Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Hello from Europe!

Our family trips always start with laughter because for the more major family trips, we always travel in style yo.

 photo photo3-5_zpsae4fc0b8.jpg
We actually rent a freaking BAS PERSIARAN (mini bus of some sort) to travel to the airport HAHAHA.

 photo d7151afeafca11e287db22000aa803d4_7_zpsd0992937.jpg
Waiting at the boarding hall with my leggins/ loafers twin for the night, Teeny. I am wearing leggings from AZORIAS. Wore the same bottom combo for Hong Kong recently too (*click*), so you know how much I love it, haha.

 photo f5d07b26b00811e2a65322000a1f935c_7_zpsf50970d9.jpg
Was SO incredibly moved to see this ticket. PARIS! PAREEEEE!!

 photo photo-5_zps48926e44.jpg
At the train station waiting to catch the Eurostar. I am fascinated by EVERYTHING in Paris! But alas, we were off to somewhere else first...

 photo photo2-4_zps4d6d31e6.jpg
The coach in the Eurostar train! Love the color combo, hehe. Can you guess which country we were off to next?

I am just so HAPPY to be in Europe! Every day is filled with wonderment and awe. Follow me on Instagram (@revelinme) to see what we are up to! :D

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Cat said...

i was in europe last month. still quite cold. What about now?

revel in me said...

cat: it is really warm in Italy and Switzerland! T_T