Sunday, June 30, 2013

The ultimate purchase.

So today we made our biggest purchase yet...

 photo photo1_zps7c345dcc.jpg

:D :D :D :D :D :D

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Of thunder bolts.

One of my favorite activities in Australia has got to be trying out new cafes, and just practically inhaling coffee.

 photo photo5_zps8e29fa8b.jpg
All white out.

 photo photo6_zpse792b056.jpg
Wearing a funky printed skirt in my favorite silhouette-- yes, you got it, trumpet flare!

Our cousin's hubby brought us to a cafe in their suburb (I should bring it up here that they stay in a bungalow next to the beach and overlooking the Sydney Harbor Bridge T_T). The cafe's name is Wild Sage.

 photo photo7_zps09eaf516.jpg

 photo photo4_zps272ece96.jpg
The decor was perfect, food was perfect, weather was perfect. It was also our last day in Sydney, so maybe I was extra nostalgic and appreciative!

Outfit 1:
 photo IMG_6032_zpsc3fa0fe7.jpg
In full AZORIAS ensemble!

White asymmetrical drape top: AZORIAS
Thunderbolt print trumpet skirt: AZORIAS
Statement chain necklace: Korea

Lucite bangles: H&M
Black patent slingbacks: Korea
Electric blue pom-pom slingbag: Holiday in Zhuhai

Outfit 2:
 photo IMG_6030_zpsc99bc3ba.jpg
Going matchy-matchy with my cutest baby nephew, Lucas, or better known as Lulu. He really makes my maternal instincts rage wtf.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Strip House.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not a post about strip shows wtf. However, this blogpost comes with one warning. Do not, absolutely DO NOT read if you are hungry. You have been warned wtf.

Haven't done a full food post for some time, but I thought I should do one to do justice to a fine feast we had in Hong Kong!

Even before our trip, dad has excitedly researched on Michelin-star restaurants to bring us to. In the end, he made a booking for Strip House.

Here's what I wore for the night:

 photo IMG_8034_zps511b1fc7.jpg
Had to come up with an impromptu outfit from whatever I brought in the luggage as I didn't expect to make an outfit change for dinner. I think I did an okay job 'cause most likely you can't tell that I have repeated clothing during the trip. :P

 photo DSC_3084_zpse40fd386.jpg
Instantly fell in love with the decor the moment we stepped in.

We went for the set menus which cost HKD588 (approx. RM244) per pax, which came with an appetizer, mains, dessert and coffee, which is pretty decently-priced if you think about it. A 3-course dinner at Sage in KL or equivalent is about RM180++, and I find the food there to be pretty much hit or miss. So to pay slightly more for a Michelin-star standard meal is okay I guess!

Complimentary starters:
 photo DSC_3076_zps84713726.jpg
A very fluffy onion-baked bun. We over-indulged on this 'cause we were so hungry. T__T

 photo IMG_7956_zps10e8c599.jpg
Okay I am the shittiest food blogger because I can't remember the names of the food we ate. This was mushrooms with pesto sauce and cheese. -_- Complimentary!

 photo IMG_7959_zps5ecf2bd2.jpg
Table setting. Love the interior as it was opulent yet tasteful, with a touch of retro charm (the walls were lined with black and white pin-up girl images).


 photo IMG_7967_zps83a05145.jpg
Foie gras on Brioche. I try to avoid eating foie gras 'cause I think it's cruel. T_T

 photo DSC_3093_zpse3d6173d.jpg
Crispy oysters. I enjoyed this, but the parents felt that the oysters would taste better raw. Pfahh!

 photo DSC_3094_zps3d20081d.jpg
Lobster bisque.

 photo IMG_7969_zps91c32ff1.jpg
Crab cakes.

 photo IMG_7975_zpsc7ab2b3b.jpg
Scallop carpaccio.

 photo IMG_7992_zps56789f63.jpg
Onion rings to contra off the rest of the fancy food, haha.

Some of our mains, 'cause we were so preoccupied with digging in that we forgot to take pictures, hehe.

 photo DSC_3097_zps5609b211.jpg
Australian lamb rack with mustard black pepper crust.

 photo DSC_3100_zps8de41eb1.jpg
USDA natural rib-eye.

I had the US organic pork chops 'cause I don't take lamb and I try to avoid beef where possible. And I remember the names of the mains because I snapped a photo of the menu (for the mains), har har!

It was then dessert time! Brother Hoe ordered some brownie on a hot plate...

 photo DSC_3106_zpsf8fc53f1.jpg

 photo DSC_3107_zps720f23e2.jpg
"Is it safe to eat?"

 photo DSC_3108_zps721d77c1.jpg

HAHAHA he was super dubious of the dish la!

 photo IMG_8015_zps1cdeb5f0.jpg
We had warm chocolate with cookie ice cream-- safe option, but super yummy!

 photo DSC_3104_zps72b68159.jpg
And coffee to cap off my meal. The ideal ending to my meal, everytime!

 photo IMG_7999_zps4b27d447.jpg
Plotted to steal one of these lamps home....

"Che, come, let's take a photo together"

 photo IMG_8010_zpsf1e7ddd3.jpg
"Wait! Let me touch up my lipstick first..."

 photo IMG_8011_zpsfb7d00ef.jpg
"Faster la..."

 photo IMG_8012_zps6f7cdb49.jpg
Ready, set, go! :D

After we were done camwhoring, it startled us to see our dad and brother in the exact same poses in front of us:

 photo IMG_8006_zps775e0017.jpg
Picking their teeth. -_______________-
Strip House has the coolest toothpicks, btw.

We tried to get Brother Hoe to pose again for another photo op, and here's what he did:

 photo IMG_8009_zpsc51244fe.jpg
Knife tooth pick WTF.


 photo IMG_8032_zps4a6d7c34.jpg

 photo IMG_8053_zpsd04a4874.jpg

 photo IMG_8062_zps21ce71bf.jpg

White double pocket shirt: AZORIAS
Navy fringed skirt: Korea
B/W knit shrug cardigan with front scarf lapels: Holiday in Zhuhai
Beaded statement necklace: Korea
Black studded and embellished flats: Zara
Bag: Alexander Wang

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Damn you autocorrect!

One day after pigging out at Swine (no pun intended, as Swine serves mainly pork, hehe) in Publika.

 photo IMG_0198_zps298bb5b7.jpg
Guess who!

 photo IMG_0187_zps10317d66.jpg
Super shit photo 'cause we weren't using a DSLR. If you observe closely, you will notice that both of our bags were not in any capacity to hold a DSLR wtf.

 photo IMG_0204_zps4848e565.jpg
Teeny's kicks. She is crazy over studs!

 photo IMG_0201_zpsea6accdd.jpg
As I was saying...

 photo IMG_0190_zps62e57857.jpg

 photo IMG_0191_zps486adeb1.jpg

 photo IMG_0194_zps7577c268.jpg

Block hem printed dress: Random boutique in Hong Kong
Electric blue layered beaded necklace: Korea
Bone-heeled pumps: Shoes Shoes Shoes
Electric blue puff-ball slingbag: Holiday in Zhuhai


I am perpetually in a group chat with my ex-colleagues back from the days I worked in Singapore.
One day, one of them asked for good places to eat in Melbourne.

I typed out Mamasita, and clicked 'Send' on my iPhone.
Bloody phone changed it to KAMASUTRA!!!

We had a good laugh over it, and one of them commented, "Your phone is horny huh".
I replied, "Yes, it is a nympho-ne".

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Eurotrip: Luzern, Switzerland (Day 1).

I am getting back on track with blogging! Gonna abruptly jump to Switzerland (which was actually the second last country that we visited). For our Amsterdam experience, read here.

 photo IMG_6466_zps6bf8c416.jpg
Am gonna start the day with a cute photo of us wtf.

Actually we spent the first half of the day in the bus, because we were headed from Florence, Italy! When the tour guide announced that we were going to stopover somewhere in Switzerland for lunch before we continued on to Luzern, I let out an inward groan as most of our lunch stopovers were at rest stops/ automobile stations-- which aren't actually renowned for great food. So with heavy footsteps I trudged down the bus...

 photo IMG_6451_zps6111d206.jpg
.... and THIS greet me! YEE-HAHHH!! The original Marché (founded in Switzerland) yo!

Glorious sights greeted us inside (and there was also free wifi wtf):

 photo IMG_3902_zps1d39762f.jpg

 photo IMG_3903_zps62b308b1.jpg

 photo IMG_3904_zps201f5e7b.jpg

Everything looks so much more yummier as compared to Marché in Malaysia. -_-
And tasted much better too. *dark*

Though I shouldn't be surprised, because even Marché Singapore taste leaps and bounds better than the one in Malaysian one. Malaysia, Y U NO keep high standards!

 photo IMG_3907_zpsc3a12484.jpg
Magnificent Alps' view for lunch. :D

 photo IMG_3913_zpsa4a2ee53.jpg
Trying to take an act-cute photo, but ended up looking like I was shoving the fork into my nose FML.

 photo IMG_3908_zps91e6e6e2.jpg
Some free-style salad (they charged by weight, if I am not mistaken). Must be Teeny's one, because she is a salad homie 24/7. -_-

 photo IMG_3909_zpsc85854bf.jpg
Roasted chicken and German sausage. I think we ate more than a dozen roast chickens on this trip. -__-

 photo photo1-3_zps3d1975a2.jpg
Love this candid photo of my parents that I sneakily took on my iPhone! My dad will always be my mom's baby, haha.

 photo IMG_3954_zpsf6270a95.jpg
I am a sucker for any form of gray basics and anything with stripes, so it was a no-brainer that I would fall in love with this AZORIAS sweater!

 photo IMG_3955_zps6574d236.jpg
I actually wanted to wear this sweater much earlier in the trip, but I was forbidden to do so. -_- The reason being, Europe is known to have extremely stringent rules on counterfeit goods, and my mom insisted that I will be thrown into jail if I wear this sweater with its pearl-encrusted double-C (i.e. Chanel's logo) WTF.

Which actually is not too far-fetched a story, because Teeny has been stopped before in a Chanel boutique in Singapore for wearing the 'Coco is dead' necklace!

 photo img-thing_zpsf0e03d21.jpg

 She was interrogated by the Chanel staff for quite some time before they were satisfied that 'Coco is dead' is a whole different brand altogether, and is NOT a counterfeit good. Phew.

So that's the reason I wore this double-C sweater to Switzerland (which struck me as the most laidback country, plus there are no Chanel boutiques there) instead! Just to keep the story straight, I was not captured in Switzerland wtf.

 photo IMG_3961_zpsd15f84db.jpg

Pearl-encrusted double-C striped sweater: AZORIAS
Trumpet skirt with leather details: Korea

Rings: Korea
Ballet pumps with studded heels: Zara
Bag: Alexander Wang

 photo IMG_3970_zps3e29a92b.jpg
Live on the edge wtf-- jumping a little too closely to the pond!

 photo IMG_3965_zpsacd4368e.jpg
Jing's Prada skirt. My sisters are so fancy wtf. But actually we got it in a Prada warehouse in Hong Kong, the skirt was 90% off I think??

While walking back from the pond (it is some historical monument but I wasn't paying attention wtf), we saw a strange figure who was grabbing everyone's attention! He had a full-on Red Indian like costume, and everyone from our tour group unabashedly ran up to him to take photos.

 photo IMG_6471_zps297a298d.jpg
Including my mom. -___-

 photo IMG_6474_zpsbde58498.jpg
His hat is cooler than yours.

 photo IMG_6473_zps880eccb8.jpg
Even his bike is not spared from the Red Indian details!

Remember I said here that we kept on photobombing each other for fun? I found more photobombing evidence. -_-

 photo IMG_3977_zpsb53959b4.jpg

 photo IMG_3979_zps8f07227b.jpg

Being the Asians that we are, we were really craving some Asian food! So we ended the day with our first Asian meal since the start of the trip...

 photo IMG_3992_zps805c306a.jpg
Curry has never tasted so good. :D

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