Hong Kong (bought quite a few pairs of printed pants there!) and Zara studded clutch from Teeny.

 photo photo1-3_zps19897b80.jpg
Chose this outfit 'cause 1) I had quite a few errands to run in the day, 2) I needed to go to the tax department-- and I have heard that government offices have dress codes?? Apparently one of my friends were stopped from entering the building as her skirt was "too short". Can anyone confirm this? In any case, I didn't want to take the risk, so leggings it was.

Bias hem tee (sold out) and my new favorite houndstooth leggings from AZORIAS.

 photo photo4-2_zps065f6f0e.jpg
If you guys remember, I wore this to my day trip to Nilai University (*click*).

Cargo skinnys from ZARA (in Hong Kong, because ZARA stuff is much cheaper there!) matched with AZORIAS lace peplum top. Cutout pumps are also from ZARA, and bracelets are all from Korea.

 photo photo6-5_zps029cc18c.jpg
What I wore for a wedding dinner. Which reminds me, I have been/ will be going to so many!! O_O Oh well, more excuses to dress up. :P

Silver tweed print dress coming soon on AZORIAS and cap-toe pumps that I really should wear more often 'cause they are so cute.

 photo photo2-4_zps71353a4d.jpg
Dressed-down day (usually it means I am wearing flats haha).

Denim cutout dress and red ballet flats (with a slight heel 'cause god knows I need all the help in the height department) from Korea, Balenciaga wrap bracelet (Teeny's), Alexander Wang ponyhair bag.

 photo photo3-5_zps9a86eee8.jpg
This was just taken yesterday! Had the most sinful Croque Madame too, by the way.

Wearing Topshop buttoned-down midi dress and Jeffrey Campbell rattan platforms. Loving my white nails!!

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For you guys who have already followed me, hope you all enjoy this kind of posts too, as I give a little more backstory here. :P

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