Thursday, May 02, 2013

Everyone's favorite 2 characters.

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There are 2 characters which can make many a techie (well, basically anyone who appreciates a cutting-edge solid gadget) hyperventilates in excitement. It was the S1, S2, S3...

And until very very recently, it’s the S4.

The Samsung Galaxy S4.

Finally the Samsung S4 has reached our shores! Just over the weekend, I was invited to the launch of the much awaited phone…

 photo IMG_6138_zpsa50d2b7e.jpg

The launch was spread out into a few venues that day, and started at Blue Cube in Sunway Pyramid. I was quite taken aback at the amount of people there—it shows that there are MANY people are really excited over the S4 launch!

 photo IMG_6133_zps7e592b2d.jpg
Check out the queue!

 photo IMG_6134_zps6836ed4a.jpg
Everyone being super excited, and couldn’t wait to catch a glimpse of the phone.

 photo IMG_6136_zps5511dbd9.jpg
There was a Carnival theme going on, and the whole event was filled with lush colors, vibrant costumes, and intriguing antics (think a ventriloquist and clowns shuffling on stilts wtf).

 photo IMG_6132_zps50368854.jpg
Colorful balloons that added a happy vibe to the launch. Spirits were high, because of the anticipation of the phone, I guess!

But we didn’t need to wait long… Suddenly we heard some loud horns, and we saw this:

 photo IMG_6149_zps44bc9662.jpg
The official Samsung car to announce the launch of the Samsung S4!

 photo IMG_6150_zps62fcb837.jpg

And everything happened in a happy blur after that:

 photo IMG_6155_zps5d742322.jpg
Really awesome breakdancing that was done in an interesting concept—a ‘conductor’ controlling its ‘puppets’.

 photo IMG_6151_zps0a3a639c.jpg
The coolest band ever—they are so edgy and fun playing with (mainly) drums! Made me wish I joined the school band last time wtf.

 photo IMG_6153_zpsbf3b7ab4.jpg
See!! They even did some pretty snazzy moves like lying on the ground and criss-crossing legs in sync. Impressive, and really puts everyone in the right mood!

 photo IMG_6160_zpsd5546068.jpg
Cheerleader with enthusiastic cheers for the S4.

 photo IMG_6140-1_zpsebdd4b89.jpg
All while the team of clowns, mimes and assorted characters were bringing the crowds’ spirits even higher.

 photo IMG_6159_zps57f20c34.jpg
And the Samsung S4 was launched!

We then moved towards the Digi center in Sunway Pyramid, where the phone will also be launched ceremoniously.

 photo IMG_6164_zpsa6fae80d.jpg
EVERYONE went there, including the clowns on stilts! Haha.

And the launch continued onto Low Yat Plaza. I had to give the event a miss as I was flying off to Europe shortly after, but I am sure it was an exciting event as well. Most importantly, it signifies the S4’s official launch in Malaysia, and I seriously can’t wait to give the phone a go! I have heard wonderful things about it. :)

You can catch a glimpse of the event during the day here:

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