Thursday, May 30, 2013


During our Europe trip, I tried as much as possible to update pictures onto my Instagram (@revelinme)! Internet was scarce in Europe, but occasionally we might get lucky and score some sort of connection at the hotel. Just thought I will share some of them here, because they fill me with such glorious joy whenever I look at them! :)

 photo 04fd50a2b15711e2ad8422000a1fa8e9_7_zpsb63603f9.jpg
Cologne, Germany-- Can you believe this photo has no form of editing or filters? Just undiluted beauty, and I got to witness it upclose and personal. Unbelievable.

 photo abeb8fa2b71311e2a58122000a9d0ed5_7_zps04557cdc.jpg
Florence, Italy-- Downed a cup of pure blood orange juice to, erm, assist with my bowels. Coincidentally it matched my AZORIAS floral print shirt (already sold out)!

 photo 5cfe0bccb86c11e2978222000aa80103_7_zpsd18d782f.jpg
Paris, France-- Visited the Versailles Gardens which has a whimsical Alice in Wonderland feel to it.

 photo 3998b596b9f311e294d322000a1f8c09_7_zps850afbc4.jpg
Paris, France-- Laduree is always a must-do in Paris! But to be honest, I prefer Pierre Hermes.

 photo 6fd734beb2ed11e2999722000a1fcf03_7_zpsc2a06c62.jpg
Venice, Italy-- Such a charming place. Unfortunately it was jam-packed with tourists, which took away some of its magic!

 photo 8ea8d2dab60811e2938522000aaa21ef_7_zpsf0677e91.jpg
Florence, Italy-- Daily activity in Italy-- trying out gelato from different stores!

 photo 9ed03e42bab711e2af3622000a9f17ea_7_zps7028d2a7.jpg
Paris, France-- This place needs no introduction. Mr. Eiffel, thank you for building this iconic tower back in 1889!

 photo a6f53856b18f11e2930822000a1fab4e_7_zps820ab75f.jpg
Cologne, Germany-- There is never such a thing as too much desserts.

 photo 84dd8ef6b93911e2984f22000a1fb895_7_zps24516fdd.jpg
Rome, Italy-- Absolutely in love with this embroidery shirt from AZORIAS! Against an even more stunning backdrop of Roman ruins.

 photo 4079bf92c4eb11e2a1bd22000a9f1361_7_zps11d1df86.jpg
Paris, France-- I lied. We didn't only have gelato in Italy, we had it everwhere, anytime we could. And come on, who could possibly resist a flower-shaped gelato?

 photo 42413d0eb3b211e2be0322000a9f38f1_7_zps1cde3002.jpg
Amsterdam, Netherlands-- Champagne for breakfast. Surely life doesn't get any better than this?

 photo e36b0cd8b33411e2afd722000a1f98d6_7_zpsb05b3c5a.jpg
Venice, Italy-- Massage conga!

 photo be804296c13311e2807c22000a9e06c7_7_zps8ba269ef.jpg
Alps, Switzerland-- Three guesses on whether I licked the snow? :P

 photo c0a735ecb47d11e28df322000a1f9367_7_zpsf1fbe254.jpg
Rome, Italy-- I met a boy and my heart was stolen since then. ;)

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Eve said...

lovely post. short and sweet and cant wait to see your boy!! <3

xiang yun said...

This is a short post but it's so incredibly romantic, it's perfect. A perfect post. :)

revel in me said...

eve: Glad to know you enjoyed it! <3

xiang yun: THANK YOU for loving it as much as I do! :D

Renee said...


I must say you have impeccable taste in accessories ...I would love it if you could share where you've acquired the lovely rings in this post.

revel in me said...

renee: Thank you dear! Accessories are my weakness. :D Mmm, most of the rings in this post were bought in Korea! :)