Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Eurotrip 2013: Amsterdam.

Finally got off my butt to sift through our Europe photos to blog! We were in Europe for 14 days, and our itinerary was:

Paris> Amsterdam> Cologne (Germany)> Munich (Germany)> Innsbruck (Austria)> Venice (Italy)> Rome (Italy)> Florence (Italy)> Lucerne (Switzerland)> Paris

We followed a tour, which was why we could cover so many places in such a short time. My personal preference would have been not to follow a tour, as admittedly we wasted a lot of time in the bus traveling between places, and I much prefer to explore and discover a place in my own sweet time. However, in hindsight, it was probably the most ideal arrangement, as we did manage to cover many tourist hotspots without suffering long queues, and we got a feel of which countries/ places that we would like to visit again in a more thorough manner. Also, more importantly, as we were traveling with my mom (known as a travel diva wtf), a tour would have been much more suitable, haha.

Am going to blog about our first day of the trip, i.e. Amsterdam! We flew from KL to Paris (a 13-hour flight), and then took the Eurostar to Amsterdam where the tour was supposed to start. Essentially, it took us more than 20 hours of traveling time to finally settle in Amsterdam! Needless to say, we were pretty knackered. But our excitement for the trip made us preserver through! :D

 photo DSC_3003_zpsa871bc71.jpg
My first impression of Amsterdam is that it is filled with water canals and rivers, with boats and river taxis everywhere. Also, the water is SO clean! We saw yellow fluffy ducks swimming in the drains, with silver flashes of fishes jumping out of such drains. -__-

 photo DSC_2996_zpsbeb8b51e.jpg
Besides boats, one of the main mode of transport in Amsterdam is bicycles. Check out this bicycle parking area-- it is literally jam-packed with bikes! How to find your own bike here... :O

 photo IMG_2181_zps5d71468a.jpg
Supposedly best fries in Amsterdam. It was just so-so only!

 photo DSC_3065_zps9f716222.jpg
Water canals near the red light district. Which we obviously visited, hehe.

 photo IMG_2186_zps6e696834.jpg
But one of the first places that we visited was H&M! Buy ALL the European products 'cause they are cheaper there! wtf

 photo DSC_3055_zps6b6dedbc.jpg
Started our walk into the red light district!

Was very nervous yet excited at the same time. We were cautioned not to take any photos of the prostitutes (who are basically placed in glass rooms (which resemble boxes), and they will parade at the 'store front' in their skimpiest costumes. They are quite prideful of their work, and do not fancy being gawked at as tourist attractions, so apparently if they catch you photographing them, they will kick your camera to ashes wtf.

It was quite surreal to see extremely scantily-dressed women spreading their legs yet cutting their toenails/ talking on the phone (basically just going on about with everyday routine life) while waiting for the next 'client'. Once a client makes a visit, the curtains of the glass room will be drawn.

Some of the girls are REALLY pretty; in fact, one of them looked like Megan Fox! :O

 photo DSC_3063_zps2e0d06b3.jpg
Sex toy shops everywhere, naturally.

 photo DSC_3059_zps6893355a.jpg
Not your typical coffee shop... Coffee shops are where you get weed and other (soft) drugs! This can get rather disastrous for a coffee lover like me, 'cause knowing my luck, I sure go to the wrong place for coffee WTF.

 photo IMG_2223_zps30b610e5.jpg
At one of the water canals at the red light district. Some of the windows of the higher stories have girls parading in them!

Other random pictures:

 photo IMG_2182_zps54537cde.jpg
Parents queuing up for our fries. See the fur hat on my mom's head? When this hat comes out, you know it's COLD!!

 photo DSC_3048_zpsbdcc350e.jpg Amsterdam is really SUCH a pretty city.

 photo DSC_3028_zps56535858.jpg
Dam, or Dam Square, is the capital of Amsterdam (where we were).

 photo IMG_2184_zps6d06fa27.jpg
Running through small alleys.

 photo DSC_2992_zps5b813b34.jpg
I amsterdam. :)

 photo IMG_2227_zps3ae390bc.jpg
Any guesses for where we saw this?

 photo DSC_3067_zpsebea80b8.jpg
It was in Amsterdam that it struck us that it is actually pretty cool to stay in river homes/ boats...

 photo IMG_2197_zps4c52c7f6.jpg
What do you think of my new look haha.

Outfit of the day:

 photo IMG_2172_zps49c52f8c.jpg

 photo IMG_2171_zps6e5f3976.jpg

 photo IMG_2174_zps8009b289.jpg

A travel tip of mine: always bring outfits with fabulous details, so that you save space from bringing accessories! Which explains why throughout my trip you will see a lot of embellished collars.. :P

3D petal collar shirt: AZORIAS
White tweed jacket: Korea
Chunky knit with fur front: Zhuhai
Jeans: Wrangler
Cream satin ballet flats with studded heels: Zara
Bag: Alexander Wang

And I saved the best picture for the last wtf:

 photo photo-5_zps9097a877.jpg

Like I mentioned, there are many sex toy shops around the red light district, but I was most fascinated by this S&M shop display! What do you think of the toilet roll contraption WTF.

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Ken Wooi said...

Never been there, but it always seem scary to be at the red light district.. not sure what will happened there. :P

Hopefully one day I will set foot on Amsterdam!

FIFIONA said...

Hi!I am planning to go Europe soon and was thinking of a tour too. Do you mind telling me which tour agency for your Europe trip? It would be such a big help.



revel in me said...

ken wooi: Haha you must! I think most men will find it very.. enlightening. Hehe.

fifiona: We followed Trafalgar tours (UK-based)! They are really good, and very unlike our Malaysian tours. :) Top-notch service, plus they are very well-informed! :) HAVE FUN, I AM SO JEALOUSS!!

FIFIONA said...

Thanks! I will look up on it. Cannot wait for the rest of your Europe posts!

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