Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The $30 makeover challenge.

It happened on Manly Beach in Sydney as Jing and I were walking along the shops. Looking longingly into the shops (we were forbidden to shop then because we were there to meet our cousin), we suddenly found ourselves challenging each other to come up with a brand new outfit for less than AUD30.

So when our parents adjourned for lunch with our cousin, we told them we would join them shortly and skulked away to greet our challenge!

Our BEFORE looks:

 photo IMG_1741_zps5c52f05b.jpg

On Jing: AZORIAS Crochet lace dress, my necklace wtf, Valentino bag and Miu Miu pumps.

On me: Topshop floral applique top, Korea shorts and heels, Accessorize horseshoe necklace, Alexander Wang bag.

The Challenge: Come up with a new outfit for below AUD30.

Get set.. GO!!

 photo IMG_1744_zps725538bb.jpg
Running towards the shops!

We had barely 10 minutes or so to shop, 'cause we knew our parents wouldn't be too happy if we were late for lunch. It wasn't an easy challenge, 'cause not only was the budget quite skimpy plus we had limited time, we also had to come up with an outfit that will match the shoes and bag we had on ('cause we can only stretch $30 that far wtf). Also, for myself, I wanted to make sure that I didn't buy for the sake of buying-- the outfit that I buy must also be something that I WANT in my wardrobe, and would re-wear! Yea, I know, I imposed a lot of conditions on myself. -_-

I was really lucky though, I found something in Sportsgirl that was on sale and in my size-- and is something that I would totally wear again and again! I tried it on in the fitting room, made sure that it fit alright, and marched out straight to the cashier IN the the dress!

 photo IMG_1746_zpsaf93cd79.jpg
Getting the security tag removed from my dress hahahahaha.

Anyway, are you curious to see what are our final $30 looks? :P



 photo IMG_1844_zps3ed54a6a.jpg


Coincidentally we both went for red.

 photo IMG_1782_zpsa6085554.jpg
Jing chose a wine-hued maxi dress with a really cool back!

 photo IMG_1821_zps2c13f043.jpg
Whereas for me, I chose this easy V-neck dress with a trumpet flare hem. Am a huge fan of trumpet hems lately!

 photo IMG_1827_zps996554e1.jpg
I even managed to get a necklace and stayed within my AUD30 budget! :P

 photo IMG_1856_zps7af1a40b.jpg

My total look:
V-neck trumpet hem dress - AUD19.95
Peach statement necklace - AUD9.95
Total: AUD29.90

*victory sign* :D

 photo IMG_1835_zpscd8782c3.jpg

By the way, if you are curious to know who won... I DID!!
'Cause Jing's dress cost her AUD34.95-- which meant she was disqualified, and I won by default, hahaha.

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azi who? said...

Sorry but i like Jing's better! Cause the whole outfit is a play of red colour, very nice!

yy said...

i think both your outfits are awesome! and pretty impressive that you guys picked them out in just 10 mins :O

Eve said...

hahah good game to both of you! i think jing looks nicer in her challenge outfit though.. :)

xiang yun said...

Haven't read your blog in a while cos was too busy with elections and I'm so happy I get to finally read all the backdated entries :) Love all the outfits, stories and your face wtf. And this challenge post looks so fun :) Your outfit and Jing are day(yours)/night(hers) looks to me and both are equally cute. And the HK photo below is perfectly captured. There, all comments squeezed into one. Love your blog <3<3