Monday, April 29, 2013

Shit people say: Proposal edition.

Haha, just thought it'd be funny to share some of the hilarious things that people around me have said about my engagement!

Jing in admitting some of her first thoughts in knowing about the proposal:

"One of the first things that popped into my mind when I saw your Instagram photo was "OMG lucky bitch, your nail color totally matched the ring"!

Referring to this photo.

My ring is too loose for me, so we have got to resize it, and hence I didn't bring it to Bangkok. I was telling Ally that, and she asked me: 

"Do you get ring separation anxiety?" HAHAHA

My mom told me that she told her friends about our engagement, and all her friends chimed in to offer to sing onstage during our wedding. -_______________________________________-

This is a big NO NO NO NO NO!!! T_T

The boyfriend/ fiancé on the fact that I didn't refer him as fiancé in my previous blogpost:

"Why you downgrade me! I paid a lot of money for the status upgrade" WTF

The boyfriend/ fiancé:

"The only reason why we are going to have a nice wedding is because I love you. If it was up to me, we would just elope!" WTF

"When is your wedding?"

"When is your wedding?"

"When is your wedding?"



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Constance Ant said...

congratualtions once again!

i bet you'll haunt with "when's your wedding" until you announce the date! haha