Thursday, May 16, 2013

A different Mother's Day.

Meant to blog about this on Mother's day but got preoccupied! (damn you jet lag -_-). This year's Mother's Day was slightly more special for me and my mom, because we got a special kind of 'gift'. :)

Remember this blogpost here, where my mom and I went for a photoshoot for magazine? It was actually for a Mother's Day special for Her World magazine:

 photo 001_zps4304d28a.jpg

The feature inside:
 photo 1-2_zps685f74a3.jpg

I can't believe they called me a Style Queen.. -_-|||
And FML, trust the photo of me with the biggest mouth and smallest eyes to be picked for the feature. T_T But my mom looked super pretty though! :)

 photo 2-3_zpsfe042055.jpg
We were both wearing AZORIAS!

Initially, AZORIAS was meant to dress all the mother-daughter duos (there are three altogether). But in the end, there was a change in plans as the editor needed to feature their advertisers. Such a pity though, 'cause it would have been so fun dressing up mother and daughters! :)

I was wearing: Bow knot cutout-back peplum blouse and Daisy mesh eyelet shorts. Originally styled with a mint blazer but the photo wasn't chosen. T_T
My mom was wearing: Intricate lace skater dress.

Read the article to find out how my mom has influence me and personality. :D

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xiang yun said...

<3<3<3 mother and daughter are so beautiful, inside-out. :)

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Wahh that is a super big compliment!!! :')))))) Thank you! T___T