Thursday, April 25, 2013


Apparently many of you are waiting for me to blog about the proposal! :O I too want to pen it down, so that I can remember every single detail, especially knowing my goldfish memory. -_- But I really want to do the experience justice, and I just don't have the time do a full blog-post on it now!

I flew off to Bangkok (a surprise trip organized by the boyfriend) on Friday morning, and only got back yesterday (my birthday). Straight from the airport, I rushed to an AZORIAS photoshoot (already purposely delayed by a day so that I could at least be present for a while; it was originally scheduled on Monday) and worked till 9pm. After that, I reached home and had a quick takeaway McD meal, worked a little more, and crashed-- my birthday in a nutshell. -_- The next few days is going to be crazy as well, as I will be flying off to Europe on Saturday, and there's so much work to finish before I go off! *pulls hair in stress*

So yes, no time for proposal story yet. Heh.

Actually, I am still in disbelief that I am, *gasp*, engaged! To be honest, I didn't have much time to come to terms with it, because immediately after the boyfriend proposed (I was already in major shock then), he dropped another bombshell on me-- that we were flying off to Bangkok for my surprise birthday trip the very next morning! So he brought me home, I chatted to my parents for awhile (he already seek their approval before he proposed :') ), packed in a rush and was whisked off to his house to stay the night as his place was nearer to the airport. I only got to update my friends via my phone, and even then, our chats were brief as I didn't have data roaming in Bangkok.

So far, things that I am trying to come to terms with:

1) People congratulating me on the engagement.
Feels so weird to be engaged! I don't even know what's the correct procedure, I was telling my boyfriend that I thought people normally throw engagement parties to make the engagement official? Or is posting on Instagram the new engagement party wtf. Or literally when I accept the ring it means I am engaged? I am such a noob at this!

2) People asking me when is the wedding (like literally a few minutes after I announced wtf)
DUDE, I just got engaged a few hours ago, how will I know when is the wedding. T___T Ideally I should have sufficient time to prepare for it (i.e. earliest also next year la). I was shitting in fear when I found out that one of my friends who hasn't officiated her engagement yet has already set a wedding date and appointed a wedding planner. :O :O :O At this rate I am going, we will probably get married in a garden shed la FOL.

3) This one is not so much something that I have to come to terms with, but I have been getting comments like, "Can't wait to see what dress a fashionista like you will wear!". GULP. No stress at all, no stress.

*slits wrist*

Ok lar, I just wanted to get these off my chest, haha. Actually I am very lucky because the boyfriend is incredibly supportive and patient ('cause I will go through panic attacks i.e. "OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE WE ARE ENGAGED!" wtf) and has even downloaded a wedding-planning app on his phone to browse together. :)

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The Fitness Nooby said...

My dear Hui Wen,

Fianceeeee not BF anymore :p


♥ GlamTags ♥ said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!! :)