Monday, May 06, 2013

Dialogue in Cologne, Germany.

Taking a scenic river cruise along the stunning Rhine river in Cologne, Germany. Basking under the sun rays, and drinking icy cold German beer, we were having the time of our lives.

 photo IMG_2383_zpsa3f9ffc8.jpg

We started playing a game. To prepare us for our excursion into Paris next week, we wanted to test our French by taking turns in coming up with French words. Loser drinks!

We played this game in Japan last time as well. It goes something like that...


And then we ran out of the obvious words...

"Errr.. Sushi!"
"Yamate!" (usually used in Japanese porn WTF)

So you should have a pretty good idea of how our French version went. It always start out pretty alright...

"Bon appetit!"

Then "croissant", "Chanel"... all came out wtf.

After that Jing and Teeny started reciting fancy French food names which I was totally clueless about. Obviously they have much fancier taste in food. T_T

In the end, I lost. Because I said "French fries" wtf.

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